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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Libby, Brittany, and Sarah Jane. Figure you bitches had to born so close together. Love you.

Lib got me the "Firefly" series DVD and the "Profit" series DVD for herself.

I've been watching "Deadwood" season one on DVD from Netflix and I'm so pissed off. I'm on disc 4 and I've sent it back twice because the first was cracked in half and the second was scratched to hell. It sucks like Trixie.

Tuesday was sorta a bad day, but I was still in a good mood. My College Composition teacher didn't show, so everyone left after 15 minutes, which gave me an extra hour for lunch with Sarah Beth and Sarah Jane. We went to a cold Subway and talked loudly about "nip/tuck". My Oral Communications class was meeting in the library, so I had Sarah Beth explain how to get a laptop from the library about twenty times. I gave the counter person my driver's lisence and college ID, then left my wallet there and walked away with the laptop cuz I'm cool like that. Working on the laptop I didn't realize it was 5 after and the library was kinda big, so I didn't know where the rest of my class was, so I walked around and found them. The teacher was having mini-meeting to talk about our speech topics, so I plopped down on the floor and started researching and junk with a few people from my class. Brandy came over, looked at me, looked at the laptop, gave me a thumbs up, and said, "whoa, you even brought your laptop from home to work on and I don't even have a topic. I explained it was school and everyone was relieved I wasn't a nerd who brought her laptop to class. After class I went to return the laptop and the lady said, "oh, this is the girl we've been looking for." I'd left my wallet and the nice guy behind me tried to return it, but couldn't find me, so he turned it in. And thank god because I had way too much cash in there from tossing a five in for lunch and then not taking out the change when adding to it.

Yuck, I now have a stomach virus. I want to die. My night was embarrassing. Libby and I went out to a nice restaurant for her birthday and I threw up in their bathroom, so we left. Then we had to stop twice on the way home so I could throw up.

Boston Legal
I've really missed the show, but I'm confused as hell. Last thing I remember Kerry Washington's character and Alan Shore were in Texas at the execution waiting for a stay. Did I miss an episode because suddenly half the cast is gone and there's a bunch of new people.

They went on hiatus and were never brought back because of Grey's Anatomy, so these episodes were meant to be for last season, which is why Rhona Mitra isn't gone yet.

The tiny man will kill again! I really like Julie Bowen's character on this. It seems like she's on every ABC show there is. The new guy is interesting.

The show's kinda becoming a joke now. I used to see it as David E. Kelly's balance between "The Practice" and "Ally McBeal", but now it's getting rather crazy. Hopefully they can pull it back in.

Who knew David Boreanaz had comic timing like that? Not I.

This episode blew though.

People do not have sex like they are made of cardboard like that, unless they are cardboard or Riley.

I love the relationships on this show and they way they are handled. This episode, to me, focused on the Cuddy/House/Stacy/Wilson and all combinations therein. On the technical side, it answered some questions of time line.

I was proud I figured out what was going on because I could tell what the little brother said in Spanish.

Veronica Mars
Kirsten Bell is still adorable. I just watched her on “Deadwood” and it’s weird to see her as Veronica now, but she was still adorable

Julie Chen! I don’t like her. Keith wrote a book. That is so cool. I love that they were broke so he up and wrote a book. He’s so hot.

Umm, she wasn’t expecting it to be Logan. Aww, he staggered and his face went all crumbly. I like the flashback to the bridge in blue better. Whoa, he just kicked Weevil in the face. That was cool. The PCHers look like weird gorillas kicking Logan. He cries well with his little “oh”. At first Leo was kinda creepy, but then I realized what he was doing because she’s all battered and he still cares about her.

“Seniors Rule!” Hhehe, she elbowed him.

New opening! Dick and Beaver are in the credits. Yay, penis and vagina. I like the new format of not using Wallace. I wuv Wallace.

They’re playing the pronoun game. And then flashed to a Duncan scene. She’s dating Duncan. I love how fucked up that is. Logan is covered in sexy wounds. Huh, I’d have thought that Logan and Duncan wouldn’t talk because of Lilly’s murderer, but they made it about Veronica.

BUTTERS! I love “South Park”. I’ve heard of Jennings Crawford before... Meg is last season Veronica. I like her as vicious bitch 2.0.

I don’t see how Logan could even begin to be convicted. Veronica’s outfit in the limo was cute.

I when people get de-pants. WTF, they misspelled volleyball. Keith is the greatest. His relationship and interaction with Veronica is perfect. Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie. I don’t like this Butters. How could she not know who his father was? Even when I made it a point of not knowing underclassmen, I still knew the staff’s kids. pushaw on ethics. It’s the lab tech guy who fudged it.

I think Keith really was watching them with a baseball bat in hand. Hmm, I think it was other 09er’s who shot at Logan’s vehicle or something more sinister.

Nipple pinching! Pee is funny.

Yuck, I liked Niami on “America’s Next Top Model”, but this is just awful casting and I hate that they make a big deal about it.

Aww, Weevil and Veronica aren’t talking. Veronica and Logan were cute together, but damn clingy. I love Dick. And the character too. He’s so stupid funny.

Charisma Carpenter. She’s pretty. OMG, he pulled a pillow over his lap. Beaver doesn’t want to get it on with his stepmommy, but Dick wants to hit that. Holy shit, they let them do the shocker on UPN?!? That is so cool.

Did the parents get together and form the corp.?

I love it when I’m right about people getting it on. I’m glad they didn’t make Logan all cuddly and let him burn shit up. Whoa, he still considers Lilly as his girlfriend.

