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Glitterguts! (Desensitisation encomium)
[ profile] absolutedestiny's I Fink U Freeky (90s Japanese erotic cyberpunk body-horror movies including 946 Pinocchio (1991), Rubber's Lover (1996) and Tetsuo: The Iron man (1989)) - I really enjoyed this. The movements within the frame along with the sounds in the music and the arrangements of images are fantastic.

[ profile] jetpack_monkey's A Quite Serious Thematic Analysis of the Works of David Cronenberg (The films of David Cronenberg) - I love how director study vids bring out all sorts of terrifying parallels in the sources. They're utterly captivating visuals and they're made even more so apparent when placed together and intercut by the editing.

Brand New Classic Hits
[ profile] cupidsbow's We Must Be Killers (The Defiant Ones) - I connected emotionally to the characters far more than I thought and more than I usually connect to unknown source in a vid.

[ profile] hollywoodgrrl's The Amazing Sounds of Orgy (Replusion) - This is what going mad feels like.

Kitovraska's Loneliness (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty) - Wow, love the additional line and text in this. It's constructed well, without feeling like it went for cheap moments to create the romance between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

A Matter of Perspective
[ profile] obsessive24's Blinding (Merlin) - DAYUM. I love the building pressure. Having heard the song tons of times before, I knew what was coming musically and I couldn't wait to see what the vidder did it with. OBVI, I was not disappointed. Excellent epic emotional zoom SKILLZ, breathing, and the happy little orange bit made my heart hurt.

[ profile] heresluck's How I Got Over (The Wire) - Expertly accomplished study of Michael, Namond, Randy, Dukie, and those around them. I still get emotional about how well the vid follows their stories down their respective rabbit holes.

[ profile] keely's Sugar (Smallville) - Still amazed at how this vid was able to construct Lana Lang as an actual character that doesn't depend on who she's with and not just a plot device.

Video Game Vids
[ profile] milly's Riverside (Tomb Raider 2013) - Putting aside the issues I have with the game itself, this is a deeply emotionally sound and mapped out vid.

Zup's Dopest Dope You've Ever Seen! (Battlefield 3, Blacklight Retribution, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, Medal Of Honor) - The title really does say it all.

UFец's Paper Planes (Borderlands 2) - I love that it doesn't take itself seriously, even though it could have gone that direction. There's humor throughout.

Hamps's Warrior Concerto (Assassin's Creed) - This has always been one of my favorite videogame vids because it ties so many things together, while staying visually fresh to death.

gef's de:part (Alan Wake) - The atmosphere is created beautifully with the aide of the visual and music choices. The editing falls into sync with the music without being too predictable.

evi's evo (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) - I envy the way it moves and navigates through the source.

Also Premiering (Non-attending premieres)
[ profile] obsessive24's Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Elementary) - Very cool use of the coloring and added effects clips overtop. I especially love how Sherlock ripping down just his portraits seems more important than in the source when it's paired with the other uses of art in the vid. Love the choppy, yet obviously purposeful editing.
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[ profile] nightchik and I complied the Understanding Meta Vids (I C WHUT U DID THAR) vidshow (she ran the panel at VVC) for 2009 [ profile] vividcon.

Vids that exist on a meta level, working in more ways than one, often suggesting a basis beyond the individual fandoms of the source andmore about a larger concept and/or fandom itself. Vids that go beyond the narrative of their source, commenting on the nature of that narrative, connecting with outside meanings, or placing the story in alarger culture context.

Everytime I thought we had a good description I'd realize it was excluding some type of meta or possibility for meta. I had no idea how tediously difficult it would be a write a definition for what meta vids are. We went for a wide range of meta topics, so I hope people didn't look at it and reject the vidshow in the basis that it's not what they consider to be meta. Meta has a wide variety of possibilities and these vids are some of them:

On to the playlist! )

