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Club Vivid Premieres
[ profile] dualbunny's Raise Your Glass (Community) - I like how it embraces everything about the show that makes it what it is. It's like the show was boiled down and poured into the vid.

[ profile] sweetestdrain's Notorious (Spartacus: War of the Damned) - I'm a sucker for marching in beat to the music. And for writhing bodies. And for bloody gore. And for gender non-conformity in lyric use.

[ profile] bananainpyjamas's Dance Alarm (Final Fantasy XIII) - OMG, the division of mashed up voices was funny and effective.

[ profile] frayadjacent's Tightrope (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - I'm totally biased in LOVING this vid because I helped beta it. And I adore it to pieces. I adore the visuals that were added and there's great care in how the vid was made, if that makes sense. Like, I can tell that the vidder love and enjoyed it.

[ profile] bradcpu & son's Firework (Sherlock Holmes) - There needs to be 100% Club Vivid vids to Kidz Bop songs because this is hilarious to me. I hope it's supposed to be delightful and fun because it makes me smile.

[ profile] obsessive24's Va Va Boom (Merlin) - THIS IS A CHILDREN'S SHOW? WITH THAT MANY SEXUAL REFERENCES? WOW, I should have kept watching Merlin for the fisting jokes.

kass and [ profile] laurashapiro's Scream (Doctor Who) - I love it when Club Vivid vids start out all innocent and fun, then slowly become vaguely menacing and creepifying like this.

[ profile] shati's Follow Me (Chocolate) - BADASS. Netflix, here I come.

[ profile] hollywoodgrrl's Smells Like Westeros Spirit (Game of Thrones) - Fuck me in a tower with all our clothes on, this has so many onion-y layers that it's new every time I rewatch it. I'm not kidding, I feel like I'm falling in a rabbit hole as I read other people comments and realize new things.

[ profile] jetpack_monkey's Let's Go to the Mall (Dawn of the Dead 1978) - I bullied this vid into existence. The absurdity is beautiful. I'm going to be a dick and remix this for the remake, lol. It's a thing that I do in my head to [ profile] jetpack_monkey's vids. Mine is an evil laugh.
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Glitterguts! (Desensitisation encomium)
[ profile] absolutedestiny's I Fink U Freeky (90s Japanese erotic cyberpunk body-horror movies including 946 Pinocchio (1991), Rubber's Lover (1996) and Tetsuo: The Iron man (1989)) - I really enjoyed this. The movements within the frame along with the sounds in the music and the arrangements of images are fantastic.

[ profile] jetpack_monkey's A Quite Serious Thematic Analysis of the Works of David Cronenberg (The films of David Cronenberg) - I love how director study vids bring out all sorts of terrifying parallels in the sources. They're utterly captivating visuals and they're made even more so apparent when placed together and intercut by the editing.

Brand New Classic Hits
[ profile] cupidsbow's We Must Be Killers (The Defiant Ones) - I connected emotionally to the characters far more than I thought and more than I usually connect to unknown source in a vid.

[ profile] hollywoodgrrl's The Amazing Sounds of Orgy (Replusion) - This is what going mad feels like.

Kitovraska's Loneliness (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty) - Wow, love the additional line and text in this. It's constructed well, without feeling like it went for cheap moments to create the romance between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

A Matter of Perspective
[ profile] obsessive24's Blinding (Merlin) - DAYUM. I love the building pressure. Having heard the song tons of times before, I knew what was coming musically and I couldn't wait to see what the vidder did it with. OBVI, I was not disappointed. Excellent epic emotional zoom SKILLZ, breathing, and the happy little orange bit made my heart hurt.

[ profile] heresluck's How I Got Over (The Wire) - Expertly accomplished study of Michael, Namond, Randy, Dukie, and those around them. I still get emotional about how well the vid follows their stories down their respective rabbit holes.

[ profile] keely's Sugar (Smallville) - Still amazed at how this vid was able to construct Lana Lang as an actual character that doesn't depend on who she's with and not just a plot device.

Video Game Vids
[ profile] milly's Riverside (Tomb Raider 2013) - Putting aside the issues I have with the game itself, this is a deeply emotionally sound and mapped out vid.

Zup's Dopest Dope You've Ever Seen! (Battlefield 3, Blacklight Retribution, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, Medal Of Honor) - The title really does say it all.

UFец's Paper Planes (Borderlands 2) - I love that it doesn't take itself seriously, even though it could have gone that direction. There's humor throughout.

Hamps's Warrior Concerto (Assassin's Creed) - This has always been one of my favorite videogame vids because it ties so many things together, while staying visually fresh to death.

gef's de:part (Alan Wake) - The atmosphere is created beautifully with the aide of the visual and music choices. The editing falls into sync with the music without being too predictable.

evi's evo (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) - I envy the way it moves and navigates through the source.

