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[ profile] nightchik and I complied the Understanding Meta Vids (I C WHUT U DID THAR) vidshow (she ran the panel at VVC) for 2009 [ profile] vividcon.

Vids that exist on a meta level, working in more ways than one, often suggesting a basis beyond the individual fandoms of the source andmore about a larger concept and/or fandom itself. Vids that go beyond the narrative of their source, commenting on the nature of that narrative, connecting with outside meanings, or placing the story in alarger culture context.

Everytime I thought we had a good description I'd realize it was excluding some type of meta or possibility for meta. I had no idea how tediously difficult it would be a write a definition for what meta vids are. We went for a wide range of meta topics, so I hope people didn't look at it and reject the vidshow in the basis that it's not what they consider to be meta. Meta has a wide variety of possibilities and these vids are some of them:

On to the playlist! )

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? While this was the playlist for meta vids used in the vidshow, I encourage others to drop links in the comments to other meta vids. Feel free to spark discussions as well. I'm sure they'll be notes coming from the meta panel and I'd love for online discussion as well.


Feb. 27th, 2007 04:32 pm
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And now onto much better and prettier things, like Supernatural's Sam and Dean:

1024x768 . 800x600

Jennifer Morrison, Grey's Anatomy, The Office's Pam, Torchwood, Veronica Mars, Vogue, Tricia Helfer, Stargate: Atlantis' John, Dexter, Justin Timberlake, and Supernatural icons )

Seem how my question on the request board is getting NOWHERE, I come to my flist with my problem ) It fixed itself somehow.

Also, someone needs to stop me from making a Heroes' Sylar vid to Dj Moule's Stronger Forest
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I got my grades for last semester and they’re not bad considering it was the first full semester I worked during, but I got a B in Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers and Art History II, and an A in Introduction to Biology (with my time consuming lab grade smushed in) and Introduction to Mythology. The sucky part is that I was .78% away from an A in Art History, not even a whole percent. Oh well, I thought I was going to fail Art History and I was worried about my Mathematics and Bio finals, so it’s all good.

I took a slight break from the internet over the holidays to spend time my family and friends. Thankfully, the family didn’t fight as much as I thought. All my Christmases were great and my New Years was awesome too.

I decided to finish the season one Dexter character vid if it killed me. When I finish, I’ll slowly go through my backlog of lj posts, emails, messages, etcetera, so hopefully I’ll be caught up soon so to speak. I don’t have much of the vid left either; just some tinkering, beta-ing, and then saving. It’s crazy and weird, so I’m not sure it will go over well. I’ll have a rough cut soon if anyone wants to check it out and give me their opinion...

I’m behind on feedback because I don’t watch vids while I vid, but I do have a rec from before I went into hibernation:

VID REC: [ profile] bradcpu’s My Little Drum - A House vid with amazing music, just the right touch of Christmas, sadness, happiness... It has a nice flow and great clip connections, overlays, and it takes the whole first season and presents it beautifully.

Because cool people like me wait to do the end of the year meme things, I give you my first end of the year vidding meme: 2006 Vidding Meme )
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I'm going to the House of Blues tonight to see Chris Isaak and Tristan Prettyman.

Life has been so hectic lately. I worked 3 9 hour days in a row and I'm really not used to working that much. I had an allergic reaction to the new gloves they got at work, so I guess I'm allergic to cornstarch too. While at work I got my pants caught on the metal edge of one of the tray carts and ripped my pants. Thank god for my long uniform shirt and apron. I was closing that night and so many things for closing require bending down. OMG. It was only for an hour, so it wasn't too bad, but hello embarrassing if someone had noticed.

I always thought it was vidcon, but it's actually [ profile] vividcon. How did I miss two whole letters? Whatever, they're are now shiny new vids to watch.

This is where I ramble on for a bit about my own vidding... )
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Office Space in 30 Seconds (and Re-enacted by Bunnies)

Stargate: Atlantis - 03x02 - Misbegotten )

Speaking of SGA, is it just me, or did psych raid SGA casting for their show?

Sinchronicity is so good. I'm still a little in love with Jemima Rooper from the last season of Hex. The show itself is great, even if some things are predictable, it goes at it sideways.

