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[ profile] jetpack_monkey's Vividcon 2013 Premieres Intro vid (Multi) - SO CUTE.

[ profile] bananainpyjamas's I'm No Superman (Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes) - I love the balance of humor and sincerity that this vid strikes. The musicality hits the perfect chord of adorableness with the movements and narrative structure.

kass' In the Hole (Ripper Street) - Well, I started watching Ripper Street (Old Timey CSI) when I started this recs post and I've already finished it before posting this. I was drawn in by the vid's sound matching with the video, like the kid throwing the rock, then the sound of glass breaking.

[ profile] jetpack_monkey's Slippery Slope (The Wickerman) - Fuck me sideways. I can't really explain my love for this vid because it's so wrapped in a strange feeling of despair and dread. The use of the movie is so well done, like the slight movements within the clips. The most well known images are edited perfectly in the vid too. The reveal, MY GOD, that man's stupidity... Yes, I know people see the movie differently, but I see that man as stupid in his morality.

[ profile] anoel's Past the Feeling (Once Upon a Time) - The FEELS of my heart. I don't need to watch Once Upon a Time, I just need to watch anoel's vids. The imagery is gorgeously used and the music is seamlessly woven with them. Regina's story and how her tendrils reach out into the other characters and family. The vid is almost 5 minutes long, but I wanted it to keep going and I didn't want Regina's story to end. I'm bias because I will never be over Swan Queen. I love the segmented nature of the vid and I feel like that's the only way a Regina vid could work. She's a very compartmentalized character and she's written in such bizarre ways. I'm amazed at how the vid draws things together in such a way that it makes a beautiful fairytale... At one point I remember thinking over and over "SOMEONE GIVE REGINA A HUG."

[ profile] shati's Hope on Fire (Queen Seondeok) - I've watched and heard about Queen Seondeok from [ profile] beccatoria so much that I feel like I've watched the show. I feel like every Queen Seondeok vid has great clip choice because of the sheer amount of source that it has, yet none of the vids I watch seem stale or repetitious. Your use of the camera motion is lovely and the balance of close up shots with larger scale scenes.

[ profile] astolat's When I Ruled the World (Person of Interest) - I liked the narrative structure and the use of lyrics in relation to the characters and story lines. The use and creation of the machine sections was especially lovely.

[ profile] sweetestdrain's Graceless (Spartacus) - There were two vids made with the same concept and source. I love them both differently, but for the same reasons. The progression of the narrative was beautiful and compelling. I love the tender, yet fierce love that comes through in the editing. There's an obvious beginning, middle, and end, which was so brilliantly satisfying while still breaking my heart.

echan's Omega (Fight Club) - CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH I WANT TO HAVE HATE SEX WITH THIS VID, PLEASE? Like, I would let it do the most unfathomable things to me. The use of, not only the audio, but the SOUNDS. It's music to my eyeballs. I have such a thing for the use of spoken word in vidding.

[ profile] butterfly's Firework (Supernatural) - I watched a different vid than most of the people I talked to after Premieres. I saw it as Charlie being fabulous and amazing and Dean loving her like a sister (because she's not a love interest threat because she's identified as queer). Through Dean loving Charlie, he accepts his own queerness and love of Cas. Dean embraces his own self by hugging those close to him, showing his emotions, and "rejects" his previous hetero-normative characterization. I said that and everyone on my side of the hotel room looked at me like I'd grown three heads. This is how I choose to perceive this vid and it's beautiful, even if it's not the vidder's intention.

[ profile] lolachrome's We're All Missing Mama (Peter Pan) - I had a doofy grin on my face during this vid and I know it, even the when it was sad.

[ profile] killabeez's Dyin' Day (The Hunger Games) - The desolation, my god, the desolation.

