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Ghost of a Shark (Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford)
Serpent Charmer (Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford)

Hurt (Batman Beyond)
State of Confustion (The Big Lebowski)
You say tomato, I say tabarnak (Bon Cop Bad Cop)
Ain't No Easy Way (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
Don't Let it Bring You Down (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)

Blinding (Charlie Jade)
Another One Bites the Dust (Clue)
Space Oddity (Community)
tv taught me how to feel (Community)
In a Moment (Constantine)

Black Horse and a Cherry Tree (Dead Like Me)
There is a Boy Who Never Goes Out (Dead Like Me)
Cowboy Singer (Deadwood)
New Shoes (Doctor Who)
One Day Like This (Doctor Who)
Hardest Man (Double Happiness)
Hey Now Now (Dragonslayer)

Witchy Woman (Eastwick)
Do You Want To (Eddie Izzard)
Amnesia (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Big Pimpin'/Papercut (Event Horizon)

Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts (The Fall)
The Next Time You Say Forever (Felicity)
Float On (Finding Nemo)
Paranormal Activity (The Frighteners)
The Great Architect (From Hell)

Walk the Walk (Hackers)
Runaway (Homicide: Life on the Street)
Blue (Hot Fuzz)
Friends (How I Met Your Mother)
In the Sun (Huge)

Pure Imagination (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus)
Fire in the Ivory (Inglourious Basterds)
All the Way (the Invisible Man)

I'm Your Man (Jekyll)
Anywhere on This Road (Jericho)

Ballad of the Last Unicorn (The Last Unicorn)
End of the World (Life After People)
Slow Burn (The Lives of Others)
Life During Wartime (Lone Gunmen)
Pump It! (The Losers)
The Owl Means Low (Lost in Austen)
Samsa Morning (Lost in Austen)

Let It Be (Mad Men)
Between the Bars (The Mentalist)
Get Some (Millennium Trilogy)
Nowhere Near (Miracles)
Misfit's First Christmas (Misfits)
The Rules of Parenting (Modern Family)

Threnody (Nikita)

As Above, So Below (Pan's Labyrinth)
Attention Please (Paprika)
A Well Respected Man (Profit)
Don't Walk Away (Psych)
In the City (Psych)
Brand New Key (Pulp Fiction)
Father & Daughter (Punky Brewster)
i gave you all (Push)

Battle Without Honor or Humanity (R.O.D. - The TV)
Inyodo (Riverworld)
Skinny Genes (Rizzoli & Isles)
Dance in the Dark (RPF - Lady Gaga)
I Follow You (Rubicon)

Make It Pop (Scott Pilgram vs the World)
Teenage Dirtbag (Scott Pilgram vs the World)
Bare Your Teeth (Snow White: A Tale of Terror)
Who Needs Enemies (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
Resistance (Star Trek - Next Generation)
Hook and Line (Superman cartoons)
Her Name is Alice (Syfy's Alice)

L.E.S. Artistes (Terminator movies)

Truth is in the Dirt (V)
Jaded (Velvet Goldmine)
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vid title: Special Death
music: Mirah's "Special Death"
source: Deadwood
duration: 2:33
summary: Miss Joanie Stubbs
notes: Made for 2008 VVC Non-Attending Premieres
warning: Nudity and violence

download: 30mb mediafire

lyrics )
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I broke one of my resolutions on January 4th. I wasn't going to "be all up in celebrity gossip", but com'on. Britney Spears was taken to the hospital for a mental evaulation. How can I not "be all up in" that?

I almost, almost got to see a real hardcore bar fight last night after the game. One of the guys was two seconds from doing one of those hard chest pokes to the other guy, but his brother and wife settled him down. In hindsight it was stupid to go get drinks when the game was on. Amanda (Noel Fielding to my Russell Brand) and I met up with Marcus and Nikki at the smallest bar I've ever been in, The Joyful Mug.

