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Created for the story, Fear of Falling (Apart), by [ profile] eldiablito_sf and [ profile] 3988akasha

tumblr / deviantart / ao3

Fear of Falling Apart - A Dean/Cas Fanmix for deancasbigbang

listen . for keeps (download) . tumblr

01. Sea of Love - Tom Waits
Do you remember the night we met?
That's the night I knew you were my pet
I want to tell you
How much I love you
I'm drowning in a sea of love

02. Swampy Seconds - Magic Mouth
I got a feeling that I found my home
Through window pane like a flying stone
Settled in my place with a broken sound
You won't hear the glass
Falling on the ground

03. Desire - Meg Myers
Baby, I want to touch you,
I wanna breathe into your will.
See, I gotta to hunt you,
I gotta to bring you to my hell.
Baby, I wanna fuck you,
I wanna feel you in my bones.

04. The Golden Age - Woodkid
Boy, we are family,
No matter what they say,
But boys are meant to flee,
And run away one day.

05. When It's Time To Come Down - The Black Hollies
Take me home
I don't wanna be alone
When it's time to come down

06. Sleep Baby Sleep - Brood
Ignorance is torture but your love is right
Tip to tip a gentleman of the night
Feed my fascination a way our skin likes silk

07. Love Out of Lust - Lykke Li
Rather die in your arms, than die lonesome
Rather die hard, than die hollow
The higher that I climb
The deeper I fall down
I'm running out of time

08. The Body Breaks - Devendra Banhart
The body calls
Yeah, the body, it calls out
It whispers at first
But it ends with a shout

09. Reprise - Grizzly Bear
My love's another kind

10. Fade Into You - Clare Bowen with Sam Palladio
In your heart, in your head,
in your arms, in your bed under your skin,
Til there’s no way to know where
you end and where I begin

11. Happiness - Grant Lee Buffalo
Out of my body, been out of my head
Never mind the curse of war
Proud like a badge that just don't shine no more
Let him bring you happiness, happiness

12. 505 - Artic Monkeys
But I crumble completely when you cry,
It seems like once again you've had to greet me with goodbye
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[ profile] jetpack_monkey's Vividcon 2013 Premieres Intro vid (Multi) - SO CUTE.

[ profile] bananainpyjamas's I'm No Superman (Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes) - I love the balance of humor and sincerity that this vid strikes. The musicality hits the perfect chord of adorableness with the movements and narrative structure.

kass' In the Hole (Ripper Street) - Well, I started watching Ripper Street (Old Timey CSI) when I started this recs post and I've already finished it before posting this. I was drawn in by the vid's sound matching with the video, like the kid throwing the rock, then the sound of glass breaking.

[ profile] jetpack_monkey's Slippery Slope (The Wickerman) - Fuck me sideways. I can't really explain my love for this vid because it's so wrapped in a strange feeling of despair and dread. The use of the movie is so well done, like the slight movements within the clips. The most well known images are edited perfectly in the vid too. The reveal, MY GOD, that man's stupidity... Yes, I know people see the movie differently, but I see that man as stupid in his morality.

[ profile] anoel's Past the Feeling (Once Upon a Time) - The FEELS of my heart. I don't need to watch Once Upon a Time, I just need to watch anoel's vids. The imagery is gorgeously used and the music is seamlessly woven with them. Regina's story and how her tendrils reach out into the other characters and family. The vid is almost 5 minutes long, but I wanted it to keep going and I didn't want Regina's story to end. I'm bias because I will never be over Swan Queen. I love the segmented nature of the vid and I feel like that's the only way a Regina vid could work. She's a very compartmentalized character and she's written in such bizarre ways. I'm amazed at how the vid draws things together in such a way that it makes a beautiful fairytale... At one point I remember thinking over and over "SOMEONE GIVE REGINA A HUG."

[ profile] shati's Hope on Fire (Queen Seondeok) - I've watched and heard about Queen Seondeok from [ profile] beccatoria so much that I feel like I've watched the show. I feel like every Queen Seondeok vid has great clip choice because of the sheer amount of source that it has, yet none of the vids I watch seem stale or repetitious. Your use of the camera motion is lovely and the balance of close up shots with larger scale scenes.

[ profile] astolat's When I Ruled the World (Person of Interest) - I liked the narrative structure and the use of lyrics in relation to the characters and story lines. The use and creation of the machine sections was especially lovely.

[ profile] sweetestdrain's Graceless (Spartacus) - There were two vids made with the same concept and source. I love them both differently, but for the same reasons. The progression of the narrative was beautiful and compelling. I love the tender, yet fierce love that comes through in the editing. There's an obvious beginning, middle, and end, which was so brilliantly satisfying while still breaking my heart.

echan's Omega (Fight Club) - CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH I WANT TO HAVE HATE SEX WITH THIS VID, PLEASE? Like, I would let it do the most unfathomable things to me. The use of, not only the audio, but the SOUNDS. It's music to my eyeballs. I have such a thing for the use of spoken word in vidding.