Also Premiering (Non-attending premieres)
[ profile] obsessive24's Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Elementary) - Very cool use of the coloring and added effects clips overtop. I especially love how Sherlock ripping down just his portraits seems more important than in the source when it's paired with the other uses of art in the vid. Love the choppy, yet obviously purposeful editing.
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VividCon Premieres 2012 Intro Vid (multi) - EPIC AS HALE. -[ profile] greensilver

Fields of Coal (The Unusuals) - I have such a deep love of the show that I was worried the vid would just be someone who watched for Jeremy Renner. I cannot express how happy I was with this vid. I had a doofy smile on my face the entire time, even at the sad bits, because I was just so happy that it existed. -[ profile] barkley

The Adventure (Harry Potter) - Who doesn't love Neville? If I had feelings, I'd probably have gotten misty. I thought it was interesting during In Depth when it was said that most of fandom is coming from the "same place" as Neville. I don't know how true it is, but I do know that Harry Potter, the character, was like boring sand paper to me, so anything that makes someone else's journey the focus it fantastic. -[ profile] greensilver

Forever Yours (House) - The enthusiasm and love in this vid is unparalleled. It took 8 years and it needed to be made and it needed to loved by me. For a brief moment I forgot that Wilson was totally dying. -[ profile] anoel

Let Me Put My Love in You (Bitchslap) - This movie owned me, so I was sold before the vid even started. The added bonus was that the vid is so amazing and I didn't want to blink for fear of missing a second. It has the witty tongue-in-cheek winking thing going for it because it never takes itself too seriously and when it does, there's a hilarious edit to bring it back to camp. -[ profile] sweetestdrain

Lateralus (Fringe) - I love how this stood out among the other vids because of how it handled the opening. It's all about consequences for actions. I'm continually torn over Walter's character because he's so many things and there's so many different ways to feel about his character. This pulls a lot of those feelings into one coherent vid. The cause and effect throughout the vid is killer. -[ profile] rhoboat

White Rabbit (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) - Trippy as hell and I loved it. -[ profile] shati

Masters of War (The Pegasus Rising Remix) (Stargate: Atlantis)- A lot of people in SGA fandom have been waiting years for a vid like this. Much like Lateralus from above, it's all about consequences. SGA tended to be a show of squee, but it always something dark with a mask painted over it for me. -[ profile] bironic

Possession (Legend of the Seeker) - So beautiful. -[ profile] bradcpu

The Lightning Strike (multi) - When the vid first started my thought was, "ohhh, Nicky would hate this. It's a bunch of white dudes clowning around making war." Then after a moment I recognized the editing and realized it was her vid. Oops, that will teach me to not look at the program beforehand. This is absolutely the ultimate epic slash vid throughout history and beyond. -[ profile] obsessive24
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The internet is so dead you'd think it was a holiday or something.

[ profile] giandujakiss's Believe (Supernatural) - Amazing song choice with movement that makes me want to stop blinking.
[ profile] giandujakiss's One War (Dark Angel) - Beautiful working of layering that adds meaning and communicates so well. The progression, structure, and focus are amazing.

[ profile] gigglemonster's Be My Yoko Ono (Stargate: Atlantis) - Really cute and quirky clip interaction with a natural feeling pacing.

[ profile] halcyon_shift's I Want to be Evil (Multi) - Great transitions and connections within multiple sources and many of my favorite characters.

[ profile] heyiya's Exit Music (For A Witch) (Merlin) - Excellent subversion of the show and characters. The vid has a soft feel, then the hard edges start poking out.

[ profile] maichan808's Kinetic (Supernatural) - Nice flow of beautifully understated images.

[ profile] sweetestdrain's Empty Hearts (Merlin) - Great stucture and detail to relationship that makes the vid feel like a ballet of hope for all of them.

[ profile] tearful_eye's Riddle in the Sky (Merlin) - Stellar editing, yet I can't really put into words how amazing this vid is. It's so rich and heavy, the weight of the visuals and music coupled with the editing and lyrics.
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vid title: Devil Said
music: "Dirty Horse" from Gram Rabbit
source: Merlin BBC, King Arthur, and Mists of Avalon
duration: 2:49
notes: Thanks to [ profile] heyiya and [ profile] millylicious with [ profile] deathisyourart for the betas. Warning for nudity. Posted for [ profile] halfamoon.
summary: Ohhh. Morgana(/Gwen)

download: 30mb avi

lyrics )
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vid title: Between the Bars
music: Chris Garneau
source: Merlin BBC, King Arthur, Mists of Avalon, and Merlin (with additional footage from Blade Runner)
duration: 2:30
notes: Thanks to [ profile] obsessive24, [ profile] millylicious, [ profile] sol_se, and [ profile] kuwdora for the betas.
summary: The images stuck in his head.

download: 30mb xvid avi

lyrics )
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Ok, I've watched this video about ten times in the last two days. I have no idea exactly what makes it and Sara Schaefer so great, but I've watch it so many times that I need to pass it off to my flist: []

[ profile] butterfly's Jacob Marley's Chain (Merlin) - A haunting Uther vid with simmer and barely contained emotions in the languid editing.