Questions and Answers With Michael Muhney (no season 3 spoilers, very cute and funny)

If I faked my own death, I wouldn't have to go to work tommorrow...
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Vid Title: Blood Red Summer
Vidder: misery chic,
Musical Artist: Coheed and Cambria
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Category: Character study of Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas, experimental
Characters: Cassidy, Mac, Veronica, Dick
Summary: could you stop this if i plead?
Notes: Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2, made for the Reverie's Summer Contest
Cross-Posted: here, here, and here

Download: 40mb

Lyrics )
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800x600 . 1024x768
Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor and Rose

800x600 . 1024x768
Veronica Mars' Dick and Beaver. Ree-Chard and Cassidy.

Oh, life. I only have one final (Sociology) to go tomorrow. wootwoot.

Lost, The Office US, Green Wing, Veronica Mars were flipping good this week and one quick thing about last night's Grey's Anatomy ) I won't be able to watch it tonight because I have to go to the church's Mother/Daughter Banquet thingy with my gramma. I haven't watched Big Love and The Sopranos, but the latter has been slightly craptastic lately.
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I luff John Krasinski. Yeah, that's right, luff. Just saw him on Leno. He's like semi-Dane Cook. He's quasi-Dane Cook. He's the margarine of Dane Cook. He's the Diet Coke of Dane Cook. With a pinch of Denis Leary. Which is the awesomest awesome to ever awesome.

I'm two episodes behind on Veronica Mars, I have to rewatch tonight's House (I was doing something else and all I remember is that Chase was really pretty), I'm 16 episodes behind on Smallville (that's almost the whole season), and I'm behind on other shows too, but screw 'em for now.

My finals are this week, then I start my summer classes next week with a four day break in between. Yuck. But I took five week courses, so it won't be too bad.
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Michael Muhney (Don Lamb on "Veronica Mars") will make you his bitch.

I rarely write about real life in this journal except to bitch... so here's some RL non-bitching )

In response to Grey's Anatomy: Under Pressure, the only thing recap shows are good for is vid clipping. This the second recap show isn't it?

Unpopular Fannish Opinions of Grey's Anatomy )

Anyone recommend a good Lost beta for a short general Jack fic?

I should work on my English Thesis paper...
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Vid Title: It’s Oh So Quiet
Vidder: misery chic,
Musical Artist: Björk
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Spoilers: Season One only
Category: initial Veronica/Duncan, then Veronica/Logan
Characters: Veronica, Logan, Duncan, Lilly
Summary: you've never been so nuts about a guy . you wanna laugh you wanna cry . you cross your heart and hope to die

Download: 18.3mb, wmv
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Anyone interested in beta-ing a "Grey's Anatomy" fic for me? I'll love you long time. *puppy dog eyes*

I'm so in love with "Grey's Anatomy". That is all.

It's snowy out and I want to play outside.

Wee little Kristen Bell from "Veronica Mars" is kinda skanky when she's not all sweet cuteness. I didn't like Christina Aguilera until she went all ho-bagish. I guess I like my girls slutty.

Preview of icons after cut (the L word, Brokeback Mountain, Veronica Mars, The Office, and Firefly / Serenity):

iconage )


Nov. 18th, 2005 10:40 pm
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VeronicaMars )
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I haven't watched this week's Veronica Mars. I know, I know. Libby is making me wait to watch it with her. I have no idea why there's a sudden surge in the Lamb Love, but I for one and glad more people are noticing the awesomness of Michael Muhney So yeah... I made a fake screencap credit thing for Michael Muhney because why isn't he a regular?

full size

oh crap

Oct. 7th, 2005 03:25 pm
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“Lost )

Now I have to find a damn "nip/tuck" torrent that will work. And watch "Veronica Mars" because I taped it, but I have to wait for Libby to watch it with me.

Yay, grandparents are vaca, so I have house to myself. I should be doing something naughty like drinking or having sex or at least listening to very loud music...
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Libby, Brittany, and Sarah Jane. Figure you bitches had to born so close together. Love you.

Lib got me the "Firefly" series DVD and the "Profit" series DVD for herself.

I've been watching "Deadwood" season one on DVD from Netflix and I'm so pissed off. I'm on disc 4 and I've sent it back twice because the first was cracked in half and the second was scratched to hell. It sucks like Trixie.

