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vid title: Soap in a Bathtub
music: Stoney
source: the L word
duration: 4:30
summary: Shane character study for season 5.
notes:I envisioned this vid as a layered piece. The first layer being the show itself, the L word, and the character of Shane. The song is asking her "isn't this what you want?" She constantly starts and stops relationships, sabotages them, and starts again. Nearly every season is the same for her. There's a woman, they get together, Shane can't commit fully, there's a freak out, and then the relationship breaks off somehow (usually cheating). Assuming it's not lazy writing, which it may be, the character continually repeats her doomed relationship because she sees the couples around her (mainly Bette and Tina) happy and in love. That's what she wants for herself, but she can't actually keep it. The second layer is my own layer. The vid is for [ profile] charmax, who, like I said at the end of the vid, has found what most of us are still looking for, including me (and Shane).

For Charmax: May you have found what most of us are still looking for.

download: mediafire.

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Vid Title: Volcano
Vidder: kiki_miserychic,
Musical Artist: Damien Rice’s “Volcano” and The String Quartet’s Tribute to Panic! At the Disco’s “Introduction”
Fandom: the l word
Category/Summary: An experimental Shane vid focusing on 4x01 episode “Legend in the Making” and Shane/Carmen
Warnings: Drug use; drinking and driving; and nudity.
Cross-Posted: here(imeem).

Download: 31.7mb

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Anyone interested in beta-ing a "Grey's Anatomy" fic for me? I'll love you long time. *puppy dog eyes*

I'm so in love with "Grey's Anatomy". That is all.

It's snowy out and I want to play outside.

Wee little Kristen Bell from "Veronica Mars" is kinda skanky when she's not all sweet cuteness. I didn't like Christina Aguilera until she went all ho-bagish. I guess I like my girls slutty.

Preview of icons after cut (the L word, Brokeback Mountain, Veronica Mars, The Office, and Firefly / Serenity):

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Because Katherine Moennig's photoshoot for Interview magazine is pretty.

Because Maggie Grace looked awesome and I felt like doing a hundred random layers in PS.

Whoa, where did the My LJ thing come from? It's so fun to play with.

Thanks to [ profile] winter_baby for the season two Hex episodes.

I just did a huge comment thing for [ profile] frillybunny because she was looking for Veronica Mars Vid Recs and I thought why not post it on my own journal when I was done, so Massive Vid Reccing for Veronica Mars:
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I went to the doctor yesterday. I want to die. I have a sinus infection. I want to curl into a ball and die.

Rescue Me.

Rescue Me. [Version 2.0] I don’t know how I feel about this one.

Katherine Moennig.

Lost. Shannon [Maggie Grace] and Boone [Ian Somerhalder]. You know that Sabrina had to have made them be in a magazine photo shoot for publicity.

Lost. Shannon [Maggie Grace] and Boone [Ian Somerhalder].


Apr. 27th, 2005 03:30 pm
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Tres_Bien_the_l_word_video )

So yeah, lots of stuff has happened lately. A real life? Who knew?

The Talentless Show at school sucked massive. The sound was terrible; half the time we couldn’t hear them. Stayed over at Becky’s, went to my art internship, and went shopping with her and the kids [Josie and Little Randy]. When I couldn’t spend one more second with her, I met up with Sarah Jane and Jenna, then we went Bowling with Amanda, SomeDude, Ashley, Dean, Matt, Matt the Puppy Killer, other Matt[?], Lizzie, and someone else that I can’t remember.

I had a date to prom, the next day I did not. This is extremely funny to me.

Went to the Senior-Faculty game and it was a sad, sad display of old people trying to play basketball.

The Spanish Field Trip to the Cleveland Museum was sweet super sweet.

My internship thing is so unbelievably unorganized. I love it, but it’s annoying that I never know what’s going on. Everything else is great, like my “mentor” and such. Today was my last day with Deb, next week I start my next class with Mrs. England.

I have to call around and see who I want to come to the art gallery opening and who wants to come. There is a difference.

I'm going shopping with Theresa and Rachel, which will be fun because I haven't seen them in a while and because Rachel is pregnant and getting huge.

The Art Exploration day field trip thing was awful. There was much drama with the mean lady in the office who likes to shake her fat saugage fingers at me.

I’m watching my downloaded episodes of “South Park” and I want to have a threesome with Trey Parker and Matt Stone; those evil geniuses.

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Vid Title: Gay Bar
Vidder: misery chic,
Musical Artist: Peaches [cover of Electric Six]
Fandom: the L word
Category: episode 2.05 Labyrinth
Characters: Shane, Bette, Alice, Carmen, Dana, Tina, and Helena.
Pairings: Alice/Dana, Jenny/Carmen, Shane/RandomChick, Bette/Tina, Tina/Helena.
Summary: i've got something to put in you . at the gay bar, gay bar, gay bar
Warnings: Obviously, SEX, so don’t watch if you’re a child, old lady, or easily offended.
Download: 16.61MB


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