Dumb-ass! Ree-chard! Thinking about it after seeing the end, that smell comment might mean something later. Pluck her, hehehe. I didn’t see the Logan Graduate thing, speaking of which, I just got “The Graduate” from the library.

Steve Guttenburg’s character is such a tool.

I like Duncan, sue me. I planned on doing a Duncan season one video, so now that I’ve found a source, I’m totally doing it. He’s cute.

I still love Dick and his sucking up to Veronica.

That’s how I pick my sports favorite too. Ohh, Tom Brady.

Duncan kinda stalking Veronica at work is cute. I love that song, must download. So is she “emotionally cheating” on Logan with Duncan. I thought that Duncan and Meg broke up when he went psycho on his car.

Fortune cookies are “teh romantic”. I thought they were done with the Lilly stuff, but I’m happy they put that in.

Weevil put on some weight. Coming back after the end, Meg being a bitch saved Veronica. Aww, Weevil still can’t leave Veronica that just goes to show that no matter how awful she is, everyone still wants to help her.

Check out the arms on Duncan. I have to download this song too.

I posted a little thing over at [Bad username or site: “lost_theories” @].

They’re going to drag this one night out for a while.

Sawyer got shot and he was still able to keep a hold of the gun. That’s pimp. Oh shit, Sawyer went all caveman on Michael kinda like Jack did to Charlie. It’s cute that he calls him Mike too.

Oh, so they’re going back to show us what happened with Locke. That’s cool. I like how they’re taking the flashback thing and changing the format.

Check out the names, 50% faded and flashed up fast. Heh, they so can be knocked off like nothing.

We know what happens with the custody thing, so this is more about the character and interactions, but they didn’t go far enough with it. Maybe if the flashbacks were condensed and really said something about Michael that we didn’t know, they would have been more interesting.

Locke is so awesome. His shoes squeak, so he takes off his shoes. So freaking awesome. LOGO!

Michael needs to stop being a dick. OMG, sharks, my aunt is terrified of sharks. Ehheeh, good job with the bullets Sawyer. Michael seriously is an ass. Sawyer was trying to save Walt and Michael is blaming Sawyer, wtf? Bad idea getting in the water with sharkies. Pulling out your own bullet is hot, as well as making funny and passing out.

I think Locke started out doing the Ghostbuster rule of if someone asks if you are a god, you say yes, like lots of other people do, but I also think Locke believed his own bullshit a little. WTF is with that joke? It’s freeze, but wtf? There’s something about 44 days that’s important. Holy crap that is a lot of tally marks. I thought Locke sold Kate out at first, but then I realized he knew she could get out. Yes, keep Kate in there for a while.

Holy Mary full of drugs. I hate that he passed off the baby for the drugs, damnit. I see that the drugs can be used as a pain reliever in moderation, but Charlie isn’t thinking about that.

What a cockmunch; Michael broke Sawyer’s raft. At least he’s not shoving him back off his. Way harsh on the caring for someone else thing because a few minutes ago Michael didn’t seem to give a shit about yelling for Jin, but there was Sawyer, yelling his head off.

I hate Walt’s mom. People have jobs and kids all the time.

Ummm, Kate, I know you haven't had chocolate in a while, but not only are there more nutritious foods, but it could have been laced with something like poison or steroids or something. Apollo was the sun god in Greek or Roman myth, so considering the 108 on the sun, this must mean something other than dating the stash.

It’s not Jack that he’s looking for because he knows what Jack looks like, unless he’s ran into all the survivors before and they just don’t all remember. Gotta love the ancient computers. The numbers! Desmond has ADD or something. “Don’t push the button. No, the button is bad”. :) Is it 108 minutes or hours. Locke’s “That would be Jack.” made me laugh for some reason.

That music kills me. I like how they went back, even though they’re going to stop at about where the last one did. Desmond and Jack have more history than just running into each other running. There has to be more to that.

Sawyer spent the episode going back and forth from one raft chunk to another breaking them.

Are the sharks like a security system to keep people from leaving? This whole thing reminds me of “Deep Blue Sea”. I thought Michael shot Sawyer.

OMFGSTUFFEDPOLARBEAR! Michael gave Widdle!Walt a stuffed polar bear. That cements it; Walt made the polar bears or like the numbers, polar bears will come up pre-island, but only in relation to Walt so far. He’s so cute and non-talking. At least they didn’t go super-sappy and have them hug. The part that kills me is that Brian didn’t want Walt. I wonder if Walt’s bitch mother told him who the bear was from.

The episode was partially about Michael accepting responsibility/blame for what happened to Walt. I think it’s impossible to leave the Island as in the water won’t take you that far. Yay, they didn’t kill Jin. I was worried. Oh shit, they tied him up. They looked way Zombie like, but that can’t be it.

Watching the promo for next week makes me think that Desmond puts in the numbers because he thinks that if he doesn’t then the Island or the bunker thing will be destroyed. Or it’s a way to make sure he stays down there.

Michael’s flashbacks were boring and kinda pointless, I liked the going back in the hatch thing, and Sawyer is still pimp.

Conversation while with me and Lib while watching “Lost”:

TV: Do you know what Walt’s first words were?
Lib: Don’t push the button!
Me: What?
Lib: He’s first words were “don’t push the button”.
Me: Are you serious? [Laughs]
Lib: Shut up. [Laughs]
Me: It’s “Lost”; it could happen. [beat] This is so going in my blog. [Reference to “How I Met Your Mother”, which I stopped watching.]

I'm seeing Serenity tomorrow. wootwoot
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