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[ profile] goss has a flipping beautiful Sylar artwork that needs to be admired by all.

[ profile] ijemanja’s The Bunk Bed Redemption (Grey's Anatomy)- A funny, sincere, little ensemble fic from the zombiepocalypse weekend fic(let) battle.

[ profile] bradcpu’s Vertigo (House) – Holy crap nut is all I can really say about it.
[ profile] hollywoodgrrl’s Talk Show Host (Stargate: Atlantis) – A John Sheppard vid that will fuck with your head a little bit with it’s distinct and unique style.
[ profile] martoufmarty’s Five Years Gone (Heroes) – A mainly episodic for episode 20 'Five Years Gone' (aka 'String Theory') with great tension, coloring, and effects that stays interesting.
[ profile] obsessive24’s Freestyler (Smallville) – A frantically explosive Oliver vid with sweet movement, time toggling, and music matching.


Feb. 27th, 2007 04:32 pm
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And now onto much better and prettier things, like Supernatural's Sam and Dean:

1024x768 . 800x600

Jennifer Morrison, Grey's Anatomy, The Office's Pam, Torchwood, Veronica Mars, Vogue, Tricia Helfer, Stargate: Atlantis' John, Dexter, Justin Timberlake, and Supernatural icons )

Seem how my question on the request board is getting NOWHERE, I come to my flist with my problem ) It fixed itself somehow.

Also, someone needs to stop me from making a Heroes' Sylar vid to Dj Moule's Stronger Forest
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[ profile] bradcpu’s Living Dead Girl (Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Faith) - If you don’t watch this vid, you are dead to me.

Battlestar Galactica's Caprica/Boomer

1024x768 . 800x600
Tricia Helfer scans from [ profile] saturn92103 and Grace Park scans from [ profile] numbly_breaking

Jenny Wilson of Rilo Kiley

1024x768 . 800x600

Grey's Anatomy's Izzie/Denny

1024x768 . 800x600
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I got my grades for last semester and they’re not bad considering it was the first full semester I worked during, but I got a B in Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers and Art History II, and an A in Introduction to Biology (with my time consuming lab grade smushed in) and Introduction to Mythology. The sucky part is that I was .78% away from an A in Art History, not even a whole percent. Oh well, I thought I was going to fail Art History and I was worried about my Mathematics and Bio finals, so it’s all good.

I took a slight break from the internet over the holidays to spend time my family and friends. Thankfully, the family didn’t fight as much as I thought. All my Christmases were great and my New Years was awesome too.

I decided to finish the season one Dexter character vid if it killed me. When I finish, I’ll slowly go through my backlog of lj posts, emails, messages, etcetera, so hopefully I’ll be caught up soon so to speak. I don’t have much of the vid left either; just some tinkering, beta-ing, and then saving. It’s crazy and weird, so I’m not sure it will go over well. I’ll have a rough cut soon if anyone wants to check it out and give me their opinion...

I’m behind on feedback because I don’t watch vids while I vid, but I do have a rec from before I went into hibernation:

VID REC: [ profile] bradcpu’s My Little Drum - A House vid with amazing music, just the right touch of Christmas, sadness, happiness... It has a nice flow and great clip connections, overlays, and it takes the whole first season and presents it beautifully.

Because cool people like me wait to do the end of the year meme things, I give you my first end of the year vidding meme: 2006 Vidding Meme )
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Open call for any and all vid recs for the new Doctor Who series. I finished watching the first season and I’ve already watched the second, so I’m looking for some good vids to watch to make my DW vid feel inferior.

School and work are going well. They hired some new people, so after they get trained, hopefully, I won’t have as many hours. On the other hand, less hours means less money, but more hours means less time for school and life in general. Most people already know this, but going to school and working in hard, yo.

Last night I was tired and bored out of my mind with no people to wait on and I was way ahead of schedule because I closed the bakery, then I came out to partially close the deli. Mostly I cleaned the deli because I hate not having something to do. You could have eaten off the windows of the case (if you’re into that kinda thing). A new Walmart opened up around here, so business has seriously slowed down. I worked Thursday 12 to 9 and usually I’d have 20 customers an hour, but now that the hugemongous Walmart has a deli/bakery/hot foods thing, we had about 20 customers the whole time I was there. I’ve never really had a job before, but I’m thinking people are going to be let go and the way the schedule hours will get scaled back even more now, so I’m going to apply to a daycare in town and see if they have anything. It’s about 5 feet from where I work now, it’s close to home, and it’s actually in the field I’m going to college for, so those are pluses. That way if my hours do get cut down a lot, I can just have 2 part-time jobs.