[ profile] hollywoodgrrl's Run Boy Run (Game of Thrones) - One of my favorites that I can't textually render my thoughts without cracking my head open like an e.e. cummings poem. The clips are all so important and all the character's fates are so similar. For me it was all love of the narrative, editing, song use, and the characters coming through without getting lost in it all.

[ profile] joyo and [ profile] absolutedestiny's Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (Infomercials) - I love this on a fannish level, of course, but also in a personal "real life" way, which added to my enjoyment. A group of friends and I play a game where if one of us yells out "person in an infomercial" that person has to finish whatever their doing in an epically and overly dramatic fashion. I've ruin so many things playing this horrible game.

[ profile] findthesea's No Direction Home (Lost) - I never knew I wanted to see a Sawyer character study until I saw this vid. Having just did a rewatch of Lost (the chronological edit), I had an instant connection to it because the source was still on my mind and in my conversations. It's a rich vid with an interesting structure that I dug. First time vidders that make such great vids make me so jealous.

[ profile] bradcpu and [ profile] milly's The Polka Slayer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - There's wild and wide humor. It ranges and whips around, which makes it a great ride. I thought it was going to get sad for a moment, but then the funny came back and that's my favorite part.
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I read on TMZ that Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Weston on Burn Notice) was arrested on suspicion of DUI on Sunday and my first thought was, "he didn't twitter that."

My neighbor's dog got out through a giant hole in their fence and the mail lady brought him to me, so I have a furry little ball of "OMGZIWANTATTENTION" licking at my fingers while I try to type. He's cute, but I don't like small dogs.

I've been cooking and baking a lot lately. I mean more than never when I say a lot. I made bacon and cheese stuffed beer burgers this weekend, which turned out well. I made ice cream cone cupcakes to take to a party too and they turned out freaking awesome.

ice cream cone cupcakes
by ~miserychic.

I've also been making my own cold-brewed coffee, which is so good that I think I might like it more than Starbucks. I know, I know, blasphemy, but it's true.

I've been using twitter instead of LJ for little things I find interesting. I used to make posts about little things, but now they're all on my twitter and never make it to LJ. This is probably a good thing because it spares everyone my squeeing over Eliza Dushku, Zachary Quinto, and Olivia Wilde; linking to pretty photographs; laughing about how I set off the smoke alarm baking; and mourning having deleted the Torchwood Children of Earth miniseries only to get a vid idea 3 days later. Link to my twitter.

[ profile] newkidfan's Blood Makes Noise (Lost) - A gorgeous layering and coloring that is lush and full with jumpcut editing and wavering images. The interesting framing choices feel like the zeroing in on a microscope that amps up the intensity and tension along with the effects. It doesn't hurt that I gave her the musical prompt because I've wanted to see this song vidded well to Lost for as long as the show has been on the air.

[ profile] danegen's Down by the Water (Southland) - I've never watched Southland, but that didn't matter because I was able to plug into the more emotional aspect of the vid. I know I'm missing the depth and understanding that would come with knowing the source, but the vid is still terrific in the use of imagery. It feels like a great study of objects and how people can become objects in that sense. I think my favorite aspect is how a woman's dead body is transformed into a landscape.

WashingTones' Dr. House is a wicked cool music video that uses footage of the band performing and source footage from the show, House, too. The end result is an engaging music video that has me bopping around and singing the chorus in the shower.
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I was shopping last week when someone from high school kept staring at me and squinting. I loath seeing most people from high school to the point of lying about who am. It's stupid and childish, but it works. So the girl is squinting at me like she's trying to figure out who I am or something, so I casually said hey. Her repsonse was "I thought you were dead!" Turns out some rumor has been going around that I died when I was in the hospital. I have no idea where, who, or how it started, but she heard from someone who said that someone found out I died in December. I should have kept ignoring her.

It's been a while since I've posted recs. I finally have my laptop back and fully functioning after a month of it not working properly. Most of the time was finding someone that could figure out what was wrong with it and waiting on parts.

