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Club Vivid Premieres
[ profile] dualbunny's Raise Your Glass (Community) - I like how it embraces everything about the show that makes it what it is. It's like the show was boiled down and poured into the vid.

[ profile] sweetestdrain's Notorious (Spartacus: War of the Damned) - I'm a sucker for marching in beat to the music. And for writhing bodies. And for bloody gore. And for gender non-conformity in lyric use.

[ profile] bananainpyjamas's Dance Alarm (Final Fantasy XIII) - OMG, the division of mashed up voices was funny and effective.

[ profile] frayadjacent's Tightrope (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - I'm totally biased in LOVING this vid because I helped beta it. And I adore it to pieces. I adore the visuals that were added and there's great care in how the vid was made, if that makes sense. Like, I can tell that the vidder love and enjoyed it.

[ profile] bradcpu & son's Firework (Sherlock Holmes) - There needs to be 100% Club Vivid vids to Kidz Bop songs because this is hilarious to me. I hope it's supposed to be delightful and fun because it makes me smile.

[ profile] obsessive24's Va Va Boom (Merlin) - THIS IS A CHILDREN'S SHOW? WITH THAT MANY SEXUAL REFERENCES? WOW, I should have kept watching Merlin for the fisting jokes.

kass and [ profile] laurashapiro's Scream (Doctor Who) - I love it when Club Vivid vids start out all innocent and fun, then slowly become vaguely menacing and creepifying like this.

[ profile] shati's Follow Me (Chocolate) - BADASS. Netflix, here I come.

[ profile] hollywoodgrrl's Smells Like Westeros Spirit (Game of Thrones) - Fuck me in a tower with all our clothes on, this has so many onion-y layers that it's new every time I rewatch it. I'm not kidding, I feel like I'm falling in a rabbit hole as I read other people comments and realize new things.

[ profile] jetpack_monkey's Let's Go to the Mall (Dawn of the Dead 1978) - I bullied this vid into existence. The absurdity is beautiful. I'm going to be a dick and remix this for the remake, lol. It's a thing that I do in my head to [ profile] jetpack_monkey's vids. Mine is an evil laugh.
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[ profile] jetpack_monkey's Vividcon 2013 Premieres Intro vid (Multi) - SO CUTE.

[ profile] bananainpyjamas's I'm No Superman (Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes) - I love the balance of humor and sincerity that this vid strikes. The musicality hits the perfect chord of adorableness with the movements and narrative structure.

kass' In the Hole (Ripper Street) - Well, I started watching Ripper Street (Old Timey CSI) when I started this recs post and I've already finished it before posting this. I was drawn in by the vid's sound matching with the video, like the kid throwing the rock, then the sound of glass breaking.

[ profile] jetpack_monkey's Slippery Slope (The Wickerman) - Fuck me sideways. I can't really explain my love for this vid because it's so wrapped in a strange feeling of despair and dread. The use of the movie is so well done, like the slight movements within the clips. The most well known images are edited perfectly in the vid too. The reveal, MY GOD, that man's stupidity... Yes, I know people see the movie differently, but I see that man as stupid in his morality.

[ profile] anoel's Past the Feeling (Once Upon a Time) - The FEELS of my heart. I don't need to watch Once Upon a Time, I just need to watch anoel's vids. The imagery is gorgeously used and the music is seamlessly woven with them. Regina's story and how her tendrils reach out into the other characters and family. The vid is almost 5 minutes long, but I wanted it to keep going and I didn't want Regina's story to end. I'm bias because I will never be over Swan Queen. I love the segmented nature of the vid and I feel like that's the only way a Regina vid could work. She's a very compartmentalized character and she's written in such bizarre ways. I'm amazed at how the vid draws things together in such a way that it makes a beautiful fairytale... At one point I remember thinking over and over "SOMEONE GIVE REGINA A HUG."

