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”Arrested Development” is the funniest show in the entire world. I defy you to disagree with me. The whistle blower on “Boston Legal” looked so pretty. Kinda like Angelina Jolie. WTF was with Zach and Susan’s daughter [don’t remember her character’s name] on “Desperate Housewives” and the lip action? That was totally out of nowhere to me. Still in love with John [my stupid Miguel from “Passion”]. And silly me assumed that it had been a baby’s body in the chest.

So glad “Lost” didn’t think they had to do everyone’s back story before going around for a second time. I must be the only person who likes Jack in fandom. I must say that JJ Abrams has some major daddy issues and female issues that he keeps pushing on his characters [Jack and Sydney; Walt and Michael, Sydney and Kate].

I just started watching “Everwood” and “Gilmore Girls” this season. I succumbed. Where is Bright? Why was I not watching “GG” earlier?

I’m finally up to season 4 of “Farscape” and season 3 has been my favorite so far. The death, the angst, the love, the clones, the sex, the betrayal, the lies. Not to mention the leather.

“The OC” was rather predicable. Duh, how many characters can you have with that color hair on a show and not have them be related. I have to point out that Ryan is dating the female version of Seth and Seth is dating the female version of Ryan. Their original double date proved it through the Jackass Principle [two similar people will not like each other because they are similar]. And an “eww” for Seth going out on a date with his half-aunt, along with a laugh, cuz that shit kills.

I liked that “Without a Trace” did something different than a formulaic person missing plot. I liked the flashback and back story for Jack because it seemed like there was one scene every week that I liked to call “Woe is Jack”. I like my leading men fucked up, thank you very much. What is up with “CSI”’s writing? Is it just me or are the little one liner punch lines getting annoying? Also like that they switched things up and added new people. It was unrealistic that over time the employees wouldn’t change.

“Scrubs” is still funny, which is unusual because shows like that normally run out of steam over time. I have all the episodes of “House” downloaded on my HD, I just have to find the time to watch them. “Veronica Mars” still rocks my world. It’s weird to watch “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” not on reruns on USA.

I think I missed the last two episodes of “Quintuplets”, which I don’t care, I still like it. The family’s just funny, ok. Forgive me. Amanda and Eva, I think, are going to be the top two and from them I think Eva will win, but I can’t be sure. Amanda’s my favorite, but I just admit that she might not be the best one. So far I like all the characters on “CSI: NY” and that’s weird because on “CSI: Miami” I can’t stand the two leads. I skipped last season of “Smallville” because the season before pissed me off with the Freak of the Week, but now that I’m watching it again I’m back to loving it.

Lib got me hooked on “The Apprentice” and if Jen wins it’s bullshit because she stole Ivana’s idea and took the credit.

I should have been more intelligent about my commentary of my television viewing, but no. That and I shouldn’t watch this much tv. It will rot my brain from the inside out through my ears.
That would be minor spoilers for “Arrested Development”, “Boston Legal”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Lost”, “Everwood”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Farscape”, “The OC”, “Without a Trace”, “CSI”, “House”, “Scrubs”, “Veronica Mars”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Quintuplets”, “America’s Next Top Model”, “CSI: NY”, “Smallville”, “The Apprentice”,

My American Government class today consisted of talking about “Desperate Housewives”, “The OC”, and other tv stuff that a heterosexual early twenties male shouldn’t really be able to rant like a teenage girl about. No work is ever actually done in that class. In a 45 minute class, on average I do only 10 minutes of American Government. All the seniors complain about the class and how there was soooo much work. Nicole has been brought over to the dark side to watch “America’s Next Top Model”.

I have to get my shit together for the Scholastic Art thingy. I’m extremely proud of myself for getting art projects done. I’ve completed an oil painting, “fhitsaced”, and I’m surprised that I had the patience. It takes days for a layer to dry. I did a pen drawing, “she’s not nekkie, it’s art, so she’s nearly nude”, and the title basically explains it. I also did a crappy, not to see the light of day, mixed media venture with printmaking, acrylics, and iol pastels, called “sometimes i look at you and wonder how you were ever in my womb”, that sucks major balls. It was a learning experience in which I learned not to be an idiot. I’m in the middle of a collage, the kind where the pieces make their own image, ”does this make my face look flat?”, and I’m only on my second day with it nearly finished, so I’m happy that I can get it done rapidly. I’m going to enter an acrylic landscape thing I did last year, “from my ‘i hate my dad’ era”. Why yes, I am one of those people who gives their art work asinine names that no one understands or thinks is funny expect for me and a few people.

Working on another soundtrack for justpopemotion because I am a lifeless loser. Also working on four different music vid things because I’m also a fangirl lifeless loser.

Becky’s birthday was Friday or Saturday and I had planned to go to the basketball game Friday and no one told me that was her birthday party. Randy, Little Randy, Josie, and everyone was here and I had to leave in the middle like the disrespectful little snot. I took the little Aryan race children [I say that because they are blonde and blue eyed, not because they are Nazis] out to look at the lights and snow before I left and gave them my Happy Meal Toys. [note to self: stop eating fast food you fat fuck] Game was ok. I hate the fact that Sarah Jane and I had to sit on the floor on the stage and get spit on by the band. It blew, literally. I know nothing about sports ok. Sorry. I don’t know when to clap or anything. All I did was yell rude things at the other team when they were trying to make foul shots and doing that thing where they stand out of the line and throw the ball back in. “Every time you masturbate God kills a kitten,” “I fucked your mother,” “Your shoes’ untied,” and “Dude, you’re balls are hanging out,” are definitely my favorites. Went to McDonald’s with Sarah Jane [not to self: you ate fast food you fat fuck] and got the coolest toy ever. Shut up, it was a Sega game, and I won’t rest unti lI beat it.

TEE’s going great. Finally a class that I enjoy and get something out of. I go with Rach now and we just hang out at her house for an hour before going to the elementary school. I feel like a leech.

DODGEBALL! This Saturday, the 18th, at the Game Day Sports Center. It’s for CHARITY you jerks, so come. Seriously, Britt, all four Sarah’s, Lizzie, Tony, everyone, I will make you bitches come with me.

Fanart, and damnit I did these up and I still haven’t gotten a new image provider. I have webspace, but I didn’t realize it didn’t have off site image hotlinking. Damn the internet.

Jude Law’s Dan from “Closer”.

Natalie Portman’s Alice from “Closer”.

Julia Robert’s Anna from “Closer”.

Clive Owen’s Larry from “Closer”.

Angelina Jolie. It couldn’t be helped. Love her tattoos.

Gwen Stefani. Doesn’t feel right, like I didn’t get the right impression of the shoot or something.


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