[ profile] buffyann's La marée haute (Lost) - Perfect emotional song choice and clip choice. Desmond is a character that feels and projects emotions, which are captured very well. I always felt like Desmond was 5 minutes from breaking down completely in so many of his scenes. He grabs so desperately to things, while his storyline is so fractured. The vid does a stellar job of pulling him together enough to hold the viewer while he falls apart and tries to make the pieces fit. The barely contained energy is measured out with the cuts and clip choices. It's the emotion that carries the vid when the storylines might not. He's everywhere and nowhere at the same time, but it's Penny that tethers him.

[ profile] talitha78's "White" & Nerdy (Psych) - I'm continually in awe of the quirky motion and movement, as well as the lyric interpretations. I love how witty the concept is and how there's different levels of interpretation.

[ profile] tearful_eye's Day Carry Night (Criminal Minds) - The disorientation is beautifully done with the editing to the piano notes and the additional movements like a carosel when you want to get off.
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There's a woman at work who won't do her job, so I have to, which makes it look like I'm not doing mine. I have no idea what to do. She gets on my nerves, won't do her job, makes me look bad, and she does this to everyone. I just don't know how to approach my manager to say something. I'm going to have to because my manager said something to another employee about me not doing what I'm supposed to do.

The sheer stupidity of the people in my religion class never fails to astound me. If his tests weren't from the notes, I'd stop going. This one woman continually passes judgement on the religions and talks about how they're wrong and Christianity is right. She does not stop being stupid 24 hours a day. She also thinks that the people that wrote the Bible were "psychics like Sylvia Brown." I kid you not, she thinks Sylvia Brown is a real psychic and that the disciples could foresee the future.

I walked by a full length mirror in one of the upstairs bathrooms on campus and I realized that I was wearing mom pants. When did this happen? When did I start wearing mom pants and no one told me? Whenever I run into people from high school on campus I look like a hobo. Yesterday I wasn't wearing make up and I was in a sweatshirt, so I saw three people I graduated with.

Non-spoilery tv talk:
I've now realized where my love of Californication comes from. It's from the arrogant and childish man in my brain having a midlife crisis. The show reminds me of the days when I thought I could have been a writer. I had this grand illusion that I would write the novel that would speak for my generation. What the crap? Every aspiring writer thinks they are the voice of their meandering generation. In Californication the main character screws everyone and screws everything up while still being charming and geniuine. It's a trophe of television as of late, but it's one that David Duchvony looks good portraying.

I've never fell in love with a tv show because of fruit, but Life is the first. He eats fruit anytime he can because it's nearly impossible to get fresh fruit in prison, but they never come right out and explain why. And that small little detail is what hooked me.

I really wanted to like Big Shots because the cast is made of men I adored in other shows, but the show falls flat for me. It's Desperate Housewives with penises.

AlcoholicPixie's Sacrifice Yourself (Supernatural) - Prepare to be enthralled by great effects, coloring, and a detailed AU with everything fitting like it was meant to be.
Beth CG Phoenix's The Good Soldier (Heroes) - Great off-kilter editing style, use of lyrics, thought, and musicality
[ profile] dayln03's Keep This a Secret (Supernatural) - Beautiful effects, coloring, texture work with an AU storyline that's duct taped and superglued together from a thousand different pieces to create a new world.
[ profile] saltwatergirl's Strip My Mind (The Dreamers) - A great work of light beams, stock footage, parallels, and movement.
Trey's Clockwork Mango (Lost) - Very cool and interesting editing.
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I just worked an obscenely long time yesterday and I hate the world.

Bob Barker is leaving The Price is Right and I’m not sure, but I think that’s one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Movie Rec:
Banlieue 13 (District B13) - Amazing stylized action movie set in the near future in France. Absolutely and ridiculously great stunt work. It's like a shot of adrenaline in your chest. Not to mention the slashtastic main characters.

