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My New Years Eve was rather crappy, so I’m going to pretend that 2008 begins on January 2, so that my year doesn’t start horribly. Please indulge me in this delusion.

I think a softer world sums it up fairly well.

I'm yet another person with the New Years Resolution to lose weight. I’ve never genuinely tried, but I went grocery shopping with my Gramma last week. I was hit on once and my Gramma got hit on twice. Seriously. A guy asked her about something on the shelf, and then asked her if she wanted to go to dinner. I stood there with my eyes as big as saucers and my mouth gaping open. Old people have no problem coming right out and getting to the point. She said she was married and they both laughed. WTF?!?!? Then another old guy gave her the once over while we debated (read: argued) over which french onion dip to get. I just had one stock boy follow me around and ask if I needed to know where anything was or needed help with stuff on high shelves. I work at a grocery store, so I always feel weird shopping somewhere else, but I can't believe my Gramma could get more play than me. Therefore, my fat self needs to lose weight if for no other reason than to be hit on in the store more than my Gramma.

I also want to be more even with my semesters. At the beginning I worry and obsess so much that towards the end I burn out. I will try to pace myself this time, so I’m not a slacker at the end. I also don't want to be all up in celebrity gossip so much. And not be a judgemental "c u next tuesday" and be generally nicer.

Fannishly, I want to recommend other things on my journal, like fics and music in addition to vids. I also want to talk more about my personal life. Lately I've been usually staying away from talking too much about my life as opposed to when I first created my journal.

I want to write more too.

Last year my personal vidding resolution was to work with Vegas, use effects with more ease, and to study motion and movement in vids. I think I've done those to a certain extent. I don't fully understand motion and movement in my own vids or how to use it to better extent, but I can see and appreciate it in the vids of others. I think for this year I would like to step back the effects because I tend to be a bit heavy-handed with them. I'd like to concentrate more on keeping the effects integrated and unnoticeable. I also want to get more involved in the vidding community. I can be anti-social in real life and it seems like I can be on the internet as well.

There are quiet a few vid ideas that I've had sloshing around that I would like to wait to complete. For Battlestar Galactica I'd like to wait until this final season is over to get as much source and information as I can before vidding it. I have an idea for a humorously serious Lee character study to "Fixin' to Die Rag" by Country Joe McDonald, which I'm looking forward to creating because it's a song that I've wanted to vid for a while, then I got into BSG and found the perfect source. My second idea is a humorous Boomer vid with sides of Helo/Sharon and Chief/Sharon to "Fertilize" by Miss Universum. I may include sections of the other female cylons, but only minimally. The vid idea closest to my heart is a Starbuck vid of Kara/Everyone and I do mean everyone to "Blue Lily, Red Lotus" by Susheela Raman. I've pretty much abandoned the idea of a Lee character study to "Cannonball" by Damien Rice because it rings as melodramatic in my mind. I'm probably going to hold off on my Six/Gauis vid to "When the Lights Go Out" by The Black Keys until I've grown as a vidder because I want the vid to come off as sexy. If I were to attempt it now I think it would come out as trashy. Finally, I'm planning an effects heavy vid of every incarnation of Six to Daughter Darling's "Mermaid".

Deadwood is one of my absolute favorite television shows and I would love to do my Joanie Stubbs vid to "Special Death" by Mirah, but I'm going to hold out on a movie that has been rumored for a while. I doubt it will come to fruition, but I would kick myself if the movie were to come out with the exact clips I would like.

Once season two of Dexter is out on DVD I'm going to indulge myself by making a vid to the acoustic version of Flyleaf's "I'm So Sick".

Supernatural vids ideas won't stop coming to me. There's many possibilities for where the show could go, so there's many vid ideas flowing. One being a Dean focused season two vid to "Six Days (the Remix)" by DJ Shadow featuring Mos Def. Depending on how the show progresses I may do a Sam vid, or a Dave Matthews' Gravedigger vid, or DJ BC's "You Shook Me All Noel" disturbing Christmas vid for next year, or a "One Mic" by Nas remix. I'll probably never do my season one overview to "Bad Moon Rising" cover by Rasputina.

There are many fandoms I have ideas for, but will likely never vid. I'm never going to get to vid Doctor Who because I've loaned my DVDs out and I don't think I'll ever see them again. As much as I'd like to materialize all my Stargate: Atlantis vids, it sounds like vidding the source is something I'm not equipped to handle yet. I have an idea for a Multifandom vid, but I don't have the storage capacity for 4 fandoms on my computers. There's something about Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I can't bring myself to vid again. I can't explain it because I still love it. The same is true of Farscape.

This year I want to at least complete these vids:
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind's Clem/Joel to "Memories are Made of This" by Johnny Cash
Firefly's Mal/Simon to "I Fought in a War" by Belle & Sebastian
Profit to "Weak and Powerless" by A Perfect Circle
Stage Beauty's Ned Kynaston (with slight comparisons to Maria) to "Girl Anachronism" by The Dresden Dolls
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