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This is relevant to my day.
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Shot by Robert M. Young and Edward James Olmos on a trip to the heart of the oil spill in the Gulf. Edited by Stephen Cohen.

Robert Young and I jumped on a plane and went to the Gulf of Mexico just to lend our support by documenting what we saw...

Well, the people that we met took up all of our time. It was brutal! I was not ready for the human aspect because no one had prepared me for it.

I thought they would be angry. They are devastated.
Take a look at this video and see for yourself. People are afraid to talk and you will learn why watching this...

Please pass it on, recommend it.

If you feel like doing something, just go down there (anywhere on the Gulf) and support by spending time and energy in the region.

They need our support. Thank you for Caring.
Edward James Olmos

For More information on what some local organizations are doing on the ground go to:
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After a ridiculously long period of trying to fix my laptop, Chuck, I'm getting a new one.

I think I'm going with the Samsung - Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5 Processor - Red/Black. Has anyone has bad experiences with it or want to rec a different choice? I'm using it mainly for vidding, internet, and word documents.
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Yay! I have my laptop back and completely fixed. I'm starting on my Premiere for VVC because if I don't start now, it won't be done for the deadline. I should start my vid for Club Vivid soon too.

My teaching postition is eating away the rest of my life. I need to stop bringing baggage from school home. Literally and figuratively. If I don't, I'll probably burn out by the end of the year.
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5 - so say we all ii (It's All Part of a Bigger Plan) (Battlestar Galactica)
22 - Between the Bars (Merlin)

7 - Right Round (Chuck)
13 - Devil Said (Merlin)
27 - Fiddle and the Drum (Stargate: Atlantis)



27 - I'm on a Boat (new Star Trek 2009 reboot)

7 - The Music Box (Heroes)


14 - Bale Out Christian Bale Remix (Dollhouse)
15 - Once Upon A Time (The Fall)
17 - Choose Life. (Supernatural)
25 - Fried My Little Brains (Angel)

7 - The Night (Dollhouse)

18 - Betterman (Doctor Who)

20 - that brøken day (The Brøken)
26 - The Waters of Mars (Doctor Who)


Total of 15 vids, which includes 6 vidlets.

year end vidding meme 2009 )

Second to lastly, I'm adding coolest thing that happened to me vidding-wise
The BAMF [ profile] bradcpu has started creating monthly vidder profiles featuring an audio interview with the vidder over excerpts from his or her vids. I was the August Vidder Profile. I discussed my frequent use of sexual or violent source material, my take on vidding as an art form, my concepts, my influences and more.

And in addition:
If there is any question you would like to ask me about any one of my vids, then go ahead! What I meant by a particular clip or sequence, why I chose to highlight that characterization, why I chose that song, what crack I was taking and where you can get some...anything. Anything you might like to know about how I made a vid, I shall do my best to answer.
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I choose to live in a happy world where I pretend that everyone loves me. So I love the Fanvid Love Meme!

I'm gearing up to do my holiday cards, so drop me your address.

I'm in the process of graduating with my Bachelor's degree. Officially, I'm done the 12th. Pending that I have a job lined up too. It's not 100% because I haven't signed any papers, but it's looking good.

I read Vampire Politics by: Lisa Nakamura / University of Illinois, Laurie Beth Clark / University of Wisconsin, and Michael Peterson / University of Wisconsin, which was a very interesting analysis for True Blood.

I watched Geoff McFetridge's Do Lecture last night. Basically, take what he said, apply it to vidding, and you have some of my current thoughts.

I've been LOL-ing and enjoying UCB's Noteworthy performing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"

The Office's Creed Bratton's "Rubber Tree"
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People in fandom tend to forget that there's a person behind the anon submitted vids. They think it's an excuse for them to rude about a vid because their friend's name isn't on it.

Right in Two (Supernatural plus additional source footage) - I'm not seeing the vid the way that a lot of people are. I see it as a genuinely thoughtful and thought out vid.

