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I choose to live in a happy world where I pretend that everyone loves me. So I love the Fanvid Love Meme!

I'm gearing up to do my holiday cards, so drop me your address.

I'm in the process of graduating with my Bachelor's degree. Officially, I'm done the 12th. Pending that I have a job lined up too. It's not 100% because I haven't signed any papers, but it's looking good.

I read Vampire Politics by: Lisa Nakamura / University of Illinois, Laurie Beth Clark / University of Wisconsin, and Michael Peterson / University of Wisconsin, which was a very interesting analysis for True Blood.

I watched Geoff McFetridge's Do Lecture last night. Basically, take what he said, apply it to vidding, and you have some of my current thoughts.

I've been LOL-ing and enjoying UCB's Noteworthy performing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"

The Office's Creed Bratton's "Rubber Tree"
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I took my fourth and hopefully last teacher licensure and certification exam, PRAXIS, Saturday. I think I did well. I studied my face off, but after having taken the test, I'd have performed the same without studying. I thought I'd have trouble answering 60 multiple choice questions in an hour, but I finished in 30 minutes. I used the last half to reread, double check, think over, and such. I was unsure of 6 questions in the end, but I'm fairly confident I passed. I worry and worry over things like that and it turns out fine. I thought I'd failed my second one for sure because it was the day after I'd gotten out of the hospital and I got a 196 out of 200.

I have accomplished a life goal this week. I made someone pee their pants laughing! For posterity I have transcribed the conversation. It happened at work where T is a male my age, 20s, and D is a female in her mid-40s.

T: One of my classes this week was about breastfeeding and I'm the only guy in the class, so it's everyone talking about their experiences and I had nothing to add. The rest of them were talking about babies that wouldn't let go and the logistics of breastfeeding in public.

Me: I seriously doubt you've ever breastfed a baby. You used to be a baby, but I hope you don't remember the breastfeeding part.

D: Nothing is the same after having a baby. Nothing.

Me: I saw my stepsister's stuff when she was having her niece.

T: Her niece? Is that possible?

Me: I meant having my niece, which is her daughter.

T: That makes more sense.

Me: It could happen. The only way I'd be pregnant is if I was a surrogate.

T: What do you mean?

Me: My aunt and uncle can't carry children to term, so they could rent my uterus out for 9 months if they wanted.

D: Really?

Me: Yeah, they've been trying for nearly a decade. I'd do it if they asked. It'd just be awkward when people would ask and I'd have to say it was my uncle's baby.

[D and T laugh so hard that D pees pants and has to rush to the bathroom.]



Mar. 12th, 2009 11:18 pm
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If you've ever wanted to know what it's like for me to work in a grocery store (because you're all dying to know what working in a deli/bakery feels like), this is the brillant short film (Cashback) that comes the closest.

Ben is an art college student in London, whose imagination runs wild as he works the late-night shift at the local supermarket. What do he and his colleagues do to pass the long, endless hours of the night? )
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Another excellent report from the doctor. She said I'll be done in the beginning of March for sure. The wound looks so frakking good. It's only 1.3x.7cm and .5cm deep, which is amazing. When I first looked it was like 4x5cm and 4cm deep, which looked like it would NEVER heal.

I'm allowed to drive again. Ten minutes at a time, which means I'm pretty much limited to my pathetic town. Oh the joy of being able to... go to Subway? Post Office? Yeah, my town is lame. We have a McCafe now.