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? While this was the playlist for meta vids used in the vidshow, I encourage others to drop links in the comments to other meta vids. Feel free to spark discussions as well. I'm sure they'll be notes coming from the meta panel and I'd love for online discussion as well.
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Yay, I'm nearly done with my last VVC vid. I've never had so many betas on one vid before, so it was interesting to get so many responses and thoughts. I'm waiting for the 4th one before I finalize any changes. I have 5 versions of the Vegas file saved with different changes for each beta. Once I get the 4th, I'll go through and incorporate all the versions into one and see how that works. I usually have 1 or 2 betas, whereas I used to not use one at all. Ever since I started using betas I think I've learned and grown quite a bit. There's still projects I won't use a beta for, like my way too experimental vids because they usually come from deep within my weird little brain and I'd rather not change them once I attain some level of getting what's in my brain into Vegas. With VVC vids, it's so weird to make something and keep it to myself for so long. My Club Vivid vids have been done for months, just sitting on my desktop only seen by 1 or 2 people. My betas were extremely instrumental in making them all better, so I'd like to thank [ profile] tzegha, [ profile] sol_se, [ profile] bradcpu, and [ profile] chasarumba for being my superawesome, supersecret betas for my VVC vids.

I have 3 vid ideas filling up my brain right now, so I'll be glad when I'm finished so I can delete all my source. Chuck, my laptop, is very tired of having 34GB of vid source. All 3 started out as really simple ideas, but now that there's been so much time for them to roll around they're all rather detailed and drawn out. In one case it makes the vid even better, but it just makes the actual vidding harder in the other 2 cases.

[ profile] bop_radar's Paranoid Android (Smallville) - Wow, I'm completely enamored with this vid's editing choices, mood, quick cuts, jumpcuts, motion, colors, light, lyric interpretation, progression, and pacing. It's so full and well constructed that I didn't want it to end. The musical cues are very well timed with beat use.

Mister Anderson's This Is Matrix Life (Matrix Trilogy) - Great concept and realization with a strikingly odd mood, quirky interpretations, effects, and editing.
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For the first time in a long time I'm vaguely relaxed. I have everything for my college classes done that can be done. It's weird. Sadly, my financial aid came through and I'm only getting $330. I can't freaking believe that's all I got.

I'm getting annoyed by one of my classmates that has children. One woman faults me for not having any. She said my semester is so much easier than hers because she has a son. OK... I understand that you have a child, but I work and student teach. You don't. Our lives are different, so we can't really compare them. Yet she still says she has a way harder life. Last week she said she got her son a bunch of videogames and he's done nothing but eat, sleep, and play them.

The halloween party and parade at preschool was adorable. The children were all dressed up and had fun. I wish I'd took my camera.

dragonchic's Orchard of Mines (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children) - The song and the spot on editing and pacing make the whole thing feel epic and amazing.

Brad's Goodnight Moon (Heroes) - Extremely creepy with deep and dark family issues. Amazing work from an ever evolving and growing vidder. There are many memorable moments in the vid that made me squee like a girl.

[ profile] danegen's Ruiner (Angel) - This vid blew me away and made me wonder how I could have been so blind to the echoing from Connor to Spike with Angel and from Spike to Connor with Angel. It has sickly perfect pacing and flowing editing.

[ profile] jarrow272's About Schroeder (Farscape) - Lyrical editing and motion that melds with the music to make a lovely display of Chiana's love.

Kitty's Sick (Resident Evil Trilogy) - So kick ass.

Nicky's What I've Done (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children) - Even her supposed "mindless action" is pretty.

[ profile] rhoboat's History Repeating (Doctor Who) - Fab intro of Nine and Ten, then their companions, witty parallelling and smart use of lyrics.

[ profile] talitha78's Cobrastyle (Smallville) - OMGYES, Lex being awesome and hot. Great introduction of Lex, song choice, use of motion and quirky movements.
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[ profile] dayln03’s Overdose of You (Supernatural) - [ profile] dayln03’s trademark candy cloud coloring, layering, effects, editing will kick your ass and leave you wondering if it really happened.

[ profile] hollywoodgrrl’s Tabula Rasa (Doctor Who) – It has a thoughtful concept with wonderful execution through mood, style, and editing that hurts.

[ profile] hollywoodgrrl’s A Question Mark (Doctor Who) - The music is put to great use paired with the effects and editing style. The portrayal of the Doctor and the little parallels are wonderful. There is nothing [ profile] hollywoodgrrl could make that I wouldn’t watch.