[ profile] charmax's Smile (Buffy and Angel) - BEWBS ARE KEWL in this cute and fun vid.

[ profile] deirdre_c's Supernatural (In My Pants) (Supernatural) - You haven't lived until you've laughed with this vid.

[ profile] millylicious's Pandora's Box (Heroes) - She is a sick genius and I loves it. The vid is so creepy and amazing that I want to have it's scary Elle and Sylar babies.
[ profile] millylicious's Soldier (Merlin) - Quiet sadness soaks this Hunith vid right along the sheer joy and beauty.

[ profile] obsessive24's Love Lockdown (Battlestar Galactica) - An amazing destruction and construction of Gina/Cain that uses repeated imagery to give a more full representation with limited source.

[ profile] dogeared and [ profile] aesc's Escape Velocity (Stargate: Atlantis) - This blew my mind with creativity and innovation. It's set before 5x16 with the Vegas!verse that pays such mind to composition and interaction between text and image that I could stare it at.
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I had another doctor's appointment. She said I did a lot of healing this week and it's looking great. It's to the point now where I won't have to have skin graphs. Last week they mentioned that I might have needed it to close up the skin over the muscles at the bottom of the wound because it was tunneling. I asked about physical therapy because they mentioned it last week, but the doctor said it's difficult to tell right now because I still have a ways to go before we can discuss it. That pretty much ends the good part. There's a secondary wound on the back of my thigh now. It's not the exactly the same as the first; it doesn't look the same, but it hurts the same. They put antibiotics on it and a dressing, telling me to call if it got worse. The whole thing has me freaks out again. They didn't do any tests or take a sample, so it can't be that bad. I'm just freaking out because that's been my general state of being for the last month. Freaking out and terrified of dying some awful death.

Most of the doctor's at the hospital thought it was an insect bite, while some thought it was a puncture from a scrape or something else, but there was never a conclusive answer. It wasn't the original wound that was the reason it was so serious. The infection was the major thing. The MRSA was what caused the whole thing. I flipped my shit when I came home and had everything cleaned from bleaching my clothes, sending stuff to the dry cleaners, sanitizing everything, and everything, so an insect bite is unlikely if it's happening again. I would have sprayed a thin layer of Purell all over the house if it was possible.

I'm feeling really screwed up, more so than usual. Libby brought up that I haven't let many people touch me at all. Before all this I was weird about people touching me anyways. If I'm not expecting to be touched, I flinch. Libby said I've become every weirder about it. One of my friends made a comment about it a few years ago because I would shrug his arm off my shoulder and he took it personally until he finally asked me about it and I didn't even realize I did it. Lately I only let the nurses and doctor touch me and I snap at my family when they try to hug me or anything. For a few days in the hospital I was told not to touch anyone because they weren't sure what I had and they thought it might be contagious. I guess I took that a bit far, even after they said I was cleared. I haven't voluntarily touched someone else in a month. I haven't had anyone over to the house and I barely talk to my friends on the phone. I'm only really talking to Amanda and Cassey. I made plans to go to Amanda's and watch a movie, but now there's a second wound and the doctor said it would be best if I stayed home until everything was checked out. I've forgotten what some of my friends look like. I'm pretty sure whatever I had going on with J. is over because I didn't tell him I was in the hospital and he found out from someone else. He sent me a bitchy text message saying that he never felt close to me emotionally. In that whole string of texts he never once asked me if I was ok. He knew I was still in the hospital, but he thought it was a good idea to have a text argument with me. He knew how I was before we got together and I don't feel to bad about because he has another girlfriend. When I'm honest with myself, I didn't call him and I didn't even think about it, which says something. I don't miss him much either. I miss other people way more.

So now that I've puked my emotional guts out have some VID RECS:
[ profile] charmax's It's Not Over Yet (Merlin) - Amazing construction and editing of motion with skilled implementation of symbols.

[ profile] lsketch42's Crackdance (Supernatural) - A cute and fun vid that is extremely rewatchable.

[ profile] obsessive24's Red (Merlin) - The imagery and feeling of predestination is startling with the tone of the vid and the tension.

[ profile] talitha78's Creator (Chuck) - With so few Sarah Walker vids, this one says something interesting with the footage using the Intersect imagery and slight glimpses into her internal emotions.

[ profile] tearful_eye's Dido's Lament (Stargate SG-1) - Sadly beautiful editing with swaying motion, like a quietly hard lullaby.
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Title: Dreams of the Foregone
Author: [ profile] kiki_miserychic
Fandom: Merlin BBC
Rating: Vaguely explicit
Characters/Pairings: Morgana, Morgana/Uther
Timeline: anytime during season one
Summary: short Morgana drabble focusing on her childhood and relationship with Uther.

Dreams of the Foregone )


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