[ profile] shati's Hope on Fire (Queen Seondeok) - I've watched and heard about Queen Seondeok from [ profile] beccatoria so much that I feel like I've watched the show. I feel like every Queen Seondeok vid has great clip choice because of the sheer amount of source that it has, yet none of the vids I watch seem stale or repetitious. Your use of the camera motion is lovely and the balance of close up shots with larger scale scenes.

[ profile] astolat's When I Ruled the World (Person of Interest) - I liked the narrative structure and the use of lyrics in relation to the characters and story lines. The use and creation of the machine sections was especially lovely.

[ profile] sweetestdrain's Graceless (Spartacus) - There were two vids made with the same concept and source. I love them both differently, but for the same reasons. The progression of the narrative was beautiful and compelling. I love the tender, yet fierce love that comes through in the editing. There's an obvious beginning, middle, and end, which was so brilliantly satisfying while still breaking my heart.

echan's Omega (Fight Club) - CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH I WANT TO HAVE HATE SEX WITH THIS VID, PLEASE? Like, I would let it do the most unfathomable things to me. The use of, not only the audio, but the SOUNDS. It's music to my eyeballs. I have such a thing for the use of spoken word in vidding.

[ profile] butterfly's Firework (Supernatural) - I watched a different vid than most of the people I talked to after Premieres. I saw it as Charlie being fabulous and amazing and Dean loving her like a sister (because she's not a love interest threat because she's identified as queer). Through Dean loving Charlie, he accepts his own queerness and love of Cas. Dean embraces his own self by hugging those close to him, showing his emotions, and "rejects" his previous hetero-normative characterization. I said that and everyone on my side of the hotel room looked at me like I'd grown three heads. This is how I choose to perceive this vid and it's beautiful, even if it's not the vidder's intention.

[ profile] lolachrome's We're All Missing Mama (Peter Pan) - I had a doofy grin on my face during this vid and I know it, even the when it was sad.

[ profile] killabeez's Dyin' Day (The Hunger Games) - The desolation, my god, the desolation.

[ profile] hollywoodgrrl's Run Boy Run (Game of Thrones) - One of my favorites that I can't textually render my thoughts without cracking my head open like an e.e. cummings poem. The clips are all so important and all the character's fates are so similar. For me it was all love of the narrative, editing, song use, and the characters coming through without getting lost in it all.

[ profile] joyo and [ profile] absolutedestiny's Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (Infomercials) - I love this on a fannish level, of course, but also in a personal "real life" way, which added to my enjoyment. A group of friends and I play a game where if one of us yells out "person in an infomercial" that person has to finish whatever their doing in an epically and overly dramatic fashion. I've ruin so many things playing this horrible game.

[ profile] findthesea's No Direction Home (Lost) - I never knew I wanted to see a Sawyer character study until I saw this vid. Having just did a rewatch of Lost (the chronological edit), I had an instant connection to it because the source was still on my mind and in my conversations. It's a rich vid with an interesting structure that I dug. First time vidders that make such great vids make me so jealous.

[ profile] bradcpu and [ profile] milly's The Polka Slayer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - There's wild and wide humor. It ranges and whips around, which makes it a great ride. I thought it was going to get sad for a moment, but then the funny came back and that's my favorite part.
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VID RECS (VVC disc 1 - also premiering):
[ profile] keewick's Stars (Dexter) - My god, my heart aches when I watch this vid. I'm in awe of how it's constructed with only vague hints as to the true nature. It's the sweetness and love that Rita must feel and see. The vid is filtered through her and her life. She doesn't know what we know, doesn't see what we see. She sees a life that she's made with someone else that helped her come out of a protective shell that she made for herself when she needed it. The clip choice and editing is very restrained, which is a feat in and of itself. I can see how it would have been easy to let even more of the true nature of the show to creep into the vid. The first shot is like she's inviting us into her life to show us her world. The song choice is beautiful as well. I've watched a couple of times in different ways.