I'm even going back to work this week. I don't miss working because my job is sucktastic sometimes, but I miss a couple of people I work with. I've probably forgotten how to do everything because it's not like I was that great at it to begin with.
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Flist, if you do me one favor, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would treat deli clerks like human beings and not your servants. As a deli clerk, I am not there to do what YOU want me to, I'm there to do my job. If hot foods closes at 7:30, I cannot give you a bucket of chicken at 7:45, no matter how much you complain. If the deli closes at 8, you're a dick for coming in at 7:55 and DEMANDING freshly sliced ham. Certainly don't then tell another patron to go to the deli and ask for fresh sliced. Not cool. Seriously. This lady came to the counter at 7:55 and asked for a pound of ham. We have a display case with about 4 pounds that I had sliced right before I cleaned my last slicer, so I reached in and bagged a pound because THAT'S WHAT IT'S THERE FOR. She said, "No, freshly sliced, that's been in there all day." It hadn't, so I said, "I sliced it 20 minutes ago before I cleaned my slicer," trying to subtly hint that all my stuff is clean. She replied, "no, I have to see you slice it," so I had to plaster on a smile and go open up a brand new ham. I started opening it up and she said, "wait, that's not the one I want, that's not the right brand, I want the real one." I explained that we switched brands, but she asked me to go in the back and look for the other one anyways, despite my saying there was nothing in the back for me to even look at. She insisted, so I walked in the back opened the door, looked at a bunch of empty shelves, came back, and told her the same thing I had said a minute before. By this time, it's passed 8, the store is closed, and I've amassed a line of 4 groups (one couple, a family, and 2 individuals). I'm sorry, but what the frak were they doing all day that they decided they need lunch meat at 5 minutes until the store closes. The woman final gave in and said, "fine, just give me a pound of that off brand, but hurry up because the store is closing soon." I was pissed, so I put on a fake smile and said, "no, the store's already closed," and then dirtied up my slicer for her. I bagged and tagged it, gave it her, and she had the gaul to say, "now, was that so hard?" WTF?!?!? The next guy said, and I quote, "what a bitch... I was in line before 8, you have to wait on me. Gimme 3 pounds of chip chopped ham." The couple wanted the stuff int he case. The family got a bunch of salads, so I had to dirty up spoons. Then I had to do an hour work of work in about 20 minutes. Usually the manager closes everything up and leaves at 8:30 on Sundays, but I wasn't done until 8:45, so she had to stand and around and wait because she doesn't know how to do anything in my department. I don't feel bad that she couldn't leave because the other managers do a much better job of making sure people are out of the store by 5 after at the latest. I was still waiting on people at 8:20 because the deli manager makes a big deal about us never turning away people no matter what time it is. And it takes me 5 minutes longer to clean the slicer because I won't turn it on to clean the blade. After almost losing my finger I won't clean it the way I was trained because it breaks safety codes. I have to scrub the blade while everyone else turns the slicer on and holds a rag up to it. I can't even think about it without wanting to puke. I was so tired that I could have fallen asleep in the shower. So yeah, don't be dicks to your deli clerks.
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A hugemongous thank you to [ profile] talitha78. ZOMG, I loves it. I shall certainly be using those voice posts.

I cut my finger fairly bad on a slicer at work earlier this week, so I won't be typing (or doing much of anything). It's a good thing I did the year end vidding meme last week.

year end vidding meme )

And in addition:
If there is any question you would like to ask me about any one of my vids, then go ahead! What I meant by a particular clip or sequence, why I chose to highlight that characterization, why I chose that song, what crack I was taking and where you can get some...anything. Anything you might like to know about how I made a vid, I shall do my best to answer. (I have a typing bitch, so no need to spare my finger).
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There's a woman at work who won't do her job, so I have to, which makes it look like I'm not doing mine. I have no idea what to do. She gets on my nerves, won't do her job, makes me look bad, and she does this to everyone. I just don't know how to approach my manager to say something. I'm going to have to because my manager said something to another employee about me not doing what I'm supposed to do.

The sheer stupidity of the people in my religion class never fails to astound me. If his tests weren't from the notes, I'd stop going. This one woman continually passes judgement on the religions and talks about how they're wrong and Christianity is right. She does not stop being stupid 24 hours a day. She also thinks that the people that wrote the Bible were "psychics like Sylvia Brown." I kid you not, she thinks Sylvia Brown is a real psychic and that the disciples could foresee the future.

I walked by a full length mirror in one of the upstairs bathrooms on campus and I realized that I was wearing mom pants. When did this happen? When did I start wearing mom pants and no one told me? Whenever I run into people from high school on campus I look like a hobo. Yesterday I wasn't wearing make up and I was in a sweatshirt, so I saw three people I graduated with.

Non-spoilery tv talk:
I've now realized where my love of Californication comes from. It's from the arrogant and childish man in my brain having a midlife crisis. The show reminds me of the days when I thought I could have been a writer. I had this grand illusion that I would write the novel that would speak for my generation. What the crap? Every aspiring writer thinks they are the voice of their meandering generation. In Californication the main character screws everyone and screws everything up while still being charming and geniuine. It's a trophe of television as of late, but it's one that David Duchvony looks good portraying.

