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My New Years Eve was rather crappy, so I’m going to pretend that 2008 begins on January 2, so that my year doesn’t start horribly. Please indulge me in this delusion.

I think a softer world sums it up fairly well.

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For the first time in a long time I'm vaguely relaxed. I have everything for my college classes done that can be done. It's weird. Sadly, my financial aid came through and I'm only getting $330. I can't freaking believe that's all I got.

I'm getting annoyed by one of my classmates that has children. One woman faults me for not having any. She said my semester is so much easier than hers because she has a son. OK... I understand that you have a child, but I work and student teach. You don't. Our lives are different, so we can't really compare them. Yet she still says she has a way harder life. Last week she said she got her son a bunch of videogames and he's done nothing but eat, sleep, and play them.

The halloween party and parade at preschool was adorable. The children were all dressed up and had fun. I wish I'd took my camera.

dragonchic's Orchard of Mines (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children) - The song and the spot on editing and pacing make the whole thing feel epic and amazing.

Brad's Goodnight Moon (Heroes) - Extremely creepy with deep and dark family issues. Amazing work from an ever evolving and growing vidder. There are many memorable moments in the vid that made me squee like a girl.

[ profile] danegen's Ruiner (Angel) - This vid blew me away and made me wonder how I could have been so blind to the echoing from Connor to Spike with Angel and from Spike to Connor with Angel. It has sickly perfect pacing and flowing editing.

[ profile] jarrow272's About Schroeder (Farscape) - Lyrical editing and motion that melds with the music to make a lovely display of Chiana's love.

Kitty's Sick (Resident Evil Trilogy) - So kick ass.

Nicky's What I've Done (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children) - Even her supposed "mindless action" is pretty.

[ profile] rhoboat's History Repeating (Doctor Who) - Fab intro of Nine and Ten, then their companions, witty parallelling and smart use of lyrics.

[ profile] talitha78's Cobrastyle (Smallville) - OMGYES, Lex being awesome and hot. Great introduction of Lex, song choice, use of motion and quirky movements.
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I got my grades for last semester and they’re not bad considering it was the first full semester I worked during, but I got a B in Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers and Art History II, and an A in Introduction to Biology (with my time consuming lab grade smushed in) and Introduction to Mythology. The sucky part is that I was .78% away from an A in Art History, not even a whole percent. Oh well, I thought I was going to fail Art History and I was worried about my Mathematics and Bio finals, so it’s all good.

I took a slight break from the internet over the holidays to spend time my family and friends. Thankfully, the family didn’t fight as much as I thought. All my Christmases were great and my New Years was awesome too.

I decided to finish the season one Dexter character vid if it killed me. When I finish, I’ll slowly go through my backlog of lj posts, emails, messages, etcetera, so hopefully I’ll be caught up soon so to speak. I don’t have much of the vid left either; just some tinkering, beta-ing, and then saving. It’s crazy and weird, so I’m not sure it will go over well. I’ll have a rough cut soon if anyone wants to check it out and give me their opinion...

I’m behind on feedback because I don’t watch vids while I vid, but I do have a rec from before I went into hibernation:

VID REC: [ profile] bradcpu’s My Little Drum - A House vid with amazing music, just the right touch of Christmas, sadness, happiness... It has a nice flow and great clip connections, overlays, and it takes the whole first season and presents it beautifully.

Because cool people like me wait to do the end of the year meme things, I give you my first end of the year vidding meme: 2006 Vidding Meme )
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Vid Title: She Cries Your Name
Vidder: misery chic,
Musical Artist: Beth Orton
Fandom: Farscape, mostly seasons 1-3ish
Category: Experimental
Characters/Pairing: John/Aeryn
Summary: how fickle fate can be (things that never happened and some that did)
Notes: I downloaded a 30 Day Trial for Ulead VideoStudio 9.0, I wanted to test out with the features, and I came up with this extremely experimental vid. It's been so long since I've gotten to play with Farspace vid wise.

Download: here (18.72mb, wmv)
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Vid Title: Menouthis
Vidder: misery chic,
Musical Artist: E. S. Posthumus
Fandom: Farscape
Category: General Season
Characters: John, Aeryn, D’Argo, Crias, Chiana, Zahaan, Rygel, and Scorpius.
Pairings: slightly John/Aeryn
Summary: Overview of Season One and Two with emphasis on The Premiere, the Liars, Guns and Money Trilogy, and Die Me, Dichotomy.
Notes: Menouthis, an Egyptian city on the Nile River, thrived on commerce, but ended abruptly and mysteriously. The people left in a hurry and never returned when two catastrophes leveled the city, plunging it into the Mediterranean more than 12 centuries ago. The ground under the cities drastically liquified, some think due to an earthquake or flood, and the city slid instantly into the sea. Some say that Menouthis was a part of a larger city that hosted religious festivals known for extravagance licentious behavior.