[ profile] kuwdora’s Imagine (Battlestar Galactica) – As a part of [ profile] kuwdora’s Insane August Vidding Project, I requested a BSG vid to A Perfect Circle’s cover of Imagine for vid #1 of her learning and getting to know Final Cut. I’m not rec-ing it because it was made for me, I’m rec-ing it because it is a great mix of creepiness and underlying sincerity in Cylon form.

Lexcelsior’s Map of the Problematique (Smallville) – So amazingly intricate with hard edged editing.

[ profile] talitha78’s Baby, It’s a Fact (Down Mix) (Kyle XY) – Let’s be honest, Kyle and Declan are madly in love, everyone knows it, and [ profile] talitha78 proves it with cute and charming clip choice.

[ profile] whereistheluv’s Push (Supernatural) – An understatedly emotional Oh Dean vid.
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[ profile] goss has a flipping beautiful Sylar artwork that needs to be admired by all.

[ profile] ijemanja’s The Bunk Bed Redemption (Grey's Anatomy)- A funny, sincere, little ensemble fic from the zombiepocalypse weekend fic(let) battle.

[ profile] bradcpu’s Vertigo (House) – Holy crap nut is all I can really say about it.
[ profile] hollywoodgrrl’s Talk Show Host (Stargate: Atlantis) – A John Sheppard vid that will fuck with your head a little bit with it’s distinct and unique style.
[ profile] martoufmarty’s Five Years Gone (Heroes) – A mainly episodic for episode 20 'Five Years Gone' (aka 'String Theory') with great tension, coloring, and effects that stays interesting.
[ profile] obsessive24’s Freestyler (Smallville) – A frantically explosive Oliver vid with sweet movement, time toggling, and music matching.
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Hollywood’s Right Here, Right Now - A Stargate: Atlantis tension building, expertly edited and paced piece of sheer beauty.

[ profile] obsessive24’s Changes - A brilliant Smallville vid that focuses on the relationship between Lex and Clark and melds comic book source seamlessly with amazing effects and clip connections.

Fabella’s Hemorrhage - A Supernatural vid with very cool effects, time toggling, and sequences.

[ profile] chasarumba’s Make Lemonade - A sickly awesome Dexter vid with great little moments that will creep you out in a good way.
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I luff John Krasinski. Yeah, that's right, luff. Just saw him on Leno. He's like semi-Dane Cook. He's quasi-Dane Cook. He's the margarine of Dane Cook. He's the Diet Coke of Dane Cook. With a pinch of Denis Leary. Which is the awesomest awesome to ever awesome.

I'm two episodes behind on Veronica Mars, I have to rewatch tonight's House (I was doing something else and all I remember is that Chase was really pretty), I'm 16 episodes behind on Smallville (that's almost the whole season), and I'm behind on other shows too, but screw 'em for now.

My finals are this week, then I start my summer classes next week with a four day break in between. Yuck. But I took five week courses, so it won't be too bad.


Jan. 23rd, 2005 01:02 am
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Note to self: Don’t wear cute sweater, drop book, bend down to pick it up, get said cute sweater stuck on zipper of cute bag, stand up, have shirt get pulled down to flash half of American Government cute leopard print bra.

I’m loving the photography of Eugenios Recuenco, Rodney Smith, and Yanick Dery.

The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I regained vision in my right eye.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

Not true. I tore the cornea in my right eye. Hahaa.

