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Strangely, my family broke the tradition of buying gifts for everyone this year. During Thanksgiving we select names for Secret Santa to go along with our usual gift giving, but this year we had a heated argument with one of my sisters complaining that the other sister and her husband give people one present as a couple, which she declared as unbalanced. I should explain that my two sisters are biologically my mother and my aunt, but my grandparents raised me, so I refer to them as my sisters. My sisters who are well beyond an age where whining about the unfairness of Christmas gifts at the dinner table is cute. Try in their early 50s, while I am 27, but we all act 12 when we're together.

This argument occurred in hushed voices as the husband was in the bathroom. My married sister joined in with the complaints, revealing that her husband doesn't contribute to Christmas shopping. This is a second marriage for both of them and they keep their finances separate. Married sister had been bottling up resentment over the years about her husband receiving gifts from everyone in the family along with thanks for the ones he had no part in giving. I'd already picked up things here and there before Thanksgiving, but everyone else wanted to forgo gift giving altogether. The husband returned from the bathroom and was told the new holiday plan of getting together for dinner without the pretense of exchanging gifts. Everyone repeated the previous secret conversation, earning imaginary Oscars. I explained that I always get Dad a gift card for McDonald's because my parents go there before the crack of dawn on Mondays to drink coffee with a group of people from church. Everyone agreed that Mom gives people passive aggressive gifts, attempting control through subtle means. She gives me cooking equipment even though I have no desire to learn cooking, she gives my married sister make up even though she doesn't like wearing it, and she gives my other sister something exercise related (while making thinly veiled comments on how she should be married by her age). Dad admitted that he simply hands everyone wads of cash and puts gas in their car like a full tank fairy godfather.

Days later my married sister sent a text message saying that she'd changed her mind and wanted to do gifts, then sent another an hour later to change it back, then sent one two days later to change it back again. My mom finally put her foot down and said no gifts, but later told me that she'd gotten some gifts already from her and Dad. I asked my sisters, who fessed up to getting gifts as well. The end result will be a Christmas where everyone is getting and giving gifts except for one person. I'm patiently waiting for the moment after dinner when gifts are given out and an awkward silence takes over as everyone else figures out what is happening.

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#ruined by kings and now ruiner of kings #honestly do you know how much potential this film would have had as a real examination of queenship/femininity in a patriarchal world? #the answer is a lot #it could have been utterly breathtaking and amazing and ridiculously on point #if they had used beauty as a repeated motif - because yes yes ravenna is right #because queens are figureheads who rarely get to rule; because women are judged on what they look like #and so in a world like that - to take power; to take true power #you have to use your weakness and fashion it into your strength #so yes yes beauty is power #cosmetics and physical appearance as an extension of the will #’as strong as an arm’ #and beauty is how ravenna conquers but faith is how snow conquers #it could have been amazing as an examination of the two different forms of queenship #ravenna who uses her very self as a weapon against the world and snow #who had been forged by the world and comes back in armour with no pretensions to feminine beauty or tradition #to take the throne #two methods of conquest and both succeed. and in time the throne will rest as heavily on snow as it did on ravenna #jesus christ you deserved a better script

-Snow White & The Huntsman from from dance-at-bougival
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I'm not kidding about this post being a Public Service Announcement for Porn. Free porn at that!

From queerporntv's tumblr:


Hey Babes!

So, this morning, tons of people hit up stores and got trampled in hopes of buying a few good items, and really ended up with a bunch of mediocre stuff and lots of lost money. Not only does this support huge corporations rather than buying locally (Go Plaid Friday!), it’s really just a big ol’ mess.

Here at Queer Porn TV, we’ve caught onto the awesome phenomena of Buy Nothing Day, and we couldn’t be more stoked. Buy Nothing Day was started as a Black Friday alternative, where for just one day, we make the effort to step back from this crazy economy, to relax, unwind, and “unshop”. For our lucky and diligent fans, YOU, that one, paying such good attention, we are making it so that today you can have your cake (pie?) and eat it, too!! That’s right, in honor of Buy Nothing Day, Queer Porn TV is offering 3 free hours of access to the site, from 9pm to midnight PST!

Aren’t you glad you’re not at Target?

From 9pm until Midnight, PST tonight!!
Username: buynothing
Password: watchqptv

I am thankful for porn and you should be too. Go forth and enjoy whatever your timezone may be.
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Sorkin Supercut of the Day: It appears The Newsroom will be a mere rearrangement of the same tired perfectly crafted lines that Aaron Sorkin has used for every project since the early ’90s. (That being said, I'm going to watch it anyway.)

Ingenious editor Kevin Porter borrowed scenes from:

A Few Good Men
Sports Night
The West Wing
Studio 60
Charlie Wilson’s War
The Social Network
and for some reason, Tom Hanks’ 1993 Oscar speech.
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I want to talk about vids... Where can I go?
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As follow up to my previous journal entry, I give you, via [ profile] crickets, Funny or Die's Pacey-Con with Joshua Jackson:

Joshua Jackson hit San Diego this weekend for Pacey-Con, the annual event for all things Pacey and this year the site of the announcement of the TV return of Pacey Witter.
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“A small group of people were gathered on the lawn a distance from the convention center. They were standing around Joshua Jackson from ‘Fringe’, he was staging his own ‘Pacey-Con’, giving out fan fiction he wrote and getting pictures with the women, all while the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ theme music played on a boom box.”
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There's interesting information on the Storyboard entry on the dreamwidth vidding community.

vid storyboarding techniques rambling and scans )
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After a ridiculously long period of trying to fix my laptop, Chuck, I'm getting a new one.

I think I'm going with the Samsung - Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5 Processor - Red/Black. Has anyone has bad experiences with it or want to rec a different choice? I'm using it mainly for vidding, internet, and word documents.
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Somewhat random, but this is exactly what I did in the car Friday with R on the way out to the bar:

Michelle Trachtenberg rapping to Nicki Minaj (and Robin Thicke)'s "Shakin' It 4 Daddy."

I've had the song on repeat for a while and even made Brad listen to it.
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I listened to this song about a dozen times before watching the video and loving it too.

Matt Alber "End of the World"
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Reason I love tumblr: Part of what I tried to show in my Firefly/Serenity vid, the girl or the weapon?, condensed down to a clean and brillant image.

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NBC more colorful case study article from Capacity that most interestingly explores typographic narrative elements and the idea of "a series close croppings of talent, props, and scene details in 40 frame chunks, leaving enough time to read the information and register the desired emotion, without necessarily trying to tell a linear story with the imagery… more like little breaths which, when combined, express the spirit of the show."

This is relevent to my vidding interests.
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I choose to live in a happy world where I pretend that everyone loves me. So I love the Fanvid Love Meme!

I'm gearing up to do my holiday cards, so drop me your address.

I'm in the process of graduating with my Bachelor's degree. Officially, I'm done the 12th. Pending that I have a job lined up too. It's not 100% because I haven't signed any papers, but it's looking good.

I read Vampire Politics by: Lisa Nakamura / University of Illinois, Laurie Beth Clark / University of Wisconsin, and Michael Peterson / University of Wisconsin, which was a very interesting analysis for True Blood.

I watched Geoff McFetridge's Do Lecture last night. Basically, take what he said, apply it to vidding, and you have some of my current thoughts.

I've been LOL-ing and enjoying UCB's Noteworthy performing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"

The Office's Creed Bratton's "Rubber Tree"
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Happy birthday, [ profile] heyiya! I know you're in and out right now, but have a not safe for work birthday banner that is classy. )


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