[ profile] astartexx's Take Me Home (Deadwood) - Harsh song and recolor that suits Alma completely with the melodic editing and fades.

[ profile] raspberry_splat, [ profile] humansrsuperior, and [ profile] leviathan101's Winter in My Heart (Doctor Who) - Perfectly alligned layers and effects that make the vid feel ghostlike.

[ profile] sweetestdrain's Growing Up (Supernatural) - It's a giant ball of Supernatural awesomeness with motion, movement, editing, and pacing to die for.

Since a few people have asked for it, I'll post a link to my the girl or the weapon? edit of Michael Andrews' score here as well.

CD meme
Follow these easy steps:
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result in your own journal:
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My New Years Eve was rather crappy, so I’m going to pretend that 2008 begins on January 2, so that my year doesn’t start horribly. Please indulge me in this delusion.

I think a softer world sums it up fairly well.

real life resolutions )

fannish and vidding resolutions )
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I'm going to the House of Blues tonight to see Chris Isaak and Tristan Prettyman.

Life has been so hectic lately. I worked 3 9 hour days in a row and I'm really not used to working that much. I had an allergic reaction to the new gloves they got at work, so I guess I'm allergic to cornstarch too. While at work I got my pants caught on the metal edge of one of the tray carts and ripped my pants. Thank god for my long uniform shirt and apron. I was closing that night and so many things for closing require bending down. OMG. It was only for an hour, so it wasn't too bad, but hello embarrassing if someone had noticed.

I always thought it was vidcon, but it's actually [ profile] vividcon. How did I miss two whole letters? Whatever, they're are now shiny new vids to watch.

This is where I ramble on for a bit about my own vidding... )
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OMG, I'm sorry, but I can't stop watching Justin Timberlake's SexyBack video. It was bad enough when I played the song on repeat, but now there's a video to go with it and I want to make sweet, sweet love to it.

Is being an adult waking up in the morning and thinking, "agg, I don't wanna go to work, I wanna quit", then going to work anyways? Because if so, being an adult blows.

VID REC: [ profile] charmax's Bloody Mother - Great use of the beats without being overpowering. For me, the lyrics are the central point. If you've never watched Deadwood, you can still enjoy it because the emotions of the scenes come across well. And if you do watch Deadwood, it's a beautiful and inciteful look at Trixie and how far she'd come because as with the show itself, there's so much meaning behind it all. The vid itself has a glowing warmth.
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I made a post on [ profile] ohnotheydidnt and damned if my e-mail didn't flood with lj notifications.

It feels like my whole life is going to work and texting.

Deadwood - 3x06 - A Rich Find )

I'm thinking about doing a Doctor Who vid of the Doomsday episode to Silent Night by Damien Rice (Lisa Hannigan), but I'm not sure yet because there's so many out there right now... so for now: wallpaper behind cut spoilery for Doctor Who - 2x13 - Doomsday )
Hmm, when will spoilers for Doomsday not be considered spoilers?

Gnarls Barkley released their music video for Smiley Faces and it's amazing. Dennis Hooper and Dean Stockwell were perfect and the concept, as well as execution, are great.
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Work isn't too bad. My first day, I came home smelling like chopped ham and couldn't get PLU numbers out of my head though. My second day was a little easier because I wasn't as bewildered. I just got home a bit ago and I'm tired as crap, so I'm going to take the bestest nap ever right now. :)

Random links of the day: Deadwood Pancakes - Cute and funny look at how a guy made pancakes before watching Deadwood and after watching Deadwood
mother fuckin' cobra snakes on a plane! - Cobra Starship and Snakes on a Plane! How much better can you get? Oh yeah, Samuel L. Jackson in the music video.
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Yesterday I posted Blood Red Summer (experimental character study of Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas) and today I read PopGurls Interview: Veronica Mars' Kyle Gallner. It was really great to read that some of the things I was trying to get across in my vid were things that the actor himself thought. The interview is cute in and of itself too. He talks about Big Love, skateboarding, and fears, as well as Veronica Mars. It's a good read. I still can't wait for the Neptune Pirate Radio Podcast with him.