[ profile] butterfly's Firework (Supernatural) - I watched a different vid than most of the people I talked to after Premieres. I saw it as Charlie being fabulous and amazing and Dean loving her like a sister (because she's not a love interest threat because she's identified as queer). Through Dean loving Charlie, he accepts his own queerness and love of Cas. Dean embraces his own self by hugging those close to him, showing his emotions, and "rejects" his previous hetero-normative characterization. I said that and everyone on my side of the hotel room looked at me like I'd grown three heads. This is how I choose to perceive this vid and it's beautiful, even if it's not the vidder's intention.

[ profile] lolachrome's We're All Missing Mama (Peter Pan) - I had a doofy grin on my face during this vid and I know it, even the when it was sad.

[ profile] killabeez's Dyin' Day (The Hunger Games) - The desolation, my god, the desolation.

[ profile] hollywoodgrrl's Run Boy Run (Game of Thrones) - One of my favorites that I can't textually render my thoughts without cracking my head open like an e.e. cummings poem. The clips are all so important and all the character's fates are so similar. For me it was all love of the narrative, editing, song use, and the characters coming through without getting lost in it all.

[ profile] joyo and [ profile] absolutedestiny's Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (Infomercials) - I love this on a fannish level, of course, but also in a personal "real life" way, which added to my enjoyment. A group of friends and I play a game where if one of us yells out "person in an infomercial" that person has to finish whatever their doing in an epically and overly dramatic fashion. I've ruin so many things playing this horrible game.

[ profile] findthesea's No Direction Home (Lost) - I never knew I wanted to see a Sawyer character study until I saw this vid. Having just did a rewatch of Lost (the chronological edit), I had an instant connection to it because the source was still on my mind and in my conversations. It's a rich vid with an interesting structure that I dug. First time vidders that make such great vids make me so jealous.

[ profile] bradcpu and [ profile] milly's The Polka Slayer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - There's wild and wide humor. It ranges and whips around, which makes it a great ride. I thought it was going to get sad for a moment, but then the funny came back and that's my favorite part.
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vid title: All I Need
source: Supernatural
duration: 1:37
notes: Made for Vividcon 2013 in Challenges for the faith theme, based on this tumblr gifset.
summary: Four times Dean Winchester’s loved ones overcame mind control for him.
download: streaming video
27mb avi via sendspace

embedded video and lyrics )


Apr. 14th, 2010 08:50 pm
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[ profile] bradcpu's Lightning Field (Legend of the Seeker) - BEST. VID. IN. THE. UNIVERSE.

[ profile] lolachrome's He Will Chase You (Supernatural) - Apocalyptic noir, people, apocalyptic noir. The blend of sources has a great look and feel.
[ profile] lolachrome's I Know Someone (Waits for Me) (Supernatural) - Cool editing choices, especially the jarring cuts.
[ profile] lolachrome's Zion (Supernatural) - Fantastic musicality with beautiful video layering.
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[ profile] beccatoria's The Unforgiven Ones (Battlestar Galactica) - I'm continually in love with how she edits. The way she put things together and draw lines of comparison and contrast within the source. I especially love how she takes a storyline that was presented non-linearly in the source and reorder it in a way that pulls out deeper meanings.
Breakups on a Battlestar (Laura left her, again) (Battlestar Galactica) - The editing fucks me perfectly with the beautiful framing when the images flash back and forth. The music picks up and it's like an anger is released. It's tragically sad in the misdirection of the characters.
Breakups on a Battlestar (Laura left him, again) (Battlestar Galactica) - It's a pathetic kind of sad that makes me laugh at the misfortune of Lee in this vid. Laura/Lee started out as one of the most interesting relationships on the show and I love what this vid says about them.
Suicide Planet: The Future (Battlestar Galactica) - It's fantastic how she was able to incorporate different storylines and characters into D'Anna's net.
Suicide Planet: No Future (Battlestar Galactica) - I like how she set up the repetition in the editing to give it an definitive feel all of its own. It looks so soul crushing and suffocating to be Dee.

[ profile] bradcpu's So What'cha Want (House) - holyshitballs. This is the best vid I've watched in a long time. I love what he does with House vid and this one is brillant. It's been a while since I've watched that season, but the vid brings it all back. My favorite part was everything. Seriously. The build, the music matches, cute movements. The progression is interesting too. A lot is included a lot is left out. What he left out is just as important as what he put in. The way he weaves storylines together is stellar too. The editing and look of the vid is BANANAS. It's the kind of vid that I'm going to roll it around in my head and watch a bunch more times because I know there's things buried in it.