I've never fell in love with a tv show because of fruit, but Life is the first. He eats fruit anytime he can because it's nearly impossible to get fresh fruit in prison, but they never come right out and explain why. And that small little detail is what hooked me.

I really wanted to like Big Shots because the cast is made of men I adored in other shows, but the show falls flat for me. It's Desperate Housewives with penises.

AlcoholicPixie's Sacrifice Yourself (Supernatural) - Prepare to be enthralled by great effects, coloring, and a detailed AU with everything fitting like it was meant to be.
Beth CG Phoenix's The Good Soldier (Heroes) - Great off-kilter editing style, use of lyrics, thought, and musicality
[ profile] dayln03's Keep This a Secret (Supernatural) - Beautiful effects, coloring, texture work with an AU storyline that's duct taped and superglued together from a thousand different pieces to create a new world.
[ profile] saltwatergirl's Strip My Mind (The Dreamers) - A great work of light beams, stock footage, parallels, and movement.
Trey's Clockwork Mango (Lost) - Very cool and interesting editing.
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I went into the chiller last week to get a box of something, while I was in the chiller one of the women I work with set the dustpan down on the floor. When I came out I was carrying the box, so I couldn't see my feet and I stepped on the dustpan, which obviously is not a good thing to step on. I fell on my ass and my elbow slammed into the corner of the cabinet. My first instinct was to laugh, of course. My coworker felt bad, but started laughing because I was laughing. Then my elbow swelled to twice the regular size in a few seconds and we stopped laughing. It hurts like it's on fire. When I go to teach at the preschool I have children saying, "you got a boo-boo, what happen?", while repeatedly poking my black/blue/purple elbow. Oh childrens.

It's been a week and it still looks like this )

My cousin's wedding was in a town over that has a Starbucks. I don't consider a town without a Starbucks to be civilized. I want to make sweet sweet love to the Raspberry Mocha Frappucinos.

I had this lovely conversation with Lib in Starbucks:

Lib: Venti Unsweetened Passion Iced Tea, please.
Me: Grande Blended Raspberry Mocha Frappucino, please.
*use gift card, walk to other counter where guy is hardcore flirting with the barista*
Lib: Why didn't you get a venti size?
Me: I'm not sure I'll like it and I don't want to get a big one if I'm just going to throw it out. There are people in the world who don't have Starbucks. It's my liberal white American guilt.
Lib: Why not get the bigger one? I fifty cented mine.
Me: You "fifty cented" yours? Does that mean you shot it nine times?
Lib: No, I meant to say I got the bigger size because it's only 50 cents more.
Me: No, you said "fifty cented" it. Don't deny it. You shot it nine times but the lyric "go shorty, it's your birfday" still comes back to haunt you.
Lib: I don't know you right now.
Me: I hope your giant iced tea makes you have to pee really bad and you have to hold it until we get to the reception.

I leave you with The Loop's Derek Tricolli being funny. Seriously funny.
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For the past two weeks I've been working nearly 40 hours a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and student teaching 7:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday and Thursday, then going to class 4:30pm to 6:30pm is slowly sinking me into a coma. If you don't hear from me for a few days, it's because I'm sleeping.

BLITEOTW: It's the weirdest thing... Yesterday there were zombies all over town, so I stayed in and watched movies while they scratched at my door. This morning when I woke up, they were all gone. It's very weird, especially considering they danced like )

[ profile] newkidfan's The Tree (Stargate: Atlantis) - A prettiful (yes, it's so good I needed to make up a new word) vid that will have you wide-eyed... and teary-eyed.
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I feel so unloved. I’m not on the computer for 4 days and I come back to 16 emails, two of which promise to enlarge my non-existent penis.

Lib has been on me, saying I need to keep my work shoes in the garage because the bottoms get dirty. I usually leave them in the laundry room because I’m terrified that if they’re in the garage, they’ll be a spider them. Yesterday I left them in the garage and when I put them on for work, there was a freaking TOAD in one of them. I stuck my foot in and felt it, thinking it was a spider; I kicked my shoe off and screamed. It didn’t die and it lived to hop around another day. Needless to say, I can still keep my shoes in the laundry room.