Tuesday was sorta a bad day, but I was still in a good mood. My College Composition teacher didn't show, so everyone left after 15 minutes, which gave me an extra hour for lunch with Sarah Beth and Sarah Jane. We went to a cold Subway and talked loudly about "nip/tuck". My Oral Communications class was meeting in the library, so I had Sarah Beth explain how to get a laptop from the library about twenty times. I gave the counter person my driver's lisence and college ID, then left my wallet there and walked away with the laptop cuz I'm cool like that. Working on the laptop I didn't realize it was 5 after and the library was kinda big, so I didn't know where the rest of my class was, so I walked around and found them. The teacher was having mini-meeting to talk about our speech topics, so I plopped down on the floor and started researching and junk with a few people from my class. Brandy came over, looked at me, looked at the laptop, gave me a thumbs up, and said, "whoa, you even brought your laptop from home to work on and I don't even have a topic. I explained it was school and everyone was relieved I wasn't a nerd who brought her laptop to class. After class I went to return the laptop and the lady said, "oh, this is the girl we've been looking for." I'd left my wallet and the nice guy behind me tried to return it, but couldn't find me, so he turned it in. And thank god because I had way too much cash in there from tossing a five in for lunch and then not taking out the change when adding to it.

Yuck, I now have a stomach virus. I want to die. My night was embarrassing. Libby and I went out to a nice restaurant for her birthday and I threw up in their bathroom, so we left. Then we had to stop twice on the way home so I could throw up.

Boston_Legal )

Bones )

House )

“Veronica_Mars_-_02x01_-_Normal_is_the_Watchword” )

“Lost” )

Conversation while with me and Lib while watching “Lost”:

TV: Do you know what Walt’s first words were?
Lib: Don’t push the button!
Me: What?
Lib: He’s first words were “don’t push the button”.
Me: Are you serious? [Laughs]
Lib: Shut up. [Laughs]
Me: It’s “Lost”; it could happen. [beat] This is so going in my blog. [Reference to “How I Met Your Mother”, which I stopped watching.]

I'm seeing Serenity tomorrow. wootwoot
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Vid Title: House of Jealous Lovers
Vidder: misery chic,
Musical Artist: The Rapture
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Category: Experimental, Season, Relationship
Characters: Logan, Veronica, Duncan
Pairings: Logan/Veronica/Duncan [Veronica/Logan, Logan/Duncan, Duncan/Veronica]
Summary: shakedown . house of jealous lovers . one hand ties the other I used the music video of the song in the vid, which was a first for me. It’s experimental and if nothing else, it was fun to make.
Warnings: Cartoon poop.
Download: 15.3 MB
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Vid Title: World I Made Up
Vidder: misery chic,
Musical Artist: “Hello Tomorrow” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Category: Experimental
Characters: Veronica, Lilly, Duncan, Meg, Logan
Pairings: Veronica/Duncan, but not really
Summary: turn into the whole wide world I made up . the lights were golden . off.
Warnings: Sex while drugged and murdered body
Download: 6.21 MB
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TVStuff )
That would be minor spoilers for “Arrested Development”, “Boston Legal”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Lost”, “Everwood”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Farscape”, “The OC”, “Without a Trace”, “CSI”, “House”, “Scrubs”, “Veronica Mars”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Quintuplets”, “America’s Next Top Model”, “CSI: NY”, “Smallville”, “The Apprentice”,

My American Government class today consisted of talking about “Desperate Housewives”, “The OC”, and other tv stuff that a heterosexual early twenties male shouldn’t really be able to rant like a teenage girl about. No work is ever actually done in that class. In a 45 minute class, on average I do only 10 minutes of American Government. All the seniors complain about the class and how there was soooo much work. Nicole has been brought over to the dark side to watch “America’s Next Top Model”.

I have to get my shit together for the Scholastic Art thingy. I’m extremely proud of myself for getting art projects done. I’ve completed an oil painting, “fhitsaced”, and I’m surprised that I had the patience. It takes days for a layer to dry. I did a pen drawing, “she’s not nekkie, it’s art, so she’s nearly nude”, and the title basically explains it. I also did a crappy, not to see the light of day, mixed media venture with printmaking, acrylics, and iol pastels, called “sometimes i look at you and wonder how you were ever in my womb”, that sucks major balls. It was a learning experience in which I learned not to be an idiot. I’m in the middle of a collage, the kind where the pieces make their own image, ”does this make my face look flat?”, and I’m only on my second day with it nearly finished, so I’m happy that I can get it done rapidly. I’m going to enter an acrylic landscape thing I did last year, “from my ‘i hate my dad’ era”. Why yes, I am one of those people who gives their art work asinine names that no one understands or thinks is funny expect for me and a few people.