Download: 25.6 MB
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That would be minor spoilers for “Arrested Development”, “Boston Legal”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Lost”, “Everwood”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Farscape”, “The OC”, “Without a Trace”, “CSI”, “House”, “Scrubs”, “Veronica Mars”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Quintuplets”, “America’s Next Top Model”, “CSI: NY”, “Smallville”, “The Apprentice”,

My American Government class today consisted of talking about “Desperate Housewives”, “The OC”, and other tv stuff that a heterosexual early twenties male shouldn’t really be able to rant like a teenage girl about. No work is ever actually done in that class. In a 45 minute class, on average I do only 10 minutes of American Government. All the seniors complain about the class and how there was soooo much work. Nicole has been brought over to the dark side to watch “America’s Next Top Model”.

I have to get my shit together for the Scholastic Art thingy. I’m extremely proud of myself for getting art projects done. I’ve completed an oil painting, “fhitsaced”, and I’m surprised that I had the patience. It takes days for a layer to dry. I did a pen drawing, “she’s not nekkie, it’s art, so she’s nearly nude”, and the title basically explains it. I also did a crappy, not to see the light of day, mixed media venture with printmaking, acrylics, and iol pastels, called “sometimes i look at you and wonder how you were ever in my womb”, that sucks major balls. It was a learning experience in which I learned not to be an idiot. I’m in the middle of a collage, the kind where the pieces make their own image, ”does this make my face look flat?”, and I’m only on my second day with it nearly finished, so I’m happy that I can get it done rapidly. I’m going to enter an acrylic landscape thing I did last year, “from my ‘i hate my dad’ era”. Why yes, I am one of those people who gives their art work asinine names that no one understands or thinks is funny expect for me and a few people.

Working on another soundtrack for justpopemotion because I am a lifeless loser. Also working on four different music vid things because I’m also a fangirl lifeless loser.

Becky’s birthday was Friday or Saturday and I had planned to go to the basketball game Friday and no one told me that was her birthday party. Randy, Little Randy, Josie, and everyone was here and I had to leave in the middle like the disrespectful little snot. I took the little Aryan race children [I say that because they are blonde and blue eyed, not because they are Nazis] out to look at the lights and snow before I left and gave them my Happy Meal Toys. [note to self: stop eating fast food you fat fuck] Game was ok. I hate the fact that Sarah Jane and I had to sit on the floor on the stage and get spit on by the band. It blew, literally. I know nothing about sports ok. Sorry. I don’t know when to clap or anything. All I did was yell rude things at the other team when they were trying to make foul shots and doing that thing where they stand out of the line and throw the ball back in. “Every time you masturbate God kills a kitten,” “I fucked your mother,” “Your shoes’ untied,” and “Dude, you’re balls are hanging out,” are definitely my favorites. Went to McDonald’s with Sarah Jane [not to self: you ate fast food you fat fuck] and got the coolest toy ever. Shut up, it was a Sega game, and I won’t rest unti lI beat it.

TEE’s going great. Finally a class that I enjoy and get something out of. I go with Rach now and we just hang out at her house for an hour before going to the elementary school. I feel like a leech.

DODGEBALL! This Saturday, the 18th, at the Game Day Sports Center. It’s for CHARITY you jerks, so come. Seriously, Britt, all four Sarah’s, Lizzie, Tony, everyone, I will make you bitches come with me.

Fanart, and damnit I did these up and I still haven’t gotten a new image provider. I have webspace, but I didn’t realize it didn’t have off site image hotlinking. Damn the internet.

Jude Law’s Dan from “Closer”.

Natalie Portman’s Alice from “Closer”.

Julia Robert’s Anna from “Closer”.

Clive Owen’s Larry from “Closer”.

Angelina Jolie. It couldn’t be helped. Love her tattoos.

Gwen Stefani. Doesn’t feel right, like I didn’t get the right impression of the shoot or something.
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My dorkiness becomes me in the form of a soundtrack for justpopemotion with music files, CD inserts, and the awesome. Of course, the music links are from yousendit.

your sorry eyes
an aeryn the choice soundtrack

CD Insert Cover
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Politik, my Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars music video to Coldplay

Voting was soap opera fun. Libby almost hit three cars while trying to park. Then she gave up and parked in the handicapped space because everyone parked over the lines and crooked. It was a bad idea and some lady got pissed, so Lib pulled out, almost hitting another car, so she drove around town for a few minutes because she didn't want to get out of the car and let them see who she was. Came back, got awful parking space, walked in the rain. No line, which makes me wonder where all the people from the parked cars were. There was one other person in there, Randy K, some kid that I used to go to school with. It was weird. Neither of us had any idea what do and the old voter ladies were helpful, but I still think my card went in wrong. Then they were out of stickers!

Paris Hilton

Current music, "Smell the Coffee" by Spek.
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Farscape:PeacekeeperWarsPartTwoComments )

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My weekend was fun filled. Friday I went after school with Sarah Jane, Sarah Beth, and Britt to the flower shop uptown because Sarah Beth’s mom’s birthday was the next day and she needed presents. Went shopping for homecumming with Theresa. Went to football game. Had to watch icky tongues touching that belonged to icky people. Was miserable because it was all rainy and gross. Went home during 3rd quarter, we lost anyways, and watched “America’s Next Top Model”. OMG, addicted. Women can’t live together. It’s just the laws of nature. It took an hour and a half to thaw out after the extreme coldness. Watched the prettiness that was “What Dreams May Come”, so want on DVD. It’s just so beautiful.