Vid Recs:
[ profile] zoetrope’s Absolutely Cuckoo A Stargate: Atlantis Sheppard/McKay video animation that is freaking Amazingly skillful and adorably cuckoo.
[ profile] obsessive24’s Map of the Problematique A Rules of Attraction vid that’s more about the book than the movie. It has motion that makes you want to dance oddly on your bed in your underwear even though it’s not a very danceable song, fabulous effects that blend with the source, on-beat perfection, amazing use of split screen in the source, and great “paralleling”.
[ profile] bradcpu’s I Feel You A Desperado/Once Upon A Time In Mexico vid with great time toggling, use of beats, back and forth movement, and transitioning. It’s full of emotion and awesome.
[ profile] lidi’s This is Your Life A Lost Sawyer vid with excellent. Fight Club music and Lost’s Sawyer belong together.

Meaningless YouTube Rec:
Tom Wilson (Biff in Back to the Future) is kinda funny

What American Accent I Have Quiz )

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
kiki_miserychic goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Veronica Mars.
anno_superstar tricks you! You get a rock.
bartle_by gives you 15 teal raspberry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
bradcpu gives you 2 tan lemon-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
butterfly gives you 3 light blue watermelon-flavoured pieces of taffy.
charmax tricks you! You lose 14 pieces of candy!
dualbunny gives you 14 brown peach-flavoured pieces of taffy.
elizabethrae86 tricks you! You lose 4 pieces of candy!
halfdutch gives you 7 white apple-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
kimya_dawson_ gives you 4 yellow banana-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
obsessive24 gives you 4 light blue evil-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
kiki_miserychic ends up with 31 pieces of candy, and a rock.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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Open call for any and all vid recs for the new Doctor Who series. I finished watching the first season and I’ve already watched the second, so I’m looking for some good vids to watch to make my DW vid feel inferior.

School and work are going well. They hired some new people, so after they get trained, hopefully, I won’t have as many hours. On the other hand, less hours means less money, but more hours means less time for school and life in general. Most people already know this, but going to school and working in hard, yo.

Last night I was tired and bored out of my mind with no people to wait on and I was way ahead of schedule because I closed the bakery, then I came out to partially close the deli. Mostly I cleaned the deli because I hate not having something to do. You could have eaten off the windows of the case (if you’re into that kinda thing). A new Walmart opened up around here, so business has seriously slowed down. I worked Thursday 12 to 9 and usually I’d have 20 customers an hour, but now that the hugemongous Walmart has a deli/bakery/hot foods thing, we had about 20 customers the whole time I was there. I’ve never really had a job before, but I’m thinking people are going to be let go and the way the schedule hours will get scaled back even more now, so I’m going to apply to a daycare in town and see if they have anything. It’s about 5 feet from where I work now, it’s close to home, and it’s actually in the field I’m going to college for, so those are pluses. That way if my hours do get cut down a lot, I can just have 2 part-time jobs.

Squee over Lost casting spoiler and nip/tuck casting spoiler )

LINKAGE (some of which you probably have already seen):
Nobody’s Watching OK Go video (“Let’s do this boooiii”)

Grind House Trailer (Robert Rodríguez and Quentin Tarantino horror movie)

I really, truly don’t care if it’s true or not because the thought of Isaiah Washington choking Patrick Dempsey and calling T.R. Knight a bitch is funny, yet distrubing. When I read it, it made me think of Washington’s character in Out of Sight.

I got into CBS’s Smith and they cancelled it after 3 shows, so now I’m left with some unfinished fic and an Amy Smart (Annie) wallpaper:

800x600 . 1024x768

I’m off to take a 3 hour Art History test. Wish me luck and hope I don’t get a brain aneurysm.
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800x600 . 1024x768
Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor and Rose

800x600 . 1024x768
Veronica Mars' Dick and Beaver. Ree-Chard and Cassidy.

Oh, life. I only have one final (Sociology) to go tomorrow. wootwoot.