Vid Title: Karma Slave
Vidder: misery chic,
Artist: Splashdown
Fandom: Smallville
Category: Episode vid for “Scare”.
Characters: Clark, Lex, Lana, Chloe, and Jason.
Pairings: none
Summary: With no new episode in about a million years I made a vid. I was working on the idea that since it was their worst fear, they brought it on themselves, which is mean. It’s the worst fear dreams of Clark, Lex, Lana, Chloe, and Jason. I just read that the nuclear explosion in Lex’s dream was ripped from “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” because it was already owned Warner and the Oval Office scenes were on the set of “The West Wing”, which were already used in “Hourglass” and they just added CGI. That cracks me up for no reason which I can explain.
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TVStuff )
That would be minor spoilers for “Arrested Development”, “Boston Legal”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Lost”, “Everwood”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Farscape”, “The OC”, “Without a Trace”, “CSI”, “House”, “Scrubs”, “Veronica Mars”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Quintuplets”, “America’s Next Top Model”, “CSI: NY”, “Smallville”, “The Apprentice”,

My American Government class today consisted of talking about “Desperate Housewives”, “The OC”, and other tv stuff that a heterosexual early twenties male shouldn’t really be able to rant like a teenage girl about. No work is ever actually done in that class. In a 45 minute class, on average I do only 10 minutes of American Government. All the seniors complain about the class and how there was soooo much work. Nicole has been brought over to the dark side to watch “America’s Next Top Model”.

I have to get my shit together for the Scholastic Art thingy. I’m extremely proud of myself for getting art projects done. I’ve completed an oil painting, “fhitsaced”, and I’m surprised that I had the patience. It takes days for a layer to dry. I did a pen drawing, “she’s not nekkie, it’s art, so she’s nearly nude”, and the title basically explains it. I also did a crappy, not to see the light of day, mixed media venture with printmaking, acrylics, and iol pastels, called “sometimes i look at you and wonder how you were ever in my womb”, that sucks major balls. It was a learning experience in which I learned not to be an idiot. I’m in the middle of a collage, the kind where the pieces make their own image, ”does this make my face look flat?”, and I’m only on my second day with it nearly finished, so I’m happy that I can get it done rapidly. I’m going to enter an acrylic landscape thing I did last year, “from my ‘i hate my dad’ era”. Why yes, I am one of those people who gives their art work asinine names that no one understands or thinks is funny expect for me and a few people.

Working on another soundtrack for justpopemotion because I am a lifeless loser. Also working on four different music vid things because I’m also a fangirl lifeless loser.

Becky’s birthday was Friday or Saturday and I had planned to go to the basketball game Friday and no one told me that was her birthday party. Randy, Little Randy, Josie, and everyone was here and I had to leave in the middle like the disrespectful little snot. I took the little Aryan race children [I say that because they are blonde and blue eyed, not because they are Nazis] out to look at the lights and snow before I left and gave them my Happy Meal Toys. [note to self: stop eating fast food you fat fuck] Game was ok. I hate the fact that Sarah Jane and I had to sit on the floor on the stage and get spit on by the band. It blew, literally. I know nothing about sports ok. Sorry. I don’t know when to clap or anything. All I did was yell rude things at the other team when they were trying to make foul shots and doing that thing where they stand out of the line and throw the ball back in. “Every time you masturbate God kills a kitten,” “I fucked your mother,” “Your shoes’ untied,” and “Dude, you’re balls are hanging out,” are definitely my favorites. Went to McDonald’s with Sarah Jane [not to self: you ate fast food you fat fuck] and got the coolest toy ever. Shut up, it was a Sega game, and I won’t rest unti lI beat it.

TEE’s going great. Finally a class that I enjoy and get something out of. I go with Rach now and we just hang out at her house for an hour before going to the elementary school. I feel like a leech.

DODGEBALL! This Saturday, the 18th, at the Game Day Sports Center. It’s for CHARITY you jerks, so come. Seriously, Britt, all four Sarah’s, Lizzie, Tony, everyone, I will make you bitches come with me.

Fanart, and damnit I did these up and I still haven’t gotten a new image provider. I have webspace, but I didn’t realize it didn’t have off site image hotlinking. Damn the internet.

Jude Law’s Dan from “Closer”.

Natalie Portman’s Alice from “Closer”.

Julia Robert’s Anna from “Closer”.

Clive Owen’s Larry from “Closer”.

Angelina Jolie. It couldn’t be helped. Love her tattoos.

Gwen Stefani. Doesn’t feel right, like I didn’t get the right impression of the shoot or something.

Gucci Bag

Dec. 2nd, 2004 07:13 pm
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Techno Will Kill You
Video. Smallville. Bound. Lex. And his hos.


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