Oct. 12th, 2007

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There's a woman at work who won't do her job, so I have to, which makes it look like I'm not doing mine. I have no idea what to do. She gets on my nerves, won't do her job, makes me look bad, and she does this to everyone. I just don't know how to approach my manager to say something. I'm going to have to because my manager said something to another employee about me not doing what I'm supposed to do.

The sheer stupidity of the people in my religion class never fails to astound me. If his tests weren't from the notes, I'd stop going. This one woman continually passes judgement on the religions and talks about how they're wrong and Christianity is right. She does not stop being stupid 24 hours a day. She also thinks that the people that wrote the Bible were "psychics like Sylvia Brown." I kid you not, she thinks Sylvia Brown is a real psychic and that the disciples could foresee the future.

I walked by a full length mirror in one of the upstairs bathrooms on campus and I realized that I was wearing mom pants. When did this happen? When did I start wearing mom pants and no one told me? Whenever I run into people from high school on campus I look like a hobo. Yesterday I wasn't wearing make up and I was in a sweatshirt, so I saw three people I graduated with.

Non-spoilery tv talk:
I've now realized where my love of Californication comes from. It's from the arrogant and childish man in my brain having a midlife crisis. The show reminds me of the days when I thought I could have been a writer. I had this grand illusion that I would write the novel that would speak for my generation. What the crap? Every aspiring writer thinks they are the voice of their meandering generation. In Californication the main character screws everyone and screws everything up while still being charming and geniuine. It's a trophe of television as of late, but it's one that David Duchvony looks good portraying.

I've never fell in love with a tv show because of fruit, but Life is the first. He eats fruit anytime he can because it's nearly impossible to get fresh fruit in prison, but they never come right out and explain why. And that small little detail is what hooked me.

I really wanted to like Big Shots because the cast is made of men I adored in other shows, but the show falls flat for me. It's Desperate Housewives with penises.

AlcoholicPixie's Sacrifice Yourself (Supernatural) - Prepare to be enthralled by great effects, coloring, and a detailed AU with everything fitting like it was meant to be.
Beth CG Phoenix's The Good Soldier (Heroes) - Great off-kilter editing style, use of lyrics, thought, and musicality
[livejournal.com profile] dayln03's Keep This a Secret (Supernatural) - Beautiful effects, coloring, texture work with an AU storyline that's duct taped and superglued together from a thousand different pieces to create a new world.
[livejournal.com profile] saltwatergirl's Strip My Mind (The Dreamers) - A great work of light beams, stock footage, parallels, and movement.
Trey's Clockwork Mango (Lost) - Very cool and interesting editing.


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