[ profile] halcyon_shift's This Is The Place (Burn Notice) - The editing style is so perfect for the show, how it's well timed, yet jerky and stilted on the beat. I really dig how the scenes are paralleled amoung each other. The song choice is great too and I like how it plays into Michael's more manic moments.

[ profile] obsessive24's Bachelorette (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Brillant editing, attention grabbing opening, epic and sweeping feeling, and amazing connections and concept.

[ profile] keewick's Unforgivable? (Harry Potter) - The symbol use is amazing, especially the birds. The juxtaposition of the brutality of the Harry Potter universe coupled with the sweetness of Luna is jarring, yet lovely in contrast because it breeds hope. It's like her mere presense is calming in answer to the terrible nature of what surrounds her.
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[ profile] nightchik and I complied the Understanding Meta Vids (I C WHUT U DID THAR) vidshow (she ran the panel at VVC) for 2009 [ profile] vividcon.

Vids that exist on a meta level, working in more ways than one, often suggesting a basis beyond the individual fandoms of the source andmore about a larger concept and/or fandom itself. Vids that go beyond the narrative of their source, commenting on the nature of that narrative, connecting with outside meanings, or placing the story in alarger culture context.

Everytime I thought we had a good description I'd realize it was excluding some type of meta or possibility for meta. I had no idea how tediously difficult it would be a write a definition for what meta vids are. We went for a wide range of meta topics, so I hope people didn't look at it and reject the vidshow in the basis that it's not what they consider to be meta. Meta has a wide variety of possibilities and these vids are some of them:

On to the playlist! )

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? While this was the playlist for meta vids used in the vidshow, I encourage others to drop links in the comments to other meta vids. Feel free to spark discussions as well. I'm sure they'll be notes coming from the meta panel and I'd love for online discussion as well.
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Ok, I've watched this video about ten times in the last two days. I have no idea exactly what makes it and Sara Schaefer so great, but I've watch it so many times that I need to pass it off to my flist: []

[ profile] butterfly's Jacob Marley's Chain (Merlin) - A haunting Uther vid with simmer and barely contained emotions in the languid editing.

[ profile] charmax's Smile (Buffy and Angel) - BEWBS ARE KEWL in this cute and fun vid.

[ profile] deirdre_c's Supernatural (In My Pants) (Supernatural) - You haven't lived until you've laughed with this vid.

[ profile] millylicious's Pandora's Box (Heroes) - She is a sick genius and I loves it. The vid is so creepy and amazing that I want to have it's scary Elle and Sylar babies.
[ profile] millylicious's Soldier (Merlin) - Quiet sadness soaks this Hunith vid right along the sheer joy and beauty.

[ profile] obsessive24's Love Lockdown (Battlestar Galactica) - An amazing destruction and construction of Gina/Cain that uses repeated imagery to give a more full representation with limited source.

[ profile] dogeared and [ profile] aesc's Escape Velocity (Stargate: Atlantis) - This blew my mind with creativity and innovation. It's set before 5x16 with the Vegas!verse that pays such mind to composition and interaction between text and image that I could stare it at.
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A few friends and I went out the other night not realizing that the holiday would effect bars. It was so empty and boring for the first half hour because there were 10 people in the whole place that I played I Spy with a guy down the bar. The owner felt bad, so he gave out free drinks and if it was boring after that, I didn't care or notice.

I made cupcakes today, which is a major thing for me. The first time I decided to make cupcakes I stood in the baking isle of the grocery store looking for cupcake mix for ten minutes. I ended up asking a stock boy where it was. Needless to say, he looked at me like I was made out of stupidity and said cupcakes are made from cake mix. So I've come a long way from that to making cupcake so good you'll suck dick.

[ profile] balistik94's Awakening (The Maxtrix Trilogy) - I love the sense of beat and editing. There's a strong stylization to the effects and use of them.
[ profile] balistik94's Exterminating Son (Blade Trilogy) - I'm a little bit in viddinglove with [ profile] balistik94. There's an amazing ability to get a feel for the music and the source with the pacing, editing, and just plain coolness inherent in the vid. It has some very cool musical edits.