I read it as the angels come down to earth (Castiel mainly for the vid), looking down on the human "mud monkeys" as lower beings. The news clips seem to come from human events that show the worst of human behavior, like race riots, deaths during civil unrest, riots rising from rallies, racial tension from gang rape, protests turning violent, and police shootings. Castiel takes this all in from the world that's all around him, noted by the tv. The use of the sequence of Dean's death in the 2:20s and the eye zoom makes me think the vidder is implying that it's like hell on earth.

Castiel figures that God is in heaven and has given up on the earth on the awful creation, so Castiel gives into the human nature of the vessel. Castiel and other angels become so influenced by the world around them that they seemingly participate in the reenacting out of the events, the stink of humans and earth having taught them racially modivated violence.

Concept-wise, it's like the vidder is saying that people are taught by the media to see people that are racially different as the "bad guy."

I don't know if this is the intent behind the vid or not. It's my interpretation of the vid, which I'm not going to try and say is the meaning. It's one person's opinion.
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National Organization for Marriage is throwing “Rhode Island’s First Annual” Celebrate Marriage & Family Day this coming Sunday 16th...

"The highlight of the Sunday afternoon event will be an opportunity for married couples to renew their vows together at a beautiful waterfront setting. This is a great opportunity to take a stand for marriage as it was created: between a man and a woman. Our goal is to esteem marriage to its proper place in society and make a statement that Rhode Islanders believe strongly in this cherished institution."

One of the sponsors of the event is Tim Horton's. Why is TIM Freaking HORTON'S is supporting something like this?
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I read on TMZ that Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Weston on Burn Notice) was arrested on suspicion of DUI on Sunday and my first thought was, "he didn't twitter that."

My neighbor's dog got out through a giant hole in their fence and the mail lady brought him to me, so I have a furry little ball of "OMGZIWANTATTENTION" licking at my fingers while I try to type. He's cute, but I don't like small dogs.

I've been cooking and baking a lot lately. I mean more than never when I say a lot. I made bacon and cheese stuffed beer burgers this weekend, which turned out well. I made ice cream cone cupcakes to take to a party too and they turned out freaking awesome.

ice cream cone cupcakes
by ~miserychic.

I've also been making my own cold-brewed coffee, which is so good that I think I might like it more than Starbucks. I know, I know, blasphemy, but it's true.

I've been using twitter instead of LJ for little things I find interesting. I used to make posts about little things, but now they're all on my twitter and never make it to LJ. This is probably a good thing because it spares everyone my squeeing over Eliza Dushku, Zachary Quinto, and Olivia Wilde; linking to pretty photographs; laughing about how I set off the smoke alarm baking; and mourning having deleted the Torchwood Children of Earth miniseries only to get a vid idea 3 days later. Link to my twitter.

[ profile] newkidfan's Blood Makes Noise (Lost) - A gorgeous layering and coloring that is lush and full with jumpcut editing and wavering images. The interesting framing choices feel like the zeroing in on a microscope that amps up the intensity and tension along with the effects. It doesn't hurt that I gave her the musical prompt because I've wanted to see this song vidded well to Lost for as long as the show has been on the air.

[ profile] danegen's Down by the Water (Southland) - I've never watched Southland, but that didn't matter because I was able to plug into the more emotional aspect of the vid. I know I'm missing the depth and understanding that would come with knowing the source, but the vid is still terrific in the use of imagery. It feels like a great study of objects and how people can become objects in that sense. I think my favorite aspect is how a woman's dead body is transformed into a landscape.