VID REC: [ profile] bradcpu's Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Action/Spike study)
Excellent motifs, use of beat, effects, interplay between clips, flow, pacing, everything. An amazing Spike vid that just has something.

Random TV: The first episode of Dane Cook's Tourgasm was awesome. Of course. I was suprised how much I had missed seeing Gary Gulman. I like him on Last Comic Standing, but I didn't think I'd ever see him in anything again. It pays to be friends with Dane Cook. Doctor Who - The Satan Pit is now one of my favorite episodes.

Netflix needs to hurry up with the rest of the season 2 DVDs of Deadwood because I can't watched season 3 yet. I'm two episodes behind on Rescue Me because Lib wants to me wait and watch them with her. Entourage, the 4400, The Closer, and Lucky Louie are sitting on my desktop now too.

Since when is there so much tv stuff to watch in the summer? Damn you HBO.

Random RL: My douchebag dad, Rick, won't return my phone calls (hense the douchebaggery) and I think it took me off his insurance too (even more douchebaggery).

I spent the evening at Becky's (my mom) , which was odd because we didn't fight and it was actually kind of nice. 6 hours with her and it wasn't until she drove me home that she got on my nerves. She drives like old people fuck. It took her an hour to go from her house to where I live when it takes a normal person 35 minutes tops.

I love it when people drunk dialed me. It's funny.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Libby, Brittany, and Sarah Jane. Figure you bitches had to born so close together. Love you.

Lib got me the "Firefly" series DVD and the "Profit" series DVD for herself.

I've been watching "Deadwood" season one on DVD from Netflix and I'm so pissed off. I'm on disc 4 and I've sent it back twice because the first was cracked in half and the second was scratched to hell. It sucks like Trixie.

Tuesday was sorta a bad day, but I was still in a good mood. My College Composition teacher didn't show, so everyone left after 15 minutes, which gave me an extra hour for lunch with Sarah Beth and Sarah Jane. We went to a cold Subway and talked loudly about "nip/tuck". My Oral Communications class was meeting in the library, so I had Sarah Beth explain how to get a laptop from the library about twenty times. I gave the counter person my driver's lisence and college ID, then left my wallet there and walked away with the laptop cuz I'm cool like that. Working on the laptop I didn't realize it was 5 after and the library was kinda big, so I didn't know where the rest of my class was, so I walked around and found them. The teacher was having mini-meeting to talk about our speech topics, so I plopped down on the floor and started researching and junk with a few people from my class. Brandy came over, looked at me, looked at the laptop, gave me a thumbs up, and said, "whoa, you even brought your laptop from home to work on and I don't even have a topic. I explained it was school and everyone was relieved I wasn't a nerd who brought her laptop to class. After class I went to return the laptop and the lady said, "oh, this is the girl we've been looking for." I'd left my wallet and the nice guy behind me tried to return it, but couldn't find me, so he turned it in. And thank god because I had way too much cash in there from tossing a five in for lunch and then not taking out the change when adding to it.

Yuck, I now have a stomach virus. I want to die. My night was embarrassing. Libby and I went out to a nice restaurant for her birthday and I threw up in their bathroom, so we left. Then we had to stop twice on the way home so I could throw up.

Boston_Legal )

Bones )

House )

“Veronica_Mars_-_02x01_-_Normal_is_the_Watchword” )

“Lost” )

Conversation while with me and Lib while watching “Lost”:

TV: Do you know what Walt’s first words were?
Lib: Don’t push the button!
Me: What?
Lib: He’s first words were “don’t push the button”.
Me: Are you serious? [Laughs]
Lib: Shut up. [Laughs]
Me: It’s “Lost”; it could happen. [beat] This is so going in my blog. [Reference to “How I Met Your Mother”, which I stopped watching.]

I'm seeing Serenity tomorrow. wootwoot


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