Battlestar Galactica, Boomer/Head!Six

800x600 . 1024x768


Apr. 25th, 2007 12:10 pm
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First, wherein I bitch about not being able to get a transcript ).

Second, now I squee over last night’s Heroes giving me exactly what I needed for my Sylar vid ).

Third, I complain about work ).

Fourth, I’m so in love with Floyd the Flower Guy on 30 Rock. He’s from the Cleve! He may even be higher on my tv boyfriend list then Jim from The Office.
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My grandpa went in for surgery this morning, but everything turned out better than the doctors thought, so thank god for that.

St. Patrick's Day was way more fun than I thought it was going to be. Amanda, Danielle, and I went to Vic's (sleeziest bar in the world). Amanda had to work late, so we didn't leave my house until 11. While I was getting ready SJ drunk dialed me, which is super funny because she was already drunk and I was still putting on eye liner, so I had her on speakerphone slurring about how she loved me. Her drunk texts were great too. At the bar there was this one Drunk Girl who was my favorite person that night. She was funny as hell and awesome. She kept grabbing our asses and freak dancing with us saying how we were hot and she'd do us, but that it was ok because she was married. At one point I was dancing with her husband and realized I hadn't seen Amanda and Danielle for nearly half hour, so I had an "omg, they totally left me here and went somewhere else moment", but they were just on the other side of the bar and I felt like an idiot.

You know you're out late when the cashier at the 24 hour Wal-Mart hands you change and tells you to have a good morning. After staying out late I had to go to work that morning and a woman at work quit yesterday. We were a person short all day and I was an hour and a half behind on closing and ended up staying over a bit to finish everything up. Uck.

I'm clipping for my Sylar video right now and I'm trying a much different way. I'm going through all the eps and taking notes, which is more the way of Nicky, as opposed to me remembering a certain clip that I want from months ago. Now I just have to wait for the rest to come slowly pouring in from the rest of the season.

I'm reccing/reviewing this month at [ profile] the_reel for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fandom, so you people need to head over there and put your videos up to be reviewed because I'm feeling all nostalgic. I have bunches of recs waiting to posted, but none to review.
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I just worked an obscenely long time yesterday and I hate the world.

Bob Barker is leaving The Price is Right and I’m not sure, but I think that’s one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Movie Rec:
Banlieue 13 (District B13) - Amazing stylized action movie set in the near future in France. Absolutely and ridiculously great stunt work. It's like a shot of adrenaline in your chest. Not to mention the slashtastic main characters.

Vid Recs:
[ profile] zoetrope’s Absolutely Cuckoo A Stargate: Atlantis Sheppard/McKay video animation that is freaking Amazingly skillful and adorably cuckoo.
[ profile] obsessive24’s Map of the Problematique A Rules of Attraction vid that’s more about the book than the movie. It has motion that makes you want to dance oddly on your bed in your underwear even though it’s not a very danceable song, fabulous effects that blend with the source, on-beat perfection, amazing use of split screen in the source, and great “paralleling”.
[ profile] bradcpu’s I Feel You A Desperado/Once Upon A Time In Mexico vid with great time toggling, use of beats, back and forth movement, and transitioning. It’s full of emotion and awesome.
[ profile] lidi’s This is Your Life A Lost Sawyer vid with excellent. Fight Club music and Lost’s Sawyer belong together.

Meaningless YouTube Rec:
Tom Wilson (Biff in Back to the Future) is kinda funny

What American Accent I Have Quiz )

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
kiki_miserychic goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Veronica Mars.
anno_superstar tricks you! You get a rock.
bartle_by gives you 15 teal raspberry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
bradcpu gives you 2 tan lemon-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
butterfly gives you 3 light blue watermelon-flavoured pieces of taffy.
charmax tricks you! You lose 14 pieces of candy!
dualbunny gives you 14 brown peach-flavoured pieces of taffy.
elizabethrae86 tricks you! You lose 4 pieces of candy!
halfdutch gives you 7 white apple-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
kimya_dawson_ gives you 4 yellow banana-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
obsessive24 gives you 4 light blue evil-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
kiki_miserychic ends up with 31 pieces of candy, and a rock.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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Open call for any and all vid recs for the new Doctor Who series. I finished watching the first season and I’ve already watched the second, so I’m looking for some good vids to watch to make my DW vid feel inferior.

