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It only took 12 hours, but I've watched ALL THE FESTIVIDS.

Postpone The Bad (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) - Wow, I love the way they used the screens and clips of mundane things. The moment at :30 is freaking perfect and I love it.
Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe (The Americans) - I love the editing style and clip choices, how the similarities are pulled together and pulled apart. I want to be in a fake marriage that grows into something real with this vid.
Paper Planes (Bandidas) - Without having seen the movie, I think it's a super cute bank robbers BFF movie because this vid is a super cute band robbers BFF movie and I love it. I'm totes watching this movie.
All Be Yours (Big) - So fun and so sad at the same time. I'm never going to grow up.
I Am The Rain (Brave) - I absolutely adore this little vid. It captures the spirit of the movie amazingly well.
Black Flowers (Call the Midwife) - I wasn't expecting to become so invested in the vid because I've not watched the source. But this vid so very well edited and doesn't hold back any emotional punches.
Battle Without Honor or Humanity (Danger 5) - A parody of a parody. Kill Hitler.
Get Close (Deep Blue Sea) - MINE MINE MINE SHARK SHARK SHARKSSSSSS! Awesome music choice. And I love the transitions too!
Ah Ha (Deep Blue Sea) - Excellent use of action and shocking moments with the music. SHARKSSSS!
Gasoline (Live Free of Die Hard) - I love it. I can't read this as anything other than Matt Farrell/John McClane. The flirting was strong with those two. I need to see if there's any new fics on AO3. IT'S A FIRE!!!!! sale.
Applause (Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23) - I didn't know how much I wanted to see this vid until I watched it because it's really the perfect song for James van der Beek and Chloe.
Who Are You, Really? (Dredd) - Excellent pacing and clip choice. It really melds nicely with the music.
Get Me Bodied (The Fifth Element) - This is epic and fantastic!
All We Got (The Great Gatsby) - Fabulous editing and heartbreak and pacing.
221B And A Half (The Great Mouse Detective) - I really like the use of narration.
Love, Save the Empty (Masters of Sex) - An interesting look at the relationship between Lillian and Virginia that put a doopey grin on my face.
L.O.V.E (Much Ado About Nothing) - So adorable and cute that I went into a coma.
World Spins Madly On (New Amsterdam) - Interesting manipulation of time for a show that was cancelled in the middle of the story.
Further On (Northern Exposure) - I'd forgotten how much I loved this show. I remember so much of it, but then I watched the vid and realized I'd forgotten so much.
#timeangels (NTSF:SD:SUV::) - Cool fake trailer.
Keep Your Picture Clear (Pacific Rim) - Very cool lyrics matches. The vid has a stuttery cool vibe that I dig.
Final Round (Pariah) - Tension filled beginning and a beautifully created climax. I need to rewatch this movie.
Diva Swing (RPF - A.J. Lee (WWE)) - Excellent editing and a really interesting "behind the scenes" origin style ending.
What I Like About You (RPF - Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis) - OMG, this is hilarious fun.
Gorgeous (RPF - Hugh Jackman) - I'm seriously intrigued by this vid because I haven't seen 95% of where the clips came from. It's insane and Hugh Jackman LOVES to dance.
(You Drive Me) Crazy (Sharknado) - My life is complete.
Moonlight (Sleepy Hollow) - I love the atmosphere created with the clips and the music.
The Way Things Are (Sleepy Hollow) - Wow, great song choice that leads from a harsh opening into something more painful and emotional. JENNY!
The Ballad of Wesley Crusher (Star Trek - Next Generation) - Whoa, unexpected sadness on my face. The passage of time was beautifully shown.
Paradise Circus (Stoker) - It's a good thing I didn't finish my own because it would have been like this, but less amazing. The parallels and musicality are brilliant.
Young and Beautiful (The Tudors) - Wow, I didn't realize the thread that was being pulled until it shifted from Catherine and I freaking fell in love with the concept.
No Church in the Wild (The Tudors) - DAYUM, the imagery and connections and lyrics matches and everything is so freaking perfect.
Freedom at 21 (The White Queen) - EVERYTHING IS MAGGIE B. OMFG, this is everything I wanted in a Red Queen vid but didn't ask for. The imagery and editing is fantastic. The switch over to the White Queen is amazing. I can't believe how serious and beautiful this is. OMFG.
Dutch (The Wire) - Mmmmm, such good music choice. Love the use of hands and the lyrics. The throughline of money and power is brilliant. The editing is amazing and I love it all.
Song 9 (Wonderfalls) - Great use of the animals and I like the back and forth editing.
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