I got invited to go to Sarah Miller’s, which was weird because I thought she hated me, which made me wonder about motives, but then I realized it didn’t matter because I didn’t know where she lived anyways. Saturday I went to Sarah Jane’s to get pics with Amanda and Britt. Stopped at Sarah Beth’s awesome house and talked to her awesomely crazy little brother and saw the fish that their dad caught. Went out to Applebees, where I had to ignore a yelling ASSHAT named Todd, who was also at the flower shop on Friday being an ASSHAT. Jenna, Amanda, Sarah Jane, Sarah Beth, Heather, Ashton, Matt (Amanda’s little brother), and his date were there. Matt is so annoying, I actually had to threaten him with a knife, but I was totally not convincing. A mean waitress insulted Heather saying something like she was a slut or similar, which makes no sense because Heather is not a slut. That waitress was a whore. Went back to my grandparents to get stuff I forgot and to get directions to a haunted boat thing. Went to dance, I felt stupid because I had to wear my cast thing for my ankle. I guess I had fun. I was sore and cranky, so it’s hard to tell. There’s just too much drama.

Went back to Sarah Beth’s to change so that we could go to Nautical Nightmare, which is a haunted boat. In the end we got lost and ended up ten minutes late. We went to IHOP, but they were packed at 2 am. We had parked really bad in the parking lot and these guys pulled up in a truck and said something. Sarah Jane thought they made a comment about our bad parking and I thought they were asking directions to a bar, so I said, “Sorry, I’ve never heard of it.” They made some other comments which I have no idea what they were and drove off. Sarah Beth later told me that they asked for blowjobs, to which I had replied, “Sorry, I’ve never heard of it.”

Sarah Beth, Heather, Ashton, Michelle, Brad, and I went to Denny’s where my strawberry sundae was molested by Michelle. A bride came in drunk in her wedding dress with the bridal party and I couldn’t stop laughing. Fell asleep in booth. Got in car. Fell asleep in car. Got home. Fell asleep in bed.

An interesting thing happened at TEE today. There were pics of Kerry and Bush in a magazine and a boy came up, pointed at Bush, and said that he was the one the he wanted for president. I thought it was amazing that a first grader had formed an opinion about politics already, but it is believable because of the very political nature of things now. I asked him why and he said that it was the one his daddy wanted. The boy didn’t even know the names of the candidates, but was able to point to the one his father, therefore he, wanted to rule the nation. Just thought it was interesting.

FarscapeThePeaceKeeperWarsComments )

Getting myself ready for fall with pretty Jessica Simpson in dead leaves color.

BadHomecummingPics )

I’m currently working on a “Rescue Me” music video. It will be bitchin’.
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I had a job for two days. I was a telemarketer until I couldn’t take it anymore. People would tell me to jump in a lake, that I’m the scum of the universe, that I should slit my wrists. It was in a bad part of town and I was scared to walk to my car to be honest. It was 5 to 9:30 and there were moments when I wanted to stab myself in the eye. Everyone was mean. Seriously mean. On top of that, the company was completely bullshit. We sold watches, magazine subscriptions, a bogus sweepstakes, and some other crap. Except for the fact that it was a rip off to get their credit card number. So I quit. Then my gramma said she saw on the news that two guys were arrested for something similar, but I don’t think it was the same company. Fuck that, $63 for 9 hours of work wasn’t enough.

“Nip/Tuck” is the sex. “Rescue Me” is the hotness. “Six Feet Under” is the love. “Entourage” is the coolness. “The Days” is the awesome. “Farscape” is the drugs. “Def Poetry Jam” is the shiz. “Real Time with Bill Mahr” is the 411. “The Graham Norton Effect” is the naughty.

Becky needs to die. I showed my gramma the design for my tattoo and Becky went off and started swearing in front of the kids and wouldn’t stop fighting. Those kids don’t like her. All she does is yell at them. Josie even said she didn’t like Becky because she’s mean. Great, like Becky needs more kids to fuck up.

Ryan had Jake [whom I feel stupid calling Fish] and Brent over. Let me say ew to the girls, called Brent’s Women now, they picked up at Taco Bell. The Taco Hos were not only ugly, but fat and annoying. Things were set on fire once again.

Agg, my flist is backed up too long damn it.

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Farscape )

Ultimate Highschool Quiz
Favorite color
Favorite type of music
Dorks are..
Sporks are..
Your classmates think you are.. a Geek
You will graduate at age 18. FALSE
Will you get laid in highschool? (8) - My sources say no. - (8)
What percentage of the student body hates you? - 80%
Largest amount of cash offered to you for sex $411.74
This Quiz by imabigburrito13 - Taken 119286 Times.
Get Free Daily Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

Sounds about right.

Played around at the All American Sports Center with Libby. They have putt-putt, batting cages, driving ranges, and an arcade. I could live there and be blissfully happy.

My lame attempt at humor. I should stick to weird depressing crap.


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