Lost, The Office US, Green Wing, Veronica Mars were flipping good this week and one quick thing about last night's Grey's Anatomy ) I won't be able to watch it tonight because I have to go to the church's Mother/Daughter Banquet thingy with my gramma. I haven't watched Big Love and The Sopranos, but the latter has been slightly craptastic lately.
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Michael Muhney (Don Lamb on "Veronica Mars") will make you his bitch.

I rarely write about real life in this journal except to bitch... so here's some RL non-bitching )

In response to Grey's Anatomy: Under Pressure, the only thing recap shows are good for is vid clipping. This the second recap show isn't it?

Unpopular Fannish Opinions of Grey's Anatomy )

Anyone recommend a good Lost beta for a short general Jack fic?

I should work on my English Thesis paper...
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Question for the people who watch Grey's Anatomy and Lost:

huh? )
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New layout, [ profile] kiki_miserychic.


And now for some fanart:

Azazeal, Cassie, and Themla. Because Hex - 2x13 - The Showdown )

Lost. Jack and Sawyer. I had an idea where everyone got infected and died on the 42nd day except for Jack and Sawyer because whoever controlled the island always left two people to push the button in the hatch. Sawyer gets all pissy because he thinks that nothing will happen it they don't push the button, so he moves back to the beach, but Jack stays in the hatch and pushes the button because even though he thinks it's a lie, he doesn't want to take the chance. Eventually Jack can't take being alone so he tries to get Sawyer to come back to the hatch with him in 162 minute intervals, finally offering sex. Sawyer gives in, but they're "busy" when the thing starts beeping and they don't put in the numbers. Nothing happens at first, but they start getting sick and paranoid like everyone else did when they got infected. They fight in the jungle, killing each other. Right before they bleed to death, another plane crashes. I'm never going to write that fic, so I made a fanart with plot.

Some Lost icons [Sawyer/Jack, Jack, Jack/Michael, Claire]
01. 02. 03. 04.
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Because Katherine Moennig's photoshoot for Interview magazine is pretty.

Because Maggie Grace looked awesome and I felt like doing a hundred random layers in PS.

Whoa, where did the My LJ thing come from? It's so fun to play with.

Thanks to [ profile] winter_baby for the season two Hex episodes.

I just did a huge comment thing for [ profile] frillybunny because she was looking for Veronica Mars Vid Recs and I thought why not post it on my own journal when I was done, so Massive Vid Reccing for Veronica Mars:
Read more... )

oh crap

Oct. 7th, 2005 03:25 pm
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“Lost )

Now I have to find a damn "nip/tuck" torrent that will work. And watch "Veronica Mars" because I taped it, but I have to wait for Libby to watch it with me.

Yay, grandparents are vaca, so I have house to myself. I should be doing something naughty like drinking or having sex or at least listening to very loud music...
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Libby, Brittany, and Sarah Jane. Figure you bitches had to born so close together. Love you.

Lib got me the "Firefly" series DVD and the "Profit" series DVD for herself.

I've been watching "Deadwood" season one on DVD from Netflix and I'm so pissed off. I'm on disc 4 and I've sent it back twice because the first was cracked in half and the second was scratched to hell. It sucks like Trixie.

Tuesday was sorta a bad day, but I was still in a good mood. My College Composition teacher didn't show, so everyone left after 15 minutes, which gave me an extra hour for lunch with Sarah Beth and Sarah Jane. We went to a cold Subway and talked loudly about "nip/tuck". My Oral Communications class was meeting in the library, so I had Sarah Beth explain how to get a laptop from the library about twenty times. I gave the counter person my driver's lisence and college ID, then left my wallet there and walked away with the laptop cuz I'm cool like that. Working on the laptop I didn't realize it was 5 after and the library was kinda big, so I didn't know where the rest of my class was, so I walked around and found them. The teacher was having mini-meeting to talk about our speech topics, so I plopped down on the floor and started researching and junk with a few people from my class. Brandy came over, looked at me, looked at the laptop, gave me a thumbs up, and said, "whoa, you even brought your laptop from home to work on and I don't even have a topic. I explained it was school and everyone was relieved I wasn't a nerd who brought her laptop to class. After class I went to return the laptop and the lady said, "oh, this is the girl we've been looking for." I'd left my wallet and the nice guy behind me tried to return it, but couldn't find me, so he turned it in. And thank god because I had way too much cash in there from tossing a five in for lunch and then not taking out the change when adding to it.

