Jan. 4th, 2018

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festivids - Default (Drunk History) - I got drunk a bunch of times and made this vid in the spirit of Drunk History.
festivids - a song for diana (Lights Out) - Sophie's song for Diana
wiscon_vidparty - Bette Davis Eyes (The Final Girls) - Max & her mom, Amanda
vividcon premiere - She Keeps Me Warm (Inside Out) - TripleDent gum will make you smile.
vividcon auction - Marche Funebre Yrasor (Alucarda) - grow tall
vividcon club vivid - 7:30am (Hannibal (NBC)) - Reba & Francis
vividcon themed - So Close (Crimson Peak) - Black moths feed on butterflies.
vividcon challenge - Sunshine Part I (Westworld) - when skies are grey
and I did a section of Telephone, a multifandom vid that I don't think every was posted online.

Total of 8 vids, plus a section in a collaboration.

questions and answers and photos of my nerdiness )
If there is any question you would like to ask me about any one of my vids, then go ahead! What I meant by a particular clip or sequence, why I chose to highlight that characterization, why I chose that song, what crack I was taking and where you can get some...anything. Anything you might like to know about how I made a vid, I shall do my best to answer.


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