WashingTones' Dr. House is a wicked cool music video that uses footage of the band performing and source footage from the show, House, too. The end result is an engaging music video that has me bopping around and singing the chorus in the shower.
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The universe doesn't want me to go to VVC. I'm convinced of this. I'm nearly broke from all the hospital bills I've been getting. My dad said that the insurance company is going to pay me back for everything once the claim is settled, but in the meantime I have no money. I'm getting worried because I got three more bills in the mail this week. I thought I'd finished getting billed, but there are still more coming. It makes my head want to explode. I've talked to so many people at the hospital, in the billing department, and so on. They did something to cut my bills down, but it's still so much. I'm starting to think I'm not on my dad's second insurance and he's stalling me. The primary insurance paid out, but the second one that he got just in case hasn't. I keep asking my dad about it, but he never wants to talk and dances around it, which makes me think I'm screwed. I've been making my plans for Chicago and VVC, but it's feeling financially irresponsible to go on a trip when I'm not sure I'll have the money. But I didn't get to go last year and I really want to go. I'll face reality next week. If the insurance company pays out, then I'll get to go, but I can't go if I'm broke. Would sacrificing a goat help?


Apr. 25th, 2009 09:50 am
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Is there someone willing to upload 2 files (187mb and 53mb) to the VVC FTP? I've given up on connecting to the server, I'd rather keep my sanity for the moment.
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I took my fourth and hopefully last teacher licensure and certification exam, PRAXIS, Saturday. I think I did well. I studied my face off, but after having taken the test, I'd have performed the same without studying. I thought I'd have trouble answering 60 multiple choice questions in an hour, but I finished in 30 minutes. I used the last half to reread, double check, think over, and such. I was unsure of 6 questions in the end, but I'm fairly confident I passed. I worry and worry over things like that and it turns out fine. I thought I'd failed my second one for sure because it was the day after I'd gotten out of the hospital and I got a 196 out of 200.

I have accomplished a life goal this week. I made someone pee their pants laughing! For posterity I have transcribed the conversation. It happened at work where T is a male my age, 20s, and D is a female in her mid-40s.

T: One of my classes this week was about breastfeeding and I'm the only guy in the class, so it's everyone talking about their experiences and I had nothing to add. The rest of them were talking about babies that wouldn't let go and the logistics of breastfeeding in public.

Me: I seriously doubt you've ever breastfed a baby. You used to be a baby, but I hope you don't remember the breastfeeding part.

D: Nothing is the same after having a baby. Nothing.

Me: I saw my stepsister's stuff when she was having her niece.

T: Her niece? Is that possible?

Me: I meant having my niece, which is her daughter.

T: That makes more sense.

Me: It could happen. The only way I'd be pregnant is if I was a surrogate.

T: What do you mean?

Me: My aunt and uncle can't carry children to term, so they could rent my uterus out for 9 months if they wanted.

D: Really?

Me: Yeah, they've been trying for nearly a decade. I'd do it if they asked. It'd just be awkward when people would ask and I'd have to say it was my uncle's baby.

[D and T laugh so hard that D pees pants and has to rush to the bathroom.]

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I paid off a couple more hospital bills that came in. It's getting annoying because they bill everything separately. There isn't one bill, but 20 bills for individual things like sterile gauze, doctor's time, the room, transport, aftercare nurse's time, bandage tape, and so on. I decided to go all in and pay off my car completely before I have no money left. I'm not sure it was the smartest thing, but at least my car is paid off and it's mine, so I don't have to worry about having no money left after hospital bills. This is the poorest I've been since I was 7 years old and my great-uncle opened a CD account in my name. (Side note: that was college money that my dad gambled away, yay!)

I had to take the semester off of school, which has turned out to be a better and better choice as time goes on. I've been working more, so I have more money than I did when I could only work on the weekends. Sadly, that money has gone to pay ridiculous hospital bills. Going back to how shitty my dad is, he promised to pay what hospital bills were left after insurance. Now that I'm not dying and the bills have started coming in, he's not paying.

I went to breakfast with my grandparents this morning and studied a bit while drinking coffee. I have my forth and final PRAXIS teaching licensure and certification exam on Saturday. I went overboard studying this week. I'd planned to study over two weeks and be confident and ready by Thursday, using Friday for overall review. I finished my outline and information gathering far sooner and I studied far more than I'd planned. It's Monday and I feel like I could take the test right now. I suppose that's a good thing though.