[ profile] humansrsuperior's end. (Doctor Who) - Interesting concept that ties everything together and it fits perfectly. The effects are soft and organic. A whole mood is created with the music, clip choice, visuals, and audio work.

[ profile] jagwriter78 and [ profile] rhoboat's Anything the Doctor Can Do... (Doctor Who) - EHehehhe, I still have a huge doofy smile on my face from watching this vid.

[ profile] ladymajavader's Powrót (The Return) (Multi) - I think everyone will see something a little different when they watch this vid, but it will be beautiful.

[ profile] tearful_eye's Promises, Promises (Torchwood and Doctor Who) - Excellent jumpcuts that really create a taped together atmosphere. It's like the pieces of Ianto put back together with some of them covered by Jack.

[ profile] thedothatgirl's Venus in Furs (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - A disturbingly hot vid with great song choice, concept, music matching, structure, and black and white.
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Having a snow day is so great. I get so much done.

[ profile] giandujakiss's Origin Stories (Buffy and Angel) - Commissioned by [ profile] untrue_accounts, this vid hurts my brain with how amazingly intricate it is. I downloaded and watched it the first time seeing the Slayer/Vampire/It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat layer. I watched it the second time seeing the gender/It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat layer, then I refreshed my flist to find many recs and commentaries pointing out the race issues. Because I am dense sometimes, I watched again to see the race/It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat aspect. Everytime I watch it I see something else and that is the mark of a truly amazing vid.

Nicky's Piece of Me (RPS) - Well meshed sources, editing, and thought. I can't get over how well she was able to take Britney Spears' collection/life/videos and produce this incredibly telling, thought provoking vid that comes to a startling and plausible conclusion.

Last week I posted Sarah Silverman's song I'm F*cking Matt Damon and now Jimmy Kimmel's response - I'm F*cking Ben Affleck, along with Elizabeth Banks' parody - I’m Fucking Seth Rogen (NSFW).

It's interesting because a lot of people have been going back and forth with vid responses lately, including [ profile] greensilver, who thinks Ianto won't dance, [ profile] fan_eunice, who believes Ianto got his groove back, and [ profile] kuwdora, who thinks Ianto dances with Weevils.

From now on all arguements will be settled in vid form.
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My New Years Eve was rather crappy, so I’m going to pretend that 2008 begins on January 2, so that my year doesn’t start horribly. Please indulge me in this delusion.

I think a softer world sums it up fairly well.

real life resolutions )

fannish and vidding resolutions )
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My friends and I were out Friday at the lamest bar known to man. It was a friend of a friends' birthday, so we took her out. Of course my stupid self didn't know her dad was the mayor of my town. I am made of epic fail. She's fun, but I wish I'd known before. That way I wouldn't have done half the things I did. It was her first time in a club so we took her to a tame one. No gay bars. :)

My grandparents are on vacation again, which means I'm cooking Thanksgiving Slapsgiving dinner for the family... If you don't hear from me it's because I burned my house down. Seriously. I didn't know it took days to defrost a turkey and I'm thinking about taking my mini-blow torch to it.

Celebrating Kandy Fong: Founder of Fannish Music Video
David Hewlett's cutest use of a baby
Hayden Panettiere is 18, so it's ok to drool a bit now

[ profile] astartexx's Jesus Christ [alt: Wood and Nails] (Supernatural) - Every choice made by the vidder feels right from the black and white to the editing choices to the clip choice to the framing to the use of the lyrics to everything. It makes my heart squeeze tight. After this vid I think I need a hug as much as Dean does.

[ profile] butterfly's Digging the Heroine (Heights) - It's understated, like the movie itself. The vid weaves come of the threads from the movie together.

gwyneth and jo's I Remember (Charlie Jade) - Striking and stark visuals with a harsh mood. Don't let lack of fandom knowledge keep you away.