Working on another soundtrack for justpopemotion because I am a lifeless loser. Also working on four different music vid things because I’m also a fangirl lifeless loser.

Becky’s birthday was Friday or Saturday and I had planned to go to the basketball game Friday and no one told me that was her birthday party. Randy, Little Randy, Josie, and everyone was here and I had to leave in the middle like the disrespectful little snot. I took the little Aryan race children [I say that because they are blonde and blue eyed, not because they are Nazis] out to look at the lights and snow before I left and gave them my Happy Meal Toys. [note to self: stop eating fast food you fat fuck] Game was ok. I hate the fact that Sarah Jane and I had to sit on the floor on the stage and get spit on by the band. It blew, literally. I know nothing about sports ok. Sorry. I don’t know when to clap or anything. All I did was yell rude things at the other team when they were trying to make foul shots and doing that thing where they stand out of the line and throw the ball back in. “Every time you masturbate God kills a kitten,” “I fucked your mother,” “Your shoes’ untied,” and “Dude, you’re balls are hanging out,” are definitely my favorites. Went to McDonald’s with Sarah Jane [not to self: you ate fast food you fat fuck] and got the coolest toy ever. Shut up, it was a Sega game, and I won’t rest unti lI beat it.

TEE’s going great. Finally a class that I enjoy and get something out of. I go with Rach now and we just hang out at her house for an hour before going to the elementary school. I feel like a leech.

DODGEBALL! This Saturday, the 18th, at the Game Day Sports Center. It’s for CHARITY you jerks, so come. Seriously, Britt, all four Sarah’s, Lizzie, Tony, everyone, I will make you bitches come with me.

Fanart, and damnit I did these up and I still haven’t gotten a new image provider. I have webspace, but I didn’t realize it didn’t have off site image hotlinking. Damn the internet.

Jude Law’s Dan from “Closer”.

Natalie Portman’s Alice from “Closer”.

Julia Robert’s Anna from “Closer”.

Clive Owen’s Larry from “Closer”.

Angelina Jolie. It couldn’t be helped. Love her tattoos.

Gwen Stefani. Doesn’t feel right, like I didn’t get the right impression of the shoot or something.
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Why did I not watch “Master and Commander” before? My aunt finally watched “Eurotrip” and laughed her ass off. Both watched “Plata Quemada”, which is the best Spanish bank robbery, gunfight, crazy, gay movie I’ve ever seen. I’m glad to say I didn’t need the subtitles, except for some of the parts in Portugese. Me and Lib are prolly the only people who liked “Harvard Man”. Saw “Alfie”, loved it, so depressing. Watched the first season of “Viva La Bam”.

OMG, Veronica Mars, holy crap.

I hate the holiday. They make me want to slit my wrist.

To make things short, I went to Becky’s and had an allergic reaction to a log thing that she was burning in the fireplace. Thought I wasn’t invited to Rick’s, so I was pissed about that, but then he calls me at 2:15 on Friday and asks if I’m ready to go. Ummm, no, just woke up. Rachel was having a dinner at her house at 3:30. I was invited, but they all forgot to tell me. My grandparents went to Kentucky. Twice.

My nephews [actually my and ex-step-nephew and ex-step-nephew-in-law ]are adorable damnit. Parker had asked where the presents were and Jimmy had said he didn’t have any and Parker started crying and said that he was supposed to get gifts and then he would say, “thanks”. Cute.

Made a Clive Owen for Thanksgiving for Libby.

Glad Renee Zellweger dyed her hair brunette.

A weird James King.

And the unfiltered and unfucked with manip of the aforementioned forgy turned threesome.
Summer, Seth, Ryan, and Marissa have a forgy, but they don’t like Marissa, so she basically sits there. Bored. And makes herself a sandwich [yay, she’s eating]. Then everyone is tired, except for Marissa, who is bitchy now.

Experimenting on Kate Winslet.

Current music: “Stronger Than Dirt” by Tom McRae for download.


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