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[ profile] bop_radar's Brand New Start (True Blood)- Aww, Jessica and Hoyt are probably my favorite couple on True Blood. The music is cute for them in the vid, which is strange and adorable.
[ profile] bop_radar's When life gives me lemons, I make lemonade (Community)- Great quirky editing, music use, and sound matching. I had the doofiest grin on my face for most of the vid.

[ profile] danegen's Power (True Blood)- The song choice fits Russell absolutely. I wanted to laugh, which I did, but I ended up taking the whole thing seriously. I was caught between the LOLZ and the SRS BSNS.
[ profile] danegen's Sweet Ones (Were the World Mine)- Total fun! Great music and it does a great job of fitting in with the movie too. It has a fantastical feeling in the music that is perfect for the movie.

[ profile] sol_se's Evil Love Shack of Darkness (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness)- LOLZ, hi-larious and awesome. I'm bouncing along with the song and the chainsaw. KILLED ME DEAD WITH LAUGHTER.
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I choose to live in a happy world where I pretend that everyone loves me. So I love the Fanvid Love Meme!

I'm gearing up to do my holiday cards, so drop me your address.

I'm in the process of graduating with my Bachelor's degree. Officially, I'm done the 12th. Pending that I have a job lined up too. It's not 100% because I haven't signed any papers, but it's looking good.

I read Vampire Politics by: Lisa Nakamura / University of Illinois, Laurie Beth Clark / University of Wisconsin, and Michael Peterson / University of Wisconsin, which was a very interesting analysis for True Blood.

I watched Geoff McFetridge's Do Lecture last night. Basically, take what he said, apply it to vidding, and you have some of my current thoughts.

I've been LOL-ing and enjoying UCB's Noteworthy performing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"

The Office's Creed Bratton's "Rubber Tree"
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If you've watched the latest episode of True Blood, 2x04 - Shake and Fingerpop, then you have to watch this video because it will enhance your enjoyment of a certain scene.

(The part to watch begins at about :30 and continues until the end.)

Spoilers for the episode in gif form )

*Needs a Jessica icon. Anyone have links?


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