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My Thursday night classes are cancelled for the rest of the semester and the final is over e-mail because the professor's father is dying. My Teaching and Learning Process class already had the final, so we just have class. My Literacy class finished early too. For those finals I have a 103% and a 92%, respectively. On the tenth I find out my grades for my student teaching because I did the final early because my cooperating teacher is having surgery. I'm not worried about that grade because I rocked it. Out of a 200 point scale I was marked off one for not wearing dress shoes. My CT said to wear tennis shoes in case I needed to run after a child. Even after I explained the situation she still marked me off. I think my professor was offended by my chucks. In the grand scheme of things, it's only a half of a percent and I know it isn't an issue.

Michael Showalter toured blogs and stopped at stereogum to talk about music

I has thinky thoughts on Adrian Pasdar in relation to vidding. Let me show you them. )

Abbey's Half-Boyfriend (House) - I love everything from start to finish, from the sheer musicality of the editing to the pacing.

[ profile] buffyann's When the Sun Goes Down (Queer as Folk) - Sparkly, flashy, colorful, motion-filled, flow-y goodness.

[ profile] dualbunny's Cuz I Can (Battlestar Galactica) - I can't believe I've never has this in my recs. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

[ profile] heidi8's Faith (Heroes) - A season two Peter/Nathan vid that it too adorably cute for it's own good.

[ profile] lcsbanana's La Resistance (Heroes) - Too perfect lyric matches that make my face hurt from smiling.

[ profile] meivocis's The Noose (Heroes) - There's something about this vid that grabs me. It may be the odd editing or the off kilter nature of the vid that makes it meaningful and interesting.

[ profile] ryty's melancholia (Multi) - This was done as a film studies thingy for his class "Age of Melancholy" and it made me flipping depressed for the entire vid and for about twenty minutes afterward.
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I still haven't adjusted to my new schedule. There's a rather large chunk of my time between my morning classes and my afternoon/evening classes where I do my papers and assignments, but after that's done I'm left with a considerable amount of time where I can't do much of anything that I would like to do (as in vidding, doing fanart, or anything that requires a computer). The campus library is ok for checking e-mail and flist skimming, but I could never use one of the college's laptops to write p0rny fanfic or stream a vid. So lately I've been taking my sketchbook and going nuts on it. I've also been taking more photos and videos than usual. I think the phototaking is a reaction to the fact that I've been alive for 21 years and I feel like I need proof.

Also, I've noticed that my journal has become more and more about vidding over the last year or so. I've never been one for a personal day to day journal. My life is pretty boring, but if there's something I feel like writing about in my personal life, I'll do it. I think with vidding, more so than writing or fanart or music, I found an outlet that I felt comfortable with. It's almost like vidding is a pulling together of all my interests. I was never that good at writing, doing fanart, producing music, or interacting people online, but vidding feels like bringing all those things I was medicore at together to be something that I consider myself to be fairly good at.

[ profile] anoel's The Trouble with Poets (Highlander) - Even with only a hazy childhood knowledge of Highlander, I can't get enough of this vid. It has sound matching, beautiful editing, progression, and parallelling.
[ profile] anoel's Volcano (Queer as Folk US) - The movement is amazing and everything flows like it's liquid.

[ profile] greensilver's Ghost Song (Supernatural) - One of my favorite vids because of the quirky and off-kilter editing, structure, look, feel, atmosphere, editing, and basically everything.
[ profile] greensilver's Ooh La La (The Dead Zone) - Great matching to music and use of source that can't help but make you want to dance.

[ profile] obsessive24's The Other Side (House) - Religion makes me uncomfortable (just ask my Introduction to World Religion class), but this Chase vid is handled with a reverent and caring feel.

[ profile] sweetestdrain's West of Her Spine (Dexter) - There's so many beautiful naunces and doubles meanings with wicked skill.
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VID REC (the first of many to come):
[ profile] dontyouwaitup’s The History Books Forgot About Us - A Michael/Brian Queer as Folk (US) vid that broke my heart.

I got nominated in the Stargate Music Video Awards. SexyBack for Ronon Dex and End of the World News (Dose Me Up) for Rodney McKay. So yay, and don’t pee on my happiness by telling me I suck.

ETA: I gave in and did the Secret Snap Cup Thing, so go shower me with love, please.
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Vid Title: Seventeen
Vidder: misery chic,
Musical Artist: Ladytron
Fandom: "Queer as Folk"
Category: Episode, Character
Characters: Brian, Random people
Pairings: Brian/random
Summary: they only want you when you're seventeen . when you're twenty-one . you're no fun
Warnings: Sex
Notes: I'm still experimenting with using the original music video for the song.

Download: 9.31 MB


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