Squee over Lost casting spoiler and nip/tuck casting spoiler )

LINKAGE (some of which you probably have already seen):
Nobody’s Watching OK Go video (“Let’s do this boooiii”)

Grind House Trailer (Robert Rodríguez and Quentin Tarantino horror movie)

I really, truly don’t care if it’s true or not because the thought of Isaiah Washington choking Patrick Dempsey and calling T.R. Knight a bitch is funny, yet distrubing. When I read it, it made me think of Washington’s character in Out of Sight.

I got into CBS’s Smith and they cancelled it after 3 shows, so now I’m left with some unfinished fic and an Amy Smart (Annie) wallpaper:

800x600 . 1024x768

I’m off to take a 3 hour Art History test. Wish me luck and hope I don’t get a brain aneurysm.
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Vid Title: I Hear the Bells
Vidder: kiki_miserychic,
Musical Artist: Mike Doughty
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Category: Season 1 and 2 look at the character's relationships
Pairings: George(/Meredith, /Callie, /Olivia), Christina/Burke, (Olivia/)Alex/Izzie/Denny, and Finn/Meredith/Derek/Addison
Summary: you snooze, you lose . well i have snost and lost . i'm pushing through . i'll disregard the cost
Cross-Posted: here, here, and here

Download: 18.6mb, wmv, here
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This week has been lame graduation parties for family friends that I don't even know, but have to go to because their family used to hang out with my family. It's not that bad I guess, but it's super boring. I never thought of myself of one of those mean people, but I really don't want to spend my Saturday hanging out high school kids that just graduated.

I've been watching The French Open on tv all day yesterday. I love tennis. I can't explain it, but I do.

People on myspace freak me out.

I entirely blame my watching Canada's Next Top Model on the awesomeness of Tricia Helfer. And her hats.

Everyone needs to text me even more because my ringtone for texts is Buckcherry's "Crazy Bitch", so it screams:
You're a crazy bitch but you fuck so good I'm on top of it
When I dream I'm doing you all night scratches all down my back to keep me right on

I might not answer right away though because I let the whole thing play, then flip open my RAZR, so I dance around like whore singing along.

I took a break from the Grey's Anatomy vid to do the summer challenge at Reverie. It's done (wootwoot), so I just have to upload and post. It's really weird and completely cracked out.

I listened to all the new Muse album, Black Holes and Revelations, and I can't decide if I like it or not...

I'm very random today.
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Monday night I taped everything on tv so I could study for sociology. I stayed up until 3am going over all 16 chapters. I think my brain exploded and I didn't notice after hours of studying. But Tuesday I took my sociology final, which was the only one I was concerned about studying hard for because the other ones were a joke, so I'm done with finals. Finally.

This morning I watched Grey's Anatomy and went to Grey Matter, the writer's blog. I laughed when I read what Mark Wilding (writer of "17 Seconds") posted: "...Ditch studying for that sociology final..." to watch Monday night. I totally studied instead of watching it. Spoilers for finale )

I got bit by a spider. Frickin' aggggg.
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800x600 . 1024x768
Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor and Rose

800x600 . 1024x768
Veronica Mars' Dick and Beaver. Ree-Chard and Cassidy.

Oh, life. I only have one final (Sociology) to go tomorrow. wootwoot.

Lost, The Office US, Green Wing, Veronica Mars were flipping good this week and one quick thing about last night's Grey's Anatomy ) I won't be able to watch it tonight because I have to go to the church's Mother/Daughter Banquet thingy with my gramma. I haven't watched Big Love and The Sopranos, but the latter has been slightly craptastic lately.
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Question for the people who watch Grey's Anatomy and Lost:

huh? )
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Title: Amputation
Author: misery chic
Medium: Grey’s Anatomy
Spoilers: Set after 2x11 “Owner of a Lonely Heart”
Rating: There’s naughty language, so +14.
Characters: George, Alex, Christina, Meredith
Pairing: George/Alex pre-slash and mentions of Alex/Izzie
Disclaimer: None on me
Summary: George takes a stand, kinda, and does something.

Amputations )
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Anyone interested in beta-ing a "Grey's Anatomy" fic for me? I'll love you long time. *puppy dog eyes*

I'm so in love with "Grey's Anatomy". That is all.

It's snowy out and I want to play outside.

Wee little Kristen Bell from "Veronica Mars" is kinda skanky when she's not all sweet cuteness. I didn't like Christina Aguilera until she went all ho-bagish. I guess I like my girls slutty.

Preview of icons after cut (the L word, Brokeback Mountain, Veronica Mars, The Office, and Firefly / Serenity):

iconage )


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