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No Source, No Problem
unfinishedidea's Bloody Shirt (Welcome to Night Vale) - Excellent melding of sources and the clip selection across an endless amount of possibility is fantastic.
MissLane's Meet Me Halfway | SwanQueen | HunnyFresh Fanfic (a Once Upon A Time fanfic) - I love lesbian romance trailers.
Heather Jensen (squidwithelbows)'s In Dreams (The Raven Cycle) - OMG, this is truly amazing and creative and beautiful. It's an amazing animated art.
harrypfanmcc's Deshi Basara (Red Rising) - Very cool. Love the coloring and way it looks like one cohesive source.
CarolynOnUTube's Grisha Trilogy || DarklingxAlina (The Grisha Trilogy) - Beautiful choices of source to create such a rich and lush world within a short time frame.
hydrazoite's L I T T L E. T I T A N. CA F É. [Eren/Levi] (an Attack on Titan fic) - Cool titles and use of text. So sweet.
dayln's A Brief History of Montmaray (The Montmaray Journals) - Gorgeous landscapes and excellent fancastings.
fakescottishaccent's the marauders │ darkness (Harry Potter) - Great audio editing as well as video editing. I adore these fancastings. I believe every single second of this.
thatfangirl's When Brakes Get Wet (Code Name Verity) - Lovely and amazing.
Rinoa's Cinder: The Lunar Chronicles || The Future Will Destroy You (FAN-BOOK TRAILER) (The Lunar Chronicles) - Cool as fuck.
bironic's "Ancillary Justice" book trailer (Imperial Radch trilogy) - So awesome.

Keys to the Kingdom
Cherry's Unsteady Ground (Merlin) - Brilliant song choice and I love this editing and this vid still gets me years later.
stardust rain's after the day's work is done (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - Exceedingly nice to see rarely used clips like this and I really like the editing and focus on Nick in clips that I've seen in other vids in different contexts.
sweetestdrain's Empty Nest (Kings) - So good with epic structure. Makes me want to rewatch the show.

Better Living Through Dystopia
obsessive24's Candyman (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) - Still one of the cutest vids I've ever seen. So adorable. jk, I wanna get really high and watch this on repeat for an hour.
jarrow's Wretches and Kings (Battlestar: Galactica) - Very well conceived and construted. It's hard hitting and doesn't pull any visual or narrative punches. I love the harsh edges of the vid from the music and the editing. The on beat editing is a thrill with the sound matching reverses.

Express Yourself
GhostTownExit's Rock 'n' Roll (Henry & June) - I love everything about this vid.
chaila's Manchester (Bunheads) - So sweet and quiet and bittersweet too.

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