School and work are going well. They hired some new people, so after they get trained, hopefully, I won’t have as many hours. On the other hand, less hours means less money, but more hours means less time for school and life in general. Most people already know this, but going to school and working in hard, yo.

Last night I was tired and bored out of my mind with no people to wait on and I was way ahead of schedule because I closed the bakery, then I came out to partially close the deli. Mostly I cleaned the deli because I hate not having something to do. You could have eaten off the windows of the case (if you’re into that kinda thing). A new Walmart opened up around here, so business has seriously slowed down. I worked Thursday 12 to 9 and usually I’d have 20 customers an hour, but now that the hugemongous Walmart has a deli/bakery/hot foods thing, we had about 20 customers the whole time I was there. I’ve never really had a job before, but I’m thinking people are going to be let go and the way the schedule hours will get scaled back even more now, so I’m going to apply to a daycare in town and see if they have anything. It’s about 5 feet from where I work now, it’s close to home, and it’s actually in the field I’m going to college for, so those are pluses. That way if my hours do get cut down a lot, I can just have 2 part-time jobs.

Squee over Lost casting spoiler and nip/tuck casting spoiler )

LINKAGE (some of which you probably have already seen):
Nobody’s Watching OK Go video (“Let’s do this boooiii”)

Grind House Trailer (Robert Rodríguez and Quentin Tarantino horror movie)

I really, truly don’t care if it’s true or not because the thought of Isaiah Washington choking Patrick Dempsey and calling T.R. Knight a bitch is funny, yet distrubing. When I read it, it made me think of Washington’s character in Out of Sight.

I got into CBS’s Smith and they cancelled it after 3 shows, so now I’m left with some unfinished fic and an Amy Smart (Annie) wallpaper:

800x600 . 1024x768

I’m off to take a 3 hour Art History test. Wish me luck and hope I don’t get a brain aneurysm.
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I’m feeling much better now and I’m back to just feel tired and crappy like regular now, as opposed to sick, tired, and crappy. While I was sick I mainlined the first season of Doctor Who. I love it and it makes me love season two even more. I finally understand everyone’s love of Captain Jack. I really have nothing else to say because I haven’t really processed it having watched 13 episodes in 2 days. I’m contemplating a season one Doctor Who vid to Kate Havnevik’s Unlike Me (Acapella), but I really, really shouldn’t because I have three vids started right now, which is bad enough.

YouTube links:
~Wendybird - A seven minute short film by Ellen von Unwerth filmed for Erin Fetherstone’s Autumn/Winter 2006 with Kirsten Dunst, Alex Allen, Lolly, and Jennifer.
~Canceled Tour Photoshoot - A nine minute Ellen con Unwerth film of Christina Aguilera.
~Nobody’s Watching pilot Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - Totally cute and funny unpicked up pilot made for the former WB with Billy from Battlestar Galactica and Kellerman from Prison Break.
~Promo for The Office’s Dwight and Angela, which tetters between sweet, creepy, weird, and awesome.
~I may very well have to start loving Keith Olbermann.

Speaking of politics, I watched Sherrod Brown and Mike DeWine on Meet the Press and I’m ashamed to be from Ohio. They fought with each other like 12-year-old girls. I’m surprised there was no hair pulling and screams of, “ohmygod, you broke my nail.” I’m leaning toward Sherrod Brown only because I don’t want to vote for Mike DeWine. It’s sad when I’m not so much voting for someone as much as I’m voting against someone.