[ profile] counteragent's Above and Below (Supernatural) - Fantastic symbolism and clip interaction in the motion and how they mirror each other. The beat use is interesting as well, like which beats are emphasized.

dragonchic's Khwaab (The Dream) (Slumdog Millionaire) - Beautiful use of lighting and colors with style.

[ profile] jarrow's Like My Very Own Blood (Battlestar Galactica) - It took me until now to watch the whole vid. It's very emotional and the cutting made it feel like a hammer on my soul or something. The music use is amazing coupled with the sense of timing and the elegantly violent clips. The concept is tightly constructed and executed. There's not a wasted second in the whole vid.

[ profile] secretlytodream's They're Calling My Name (Supernatural) - A creepy and colorfully interesting vid with the visuals and motion matched well to the music.
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My life is going awesome right now with school, student teaching, and other stuff. This semester is the best one I've ever had so far. I'm a big ball of feeling great and enjoying everything, which is new for me. I'm not epically annoyed by everything and hating everyone in the world. It's nice.

My list of vids to feedback and rec is getting longer and longer. It still includes stuff from VVC. I'm working my way through the DVDs slowly and I'll have everything posted before the end of the year. Hopefully.

VID RECS (VVC disc 2 - premieres from themed shows):
[ profile] dualbunny's I Want What I Want (Bionic Woman) - A sleek and beautiful exploration of Jaime and Sarah, how their characters weave around each other and show how their stories interact.

[ profile] maichan808's Fun with Real Audio (The Girlie Edition) (Supernatural) - LULZ.
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I made a Whiskey vidlet, The Night, with the prompts: Dollhouse, epitaph one, The Night by Morphine for the Itty-Bitty Viddy Ficcy Thon.

[ profile] danegen's Slobo Babe (Lesbian Vampire Killers) - Has me LOLZ-ing forever. The movie is complete crack and it's well used in the vid with good timing.

[ profile] giandujakiss's A Charming Man (Supernatural) - Excellent song choice, interesting lyrical interpretation coupled with brillant musicality in the visuals.

[ profile] newkidfan's Human & Monster (Supernatural) - A beautifully subdued pair of companion vidlets that feel bittersweet and sad.

[ profile] serrico's Primogeniture is a Supernatural fic of Claire, Castiel's vessel's daughter, set post-Rapture that hurts in a good way.

Lastly, I've become a resident of Zombieland by zombifying myself.
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People in fandom tend to forget that there's a person behind the anon submitted vids. They think it's an excuse for them to rude about a vid because their friend's name isn't on it.

Right in Two (Supernatural plus additional source footage) - I'm not seeing the vid the way that a lot of people are. I see it as a genuinely thoughtful and thought out vid.

I read it as the angels come down to earth (Castiel mainly for the vid), looking down on the human "mud monkeys" as lower beings. The news clips seem to come from human events that show the worst of human behavior, like race riots, deaths during civil unrest, riots rising from rallies, racial tension from gang rape, protests turning violent, and police shootings. Castiel takes this all in from the world that's all around him, noted by the tv. The use of the sequence of Dean's death in the 2:20s and the eye zoom makes me think the vidder is implying that it's like hell on earth.

Castiel figures that God is in heaven and has given up on the earth on the awful creation, so Castiel gives into the human nature of the vessel. Castiel and other angels become so influenced by the world around them that they seemingly participate in the reenacting out of the events, the stink of humans and earth having taught them racially modivated violence.

Concept-wise, it's like the vidder is saying that people are taught by the media to see people that are racially different as the "bad guy."

I don't know if this is the intent behind the vid or not. It's my interpretation of the vid, which I'm not going to try and say is the meaning. It's one person's opinion.
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vid title: Choose Life.
music: Transpotting monologue (Ewan McGregor, Irvine Welsh, John Hodge, and Danny Boyle) with Lust for Life (Iggy Pop).
source: Supernatural
duration: 1:03
notes: Created for Vividcon 2009's challenge show, IDIC.

summary: What life will Dean choose?

notes added:I don't like having to expand on my vids unless I want to do so, but I feel like I have to explain my reasoning for making this vid for the challenges vidshow. The theme used for the challenge, as always, is left open to interpretation.

Simply, the Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations aspect is the different possible lives Dean has been shown within the series.