Eunice's And She Was (Doctor Who) - This is the Rose I remember and love.
Eunice's Don't Touch That Dial (Doctor Who) - This is my Martha.

Jessie's The River (Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Smart use of the lyrics and quick editing with the drumbeats.

[ profile] kazbaby's Eurydiceverse (Stargate: SG-1) - A layered and moody vid with so much under the surface.

kitty's On Top (Supernatural) - Great use of outtakes and other footage to create a cute and vaguely homicidal vid with a heart of gold.

Speranza's Lifetime Piling Up (Stargate: Atlantis) - Nice jump cutting, witty use of the lyrics, overlays, and creation of mood. It's adorable and endearing.

Via [ profile] slodwick, amazing typopgraphy that will brighten up your day:
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Amanda, some of her friends, and I went to the Carnival of Terror and it sucked big. We had to walk forever to get to the different parts and they were lame anyways. Between one of the set ups there were guys with chainless chainsaws. One of them ran it over the backs of my legs when I went by and chased me, so I started freaking out (because they aren't allowed to touch the people) screaming "you can't touch me, you cock!" To which he replied, "you know you like it."

My brain feels like bavarian jello. I simply cannot retain anything else. I have reached my limit for this semester. I'm run down to the point where I can't get concerned about things. I was so worried for my Assistive Technology midterm, but I was blaise about my SensoryMotor one. I did well on both. For so long this semester I've been overwhelmed and I think I've finally shut down and can't take anymore in.

[ profile] _becca84_'s C'mon, C'mon (Chuck) - Well handled music and action with driving energy in the editing.
[ profile] charmax's deus ibi est (Supernatural) - Perfectly odd song choice, cool titles, layering, movement, use of stillness and objects, transitioning, and paralleling.
[ profile] charmax's Respectable (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Great song, pacing, lyrics, music, and use of linear storytelling.
dayln's Lay Me Down to Sleep (Battlestar Galactica) - Extremely pretty effects, layers, coloring,
di's Windmill, Windmill (House) - Way cool color, effects, pacing, clip choice, and editing that comes together in a sea of awesomeness.
[ profile] greensilver's Ohh (Dante's Cove) - Makes bad tv look good.
[ profile] jescaflowne's Another Sunday (Stargate: Atlantis) - Crazy fun that's this side of awesome.
[ profile] sol_se's Halloween (Heroes) - I love this flipping vid for the editing and subtle effects.
[ profile] thandie's Lepcis Magna (Supernatural) - Editing and pacing melded perfectly to the music.
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Does anyone else have trouble running AIM 6.0 with Windows XP? It’s always gave me crap, but lately it doesn’t work at all.

I was the rec/reviewer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fandom for April over at [ profile] the_reel. Due to a bout of stupidity, I started posting in March, but I reviewed yhlee’s Have Your Heard. I recced butterfly’s Hallelujah, Brad’s Living Dead Girl, Rowena’s Pluto, and Ryan’s Everyday is Exactly the Same.
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[ profile] bradcpu’s Living Dead Girl (Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Faith) - If you don’t watch this vid, you are dead to me.

Battlestar Galactica's Caprica/Boomer

1024x768 . 800x600
Tricia Helfer scans from [ profile] saturn92103 and Grace Park scans from [ profile] numbly_breaking

Jenny Wilson of Rilo Kiley

1024x768 . 800x600

Grey's Anatomy's Izzie/Denny

1024x768 . 800x600
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Changed my layout ([ profile] kiki_miserychic) to the closest thing I will ever get to a Christmas-y layout. Also, new userpic, which is funny because it’s true.

I turned in my Introduction to Mythology final this morning. It was supposed to a simple 3 page report on Gilgamesh, but it turned into an 8 page report with the last 5 about Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oops. I also took my Math for Elementary School Teachers’ final today, so I only have Biology and Art History finals left.