Onto more shallower things that make me happy, Grey’s Anatomy Cast Spoiler )

For the Damaged Coda got Best Mood Piece Runner Up at Tolerable Cruelty Awards. Wee. It’s the first vidding award I’ve ever gotten (mostly because it’s the first vidding award thingy I ever entered)… so wee:

I’d like to thank my mom and dad for putting aside their hate for each other for 15 seconds to conceive me… Just kidding. Thank you to this months TCA judges (Nicky and Brad). And now I have bunches of new, lovely vids to watch and feedback. :)

I’d completely forgotten about putting in for a ljmindmap thingy:

Click here to see! )


Sep. 28th, 2006 11:31 am
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I wanted some time to stop worrying about college and work and I got it. Kinda. Wednesday I got sick while I was hanging out with Sarah Beth and Sarah Jane at the college. I had to pee 30 times and I cried it hurt so much. It was my aunt’s birthday, so I ruined it for her, sadly, because she had to leave work to take me home. My friend told me to drink some Cranberry juice and water, so I ended up downing a half gallon of juice and 10 glasses of water.

I got a doctor’s appointment for this morning and had to call off of work. There were bunches of student nurses and student doctors at the office. It took the girl three tries to take my blood pressure, but it wasn’t bad for her first time doing it to an actual patient. They asked me if I cared if the student doctor came in with my regular doctor, I didn’t think too much about it and said, “sure”. I didn’t realize that meant I was going to have to say, “it feels like I’m trying to pee out a baseball”, and “no, it has nothing to do with my vagina,” while the student doctor tried to be invisible. I couldn’t take him seriously at all because his white doctor coat thing was two sizes too small. Either way, I got some sample antibiotics and I didn’t even have to get a prescription. That and I have a bit of time off because I pee every 20 minutes. I have a bladder infection or something from taking too many headache pills.
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I'm going to the House of Blues tonight to see Chris Isaak and Tristan Prettyman.

Life has been so hectic lately. I worked 3 9 hour days in a row and I'm really not used to working that much. I had an allergic reaction to the new gloves they got at work, so I guess I'm allergic to cornstarch too. While at work I got my pants caught on the metal edge of one of the tray carts and ripped my pants. Thank god for my long uniform shirt and apron. I was closing that night and so many things for closing require bending down. OMG. It was only for an hour, so it wasn't too bad, but hello embarrassing if someone had noticed.

I always thought it was vidcon, but it's actually [ profile] vividcon. How did I miss two whole letters? Whatever, they're are now shiny new vids to watch.

This is where I ramble on for a bit about my own vidding... )
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The coolest music video you will ever see in your life (Ok Go's Here We Go Again)

Today is my first day off in 11 days. Saturday and Sunday I worked 9 hour shifts and worked 39 hours total for the week. They really wanted to get the most out of having me work part-time I guess. Last week they took me off the probationary period thingy and hired me permantly after about 3 weeks, so yay for me. Last night I only worked 4 to 9, then came home and took a final. Not fun. I got a B, which isn't too bad, but I had an A for everything else in class, so it should all even out to an A.

I'm halfway done with a Doctor Who vid of Doomsday and it made me realize how invested I was in that show without really knowing it.

ABC Cancels Mel Gibson's Holocaust TV Mini-Series Because Of His DUI Anti-Semitic Slurs. Mel Gibson has offically surpassed Tom Cruise in terms of douchebaggery.
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OMG, I'm sorry, but I can't stop watching Justin Timberlake's SexyBack video. It was bad enough when I played the song on repeat, but now there's a video to go with it and I want to make sweet, sweet love to it.

Is being an adult waking up in the morning and thinking, "agg, I don't wanna go to work, I wanna quit", then going to work anyways? Because if so, being an adult blows.

VID REC: [ profile] charmax's Bloody Mother - Great use of the beats without being overpowering. For me, the lyrics are the central point. If you've never watched Deadwood, you can still enjoy it because the emotions of the scenes come across well. And if you do watch Deadwood, it's a beautiful and inciteful look at Trixie and how far she'd come because as with the show itself, there's so much meaning behind it all. The vid itself has a glowing warmth.
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Office Space in 30 Seconds (and Re-enacted by Bunnies)

Stargate: Atlantis - 03x02 - Misbegotten )

Speaking of SGA, is it just me, or did psych raid SGA casting for their show?

Sinchronicity is so good. I'm still a little in love with Jemima Rooper from the last season of Hex. The show itself is great, even if some things are predictable, it goes at it sideways.

Questions and Answers With Michael Muhney (no season 3 spoilers, very cute and funny)

If I faked my own death, I wouldn't have to go to work tommorrow...


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