Not as simply, the theme was "IDIC," which I researched and found the concept to be a joke. The first thing I read put me off doing a challenge at all because of falseness of it, but I went a different direction than expected because I couldn't get behind the concept. Within the show it's a prestigious Vulcan award of merit, celebrating the vast array of variables in the universe – the sea of possibility that a Vulcan-trained mind can navigate. In the real world it's a cheap ploy to sell replica merchandise to fans that the actors wanted nothing to do with. The challenge was kind of hollow for me. I decided to go with how the Vulcans went from violent wars to generally adhering to a philosophy of non-violence. The vid explores if Dean would trade his violent life for a more peaceful one, which is a lie.

download: BAM vid vault stream
18.1mb xvid avi via sendspace

embedded BAM vid vault )
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[ profile] nightchik and I complied the Understanding Meta Vids (I C WHUT U DID THAR) vidshow (she ran the panel at VVC) for 2009 [ profile] vividcon.

Vids that exist on a meta level, working in more ways than one, often suggesting a basis beyond the individual fandoms of the source andmore about a larger concept and/or fandom itself. Vids that go beyond the narrative of their source, commenting on the nature of that narrative, connecting with outside meanings, or placing the story in alarger culture context.

Everytime I thought we had a good description I'd realize it was excluding some type of meta or possibility for meta. I had no idea how tediously difficult it would be a write a definition for what meta vids are. We went for a wide range of meta topics, so I hope people didn't look at it and reject the vidshow in the basis that it's not what they consider to be meta. Meta has a wide variety of possibilities and these vids are some of them:

On to the playlist! )

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? While this was the playlist for meta vids used in the vidshow, I encourage others to drop links in the comments to other meta vids. Feel free to spark discussions as well. I'm sure they'll be notes coming from the meta panel and I'd love for online discussion as well.
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Title: Dorothy and the Snake
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/Pairing: Anna/Lilith
Timeline/Spoilers: 4x10 - Heaven and Hell
Rating: M
Originally written for [ profile] femslash_today's fireworks09: porn battle.

Dorothy and the Snake )
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It's been a while since I've done a recs post. I had some ridic computer problems, then I was vidding non-stop and I don't watch vids while I vid. I have this deep fear of ripping someone off without realizing it. I've missed a ton of recent vids and these are a few that I've enjoyed.

[ profile] aycheb's Nobody loves you (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) - Amazing structure and use of the black and white. The change of pace and flow into Weaver is glorious, especially with the added layer of it being her voice. I really like the way the vid takes time with clips and allows them to breathe. I love how long and drawn out it feels. The doors opening is brillantly edited. Coming back to Ellison as the focus with Weaver and then John Henry brings Ellison into focus and the things he was faced with and how he reacts and interacts with the new information. This vid connected me with Ellison in a way I didn't in the series. Beautiful plays of light too. And the use of the graves with "all humans die eventually."

[ profile] kuwdora's Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect (Heroes) - The movement and meticulous nature of the clip choice is thrilling. The song is so perfect for Sylar. He's right there in the lyrics and in the feel of the song and Abbey was able to pull him out and calculate him exactly. Sadly, there are some amazing Heroes vids that are underappreciated because of the lack of interest in the show, but that shouldn't hold anyone back from enjoying this vid. It's so freaking good. My reading of the vid is colored by my view of Sylar, so I see Sylar trying to change for other people, but ultimately rejecting it. He's so many different people and things, but some of them were forced on him instead of a choice. He's a watchmaker's son, then he was a Petrelli, then he was an orphan, then he was a million other things. But in this vid, he dreamt he was an architect instead of fixing the work of someone else. Death is his art and he makes it with his hands day after day.
With bonus vid commentary.

[ profile] mithborien's Goodnight, demon slayer (Supernatural) - Extremely well edited with how Sam and Dean as grown ups are barely in the vid at all and their adult faces are obstructed or distorted when they are. Very cool idea of keeping the on them when they were younger, yet still hinting at their grown up lives within the show.

Macro rec for [ profile] obsessive24's Fall of Man (Supernatural)

[ profile] sol_se's So What (Prison Break) - I want to know this Gretchen character. She looks like my kind of woman. I stopped watching Prison Break before she was on, but I'm able to get the gist with clip choice, parallel clips, interesting interactions and connections, facial movements, and narrative. I want to be her PIC because Grechen is in ur show, brakin' up ur sausage fest.

[ profile] winterevanesce's Like a Boss (Supernatural) - Oh shit. Great clip choice and sync. HI-LARIOUS lyric use too.
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Title: Much Ado About Nothing
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Spoilers: None beyond the premise of the show, so pilot

Much Ado About Nothing )

Title: You Disappearing Son of a Bitch
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairing: Dean and Castiel
Spoilers: season four

You Disappearing Son of a Bitch )

Title: Don't Hold Back
Fandom: Heroes
Characters/Pairing: Claire/Sylar
Spoilers: None

Don't Hold Back )


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