Apr. 25th, 2009

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I took my fourth and hopefully last teacher licensure and certification exam, PRAXIS, Saturday. I think I did well. I studied my face off, but after having taken the test, I'd have performed the same without studying. I thought I'd have trouble answering 60 multiple choice questions in an hour, but I finished in 30 minutes. I used the last half to reread, double check, think over, and such. I was unsure of 6 questions in the end, but I'm fairly confident I passed. I worry and worry over things like that and it turns out fine. I thought I'd failed my second one for sure because it was the day after I'd gotten out of the hospital and I got a 196 out of 200.

I have accomplished a life goal this week. I made someone pee their pants laughing! For posterity I have transcribed the conversation. It happened at work where T is a male my age, 20s, and D is a female in her mid-40s.

T: One of my classes this week was about breastfeeding and I'm the only guy in the class, so it's everyone talking about their experiences and I had nothing to add. The rest of them were talking about babies that wouldn't let go and the logistics of breastfeeding in public.

Me: I seriously doubt you've ever breastfed a baby. You used to be a baby, but I hope you don't remember the breastfeeding part.

D: Nothing is the same after having a baby. Nothing.

Me: I saw my stepsister's stuff when she was having her niece.

T: Her niece? Is that possible?

Me: I meant having my niece, which is her daughter.

T: That makes more sense.

Me: It could happen. The only way I'd be pregnant is if I was a surrogate.

T: What do you mean?

Me: My aunt and uncle can't carry children to term, so they could rent my uterus out for 9 months if they wanted.

D: Really?

Me: Yeah, they've been trying for nearly a decade. I'd do it if they asked. It'd just be awkward when people would ask and I'd have to say it was my uncle's baby.

[D and T laugh so hard that D pees pants and has to rush to the bathroom.]



Apr. 25th, 2009 09:50 am
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Is there someone willing to upload 2 files (187mb and 53mb) to the VVC FTP? I've given up on connecting to the server, I'd rather keep my sanity for the moment.


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