I also succumbed and got an imeem account, so be my friend. :)

Torchwood – 1x09 – Random Shoes (Invisible Eugene) )

I just clicked a link to Jewel Staite’s blog thingy to read something about the Flanvention and freaking spoiled myself for something in the latter half of this season of Stargate: Atlantis.
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Mac dropped Justin Long from their ads. It’s a sad, sad day when I’m lamenting the lost of a guy on computer commercials. It makes me miss the Dell guy a little too.

My day sucked out loud.

I’m never going to finish my Dexter vid because every time there’s a new episode I watch it and think, “omg, that shot is perfect for ____”. Damn the awesomeness of Dexter. (see userpic)

[ profile] shati’s Five on the Dime A Buffy the Vampire Slayer vid that pulls images, moments, and scenes together to form this beautiful blanket of what Buffy is and the moments that made it what is was.
[ profile] hollywoodgrrl’s There There A Battlestar Galactica Sharon vid with a great color palate, clip choice, and pacing.
[ profile] gwyn_r’s Digging in the Dirt A Battlestar Galactica Gaius Baltar vid with very cool effects from a vidder than doesn’t like Gauis, which brings out amazing things.

Went out with some friends and had fun, felt like an ass because we got to the club and had to go back home because I’d forgotten my ID, like a loser.

I’m in love with Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice – Little Boxes, so download if you wish.
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[ profile] sweetestdrain’s Monochrome a Carnivàle vid that really says something about Ben’s character. Wonderful use of lyrics and an amazing song.

[ profile] shati’s Paint Mine Blue a post-Serenity Firefly vid with focus on River with beautiful use of the song and the lyrics. The editing and POV shifting is spot on, as is clip choice.

Kristin’s System A Queen of the Damned vid with awesome overlays, flow, and pacing.

[ profile] newkidfan’s Dreams A Stargate: Atlanis vid with beautiful skill and execution. It creates a whole world and sucks you in. Mindblowing editing and color and amazing source melding.

[ profile] k_julia’s State of the Union a Battlestar Galactica Tom Zarek view on and parallel to Laura Roslin vid with fitting lyrics. It creates great mood and energy with the pacing, editing, clip choice, movement. You may think a Zerek and Roslin vid is boring, but it’s full of building energy.

[ profile] shati’s Definition of a Hero a Serenity Firefly vidbite of concentrated awesome.

[ profile] river_boat’s The Fireman a Buffy the Vampire Slayer vidbite of sweetness.
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This game will eat your soul.

Lib is always on my case not to drink anything while I'm on the computer because she thinks I'll knock it over and fry the computer. Note that I have never done such a thing. So yesterday Lib was drinking lemonade and playing on the computer. And she spilled it all over the keyboard, which is funny because she was always on me saying that I'm clumsy and would be the one to it. So there.

Jon Voight sucks.

I had fun on my birthday despite certain jackassholes who nearly made it awful.

[ profile] txlsplash's Untouchable - a Battlestar Galactica vid with great editing, pacing, transitioning, flow, and awesomeness.

PowerMonkey's Kingdom of Heaven - which is obviously a Kingdom of Hearts vid, with spot on editing to the musical cues with an epic scope and feel. Great effects and amazing pacing. Skip the movie and just watch this vid.

Destiny's Meds - a nip/tuck vid with amazing coloring and effects.

[ profile] obsessive24's Gloomy Sunday and Cells - the first is a Romeo + Juliet vid, the second is a Fight Club vid, both of which have fabulous narratives, movement, color... everything.

[ profile] bradcpu's Man or Animal - a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel vid about how sex is bad, yo, with interesting effects, great editing, and even some laughs.

And because everyone else is doing it:

My Personality
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I did an MLA Thesis paper last year and we're doing them again in this year's Honor's English class, so I decided a year is long enough to have my essay buried on the hard drive, so here it is, an essay on if Spike should go to hell:

Redemption )

And, of course, my current music, "When You're Evil" by Voltaire, available off yousendit.


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