I received the results from the one I took in March too. I got a 191 out of 200, which is quite good considering the average is like 170 or so.

a few recent DeviantArt photographs of mine:

Kitchen Window

Mostly Ceiling

Violet of African Variety I

Violet of African Variety II
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I was shopping last week when someone from high school kept staring at me and squinting. I loath seeing most people from high school to the point of lying about who am. It's stupid and childish, but it works. So the girl is squinting at me like she's trying to figure out who I am or something, so I casually said hey. Her repsonse was "I thought you were dead!" Turns out some rumor has been going around that I died when I was in the hospital. I have no idea where, who, or how it started, but she heard from someone who said that someone found out I died in December. I should have kept ignoring her.

It's been a while since I've posted recs. I finally have my laptop back and fully functioning after a month of it not working properly. Most of the time was finding someone that could figure out what was wrong with it and waiting on parts.

[ profile] buffyann's La marée haute (Lost) - Perfect emotional song choice and clip choice. Desmond is a character that feels and projects emotions, which are captured very well. I always felt like Desmond was 5 minutes from breaking down completely in so many of his scenes. He grabs so desperately to things, while his storyline is so fractured. The vid does a stellar job of pulling him together enough to hold the viewer while he falls apart and tries to make the pieces fit. The barely contained energy is measured out with the cuts and clip choices. It's the emotion that carries the vid when the storylines might not. He's everywhere and nowhere at the same time, but it's Penny that tethers him.

[ profile] talitha78's "White" & Nerdy (Psych) - I'm continually in awe of the quirky motion and movement, as well as the lyric interpretations. I love how witty the concept is and how there's different levels of interpretation.

[ profile] tearful_eye's Day Carry Night (Criminal Minds) - The disorientation is beautifully done with the editing to the piano notes and the additional movements like a carosel when you want to get off.
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Another excellent report from the doctor. She said I'll be done in the beginning of March for sure. The wound looks so frakking good. It's only 1.3x.7cm and .5cm deep, which is amazing. When I first looked it was like 4x5cm and 4cm deep, which looked like it would NEVER heal.

I'm allowed to drive again. Ten minutes at a time, which means I'm pretty much limited to my pathetic town. Oh the joy of being able to... go to Subway? Post Office? Yeah, my town is lame. We have a McCafe now.

I'm even going back to work this week. I don't miss working because my job is sucktastic sometimes, but I miss a couple of people I work with. I've probably forgotten how to do everything because it's not like I was that great at it to begin with.
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spoilers for the last two episodes of House, but it's less about the show and more about my crazed emotions and soapboxing about Intervention Specialist things )

My doctor's appointment ok. They're bringing in another doctor at the Wound Center and he came along with my doctor for the day. We went over my case history, which was great fun for me... not. I get that he was shadowing to get a feel for the place, but he put gloves on started poking at my leg with no warning. I said something like "whoa, you're not my doctor" and got a bit irritated. I felt like an jerk, but he wasn't technically employeed by the Center yet. It hurt something awful too because my leg didn't even have the numbing liquid on it yet. My actual doctor made joke about him trying to steal her patients. One of the nurses apologized later, saying he had been doing that all day because he's used to working with patients, but not people.

Good new: The second wound is healed! I don't even have to have a bandage on it. The doctor said the front one should be healed up by the beginning of March. There's light at the end of the MRSA Tunnel!!!!!!!
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I had another doctor's appointment. She said I did a lot of healing this week and it's looking great. It's to the point now where I won't have to have skin graphs. Last week they mentioned that I might have needed it to close up the skin over the muscles at the bottom of the wound because it was tunneling. I asked about physical therapy because they mentioned it last week, but the doctor said it's difficult to tell right now because I still have a ways to go before we can discuss it. That pretty much ends the good part. There's a secondary wound on the back of my thigh now. It's not the exactly the same as the first; it doesn't look the same, but it hurts the same. They put antibiotics on it and a dressing, telling me to call if it got worse. The whole thing has me freaks out again. They didn't do any tests or take a sample, so it can't be that bad. I'm just freaking out because that's been my general state of being for the last month. Freaking out and terrified of dying some awful death.