Yuck, I now have a stomach virus. I want to die. My night was embarrassing. Libby and I went out to a nice restaurant for her birthday and I threw up in their bathroom, so we left. Then we had to stop twice on the way home so I could throw up.

Boston_Legal )

Bones )

House )

“Veronica_Mars_-_02x01_-_Normal_is_the_Watchword” )

“Lost” )

Conversation while with me and Lib while watching “Lost”:

TV: Do you know what Walt’s first words were?
Lib: Don’t push the button!
Me: What?
Lib: He’s first words were “don’t push the button”.
Me: Are you serious? [Laughs]
Lib: Shut up. [Laughs]
Me: It’s “Lost”; it could happen. [beat] This is so going in my blog. [Reference to “How I Met Your Mother”, which I stopped watching.]

I'm seeing Serenity tomorrow. wootwoot
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Battlestar Galactica 02x09 )

How I Met Your Mother )

Out of Practice )

Arrested Devlopment )

Kitchen Confidential )

Prison Break )

Stargate: Atlantis 02x09 )

Lost )

I can't find a nip/tuck torrent anywhere.

A graphite drawing of Richie Tenenbaum [Luke Wilson] from the movie "The Royal Tenenbaums".
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While going through Giuliano Bekor's website I found a the second new Maggie Grace photoshoot.

Pics under cut and at his site under behind the scenes, click on the pic of Maggie in the bottom stipe for a behind the scenes clip of the shoot.

Read more... )

Edit: After I saw the first new Maggie Grace photoshoot from Guiliano Bekor, I looked through his website portfolio and what do I find? Under the portfolio section in fashion is a Josh Holloway when he was a model along with three other models. I don't know what magazine it was in or anything else.

Read more... )
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I went to the doctor yesterday. I want to die. I have a sinus infection. I want to curl into a ball and die.

Rescue Me.

Rescue Me. [Version 2.0] I don’t know how I feel about this one.

Katherine Moennig.

Lost. Shannon [Maggie Grace] and Boone [Ian Somerhalder]. You know that Sabrina had to have made them be in a magazine photo shoot for publicity.

Lost. Shannon [Maggie Grace] and Boone [Ian Somerhalder].
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I gradumatated. And it really feels no different. I wasn’t expecting some sudden change, but I didn’t even cry or anything. Whatever. I’m a cold, heartless bitch.

Libby is so freaking proud of herself. She asked me for an envelope, then told me that she ordered the new scanner for the computer. The old one has been broken for a while now and she kept putting it off and I kept asking her, but she hadn't gotten around it yet. So she told me that she ordered it and I said, "It's about f-ing time." She starting laughing really hard and showed me the envelope where she had written "It's about f-ing time." And now she's so freaking proud of herself that she's making me tell all my friends about it. Funny.

The graduation parties suck for the most part; I just feel out of place and stupid.

WTF!?! Why won’t any “Six Feet Under” torrents work?!?

Vid Title: “Beating Heart Baby”
Vidder: misery chic,
Musical Artist: Head Automatica
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Shannon, Boone, Locke, Sayid, Jack
Pairings: Shannon/Boone, incidental Shannon/Sayid
Summary: baby is this love for real . let me in your arms to feel . the beating heart baby . the beating of your heart . baby
Warnings: Giant sucky chest wounds and kissage
Download: 9.58 MB


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