Apr. 27th, 2005 03:30 pm
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Vid Title: Tres Bien
Vidder: misery chic, miserychic47@hotmail.com
Musical Artist: Le Tigre
Fandom: the L word
Category: episode 2x10 “Land Ahoy”
Characters: Jenny, Shane, Alice, Dana, Bette, Tina, Carmen, Mark, Helena, Kit, and so on.
Pairings: Alice/Dana, Bette/Tina, Tina/Helena, Jenny/Carmen, Carmen/Shane, and Shane/Pheobe
Summary: all the critics tend to blast you . dumb ideas will outlast you . money's gone you got no grants . i'll push your work with my bare hands
Warnings: SEX
Download: 23.4MB
For Sarah Beth, you slut. :)

So yeah, lots of stuff has happened lately. A real life? Who knew?

The Talentless Show at school sucked massive. The sound was terrible; half the time we couldn’t hear them. Stayed over at Becky’s, went to my art internship, and went shopping with her and the kids [Josie and Little Randy]. When I couldn’t spend one more second with her, I met up with Sarah Jane and Jenna, then we went Bowling with Amanda, SomeDude, Ashley, Dean, Matt, Matt the Puppy Killer, other Matt[?], Lizzie, and someone else that I can’t remember.

I had a date to prom, the next day I did not. This is extremely funny to me.

Went to the Senior-Faculty game and it was a sad, sad display of old people trying to play basketball.

The Spanish Field Trip to the Cleveland Museum was sweet super sweet.

My internship thing is so unbelievably unorganized. I love it, but it’s annoying that I never know what’s going on. Everything else is great, like my “mentor” and such. Today was my last day with Deb, next week I start my next class with Mrs. England.

I have to call around and see who I want to come to the art gallery opening and who wants to come. There is a difference.

I'm going shopping with Theresa and Rachel, which will be fun because I haven't seen them in a while and because Rachel is pregnant and getting huge.

The Art Exploration day field trip thing was awful. There was much drama with the mean lady in the office who likes to shake her fat saugage fingers at me.

I’m watching my downloaded episodes of “South Park” and I want to have a threesome with Trey Parker and Matt Stone; those evil geniuses.


Date: 2005-04-27 07:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] howdyrockerbaby.livejournal.com
My sister notified me about the trailer for serenity...

my entry in my livejournal was pretty much the link to it and:



Date: 2005-05-10 02:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kiki-miserychic.livejournal.com
My whole flist was two pages of squee! and linkage. :D

I think watched it a hundred times at various volumes, speeds, and hyperness.


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