Most of the doctor's at the hospital thought it was an insect bite, while some thought it was a puncture from a scrape or something else, but there was never a conclusive answer. It wasn't the original wound that was the reason it was so serious. The infection was the major thing. The MRSA was what caused the whole thing. I flipped my shit when I came home and had everything cleaned from bleaching my clothes, sending stuff to the dry cleaners, sanitizing everything, and everything, so an insect bite is unlikely if it's happening again. I would have sprayed a thin layer of Purell all over the house if it was possible.

I'm feeling really screwed up, more so than usual. Libby brought up that I haven't let many people touch me at all. Before all this I was weird about people touching me anyways. If I'm not expecting to be touched, I flinch. Libby said I've become every weirder about it. One of my friends made a comment about it a few years ago because I would shrug his arm off my shoulder and he took it personally until he finally asked me about it and I didn't even realize I did it. Lately I only let the nurses and doctor touch me and I snap at my family when they try to hug me or anything. For a few days in the hospital I was told not to touch anyone because they weren't sure what I had and they thought it might be contagious. I guess I took that a bit far, even after they said I was cleared. I haven't voluntarily touched someone else in a month. I haven't had anyone over to the house and I barely talk to my friends on the phone. I'm only really talking to Amanda and Cassey. I made plans to go to Amanda's and watch a movie, but now there's a second wound and the doctor said it would be best if I stayed home until everything was checked out. I've forgotten what some of my friends look like. I'm pretty sure whatever I had going on with J. is over because I didn't tell him I was in the hospital and he found out from someone else. He sent me a bitchy text message saying that he never felt close to me emotionally. In that whole string of texts he never once asked me if I was ok. He knew I was still in the hospital, but he thought it was a good idea to have a text argument with me. He knew how I was before we got together and I don't feel to bad about because he has another girlfriend. When I'm honest with myself, I didn't call him and I didn't even think about it, which says something. I don't miss him much either. I miss other people way more.

So now that I've puked my emotional guts out have some VID RECS:
[ profile] charmax's It's Not Over Yet (Merlin) - Amazing construction and editing of motion with skilled implementation of symbols.

[ profile] lsketch42's Crackdance (Supernatural) - A cute and fun vid that is extremely rewatchable.

[ profile] obsessive24's Red (Merlin) - The imagery and feeling of predestination is startling with the tone of the vid and the tension.

[ profile] talitha78's Creator (Chuck) - With so few Sarah Walker vids, this one says something interesting with the footage using the Intersect imagery and slight glimpses into her internal emotions.

[ profile] tearful_eye's Dido's Lament (Stargate SG-1) - Sadly beautiful editing with swaying motion, like a quietly hard lullaby.
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The doctor didn't annoy me as much as today. She didn't make awful jokes about my leg or make me play Name that Tune. She was a low grade irritating. Although she did make fun of my dressing. I had to change it again yesterday because of my epic fail at dressing changes. My second dressing from Sunday slipped halfway off my wound somehow and I had to change it. The one I went into the Wound Center with was slightly off center and the doctor said she hoped it wasn't done by one of her nurses. I explained that it took me 45 minutes to do the first dressing change because I kept getting lightheaded. She said that was fine and that I'd get better at it. I said that it was packing the silver stuff that hurt and made me lightheaded. She didn't seems to care too much about it and basically her answers were along the lines of suck it up.

I had a bunch of questions today because I've some major pain issues this week. Much more than anything since the surgery. I've been getting muscle twitches in my thigh, which hurt so freaking much that I can't do anything for almost a half hour afterwards. The doctor said that it's normal and it means that it's healing. That's not as comforting as it should be because it hurts now.

I'll be off studying for my PLT until January 10th, so I probably won't be around too much.

Guess what movie I'm dying to see?


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