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06 - Brand New Key (Pulp Fiction) - Some people say I've done alright for a girl.
It's my own little take on the movie. I remember watching it when I was very young and wanting it to be more about Mia Wallace, Honey Bunny, Fabienne, Esmarelda, Jodi & Trudi, Raquel, and even the waitress that corrects Pumpkin with flat confidence. I watched the insanely edited version that was on tv, so I fell in love with a horribly cut up and pasted together movie. I watched the VHS of it so much that it warped (the same way my Mary Poppins tape did). My aunt rented me the original version to watch and my mind was blown because it made actual sense.


13 - Spit the Devil (V the Series) - Erica/Anna: firedogs
The series was never as good as when these two were on screen together. There was a sizzle and smolder when they interacted because they were two powerful, willful, strong, intelligent characters on opposite ends of a spectrum. While opposing each other, they were quite similar in their actions, motivations, and emotional status. Together they would have been a flash fire that destroyed everything around them. I only wish that it was possible to watch, therefore, I created an alternate universe where we could see those Ladies of War interact on a sexual and romantic level.

May and June

13 - Lullaby (Damages) - Ray Fiske's life spent trying to do well.
There has never been a character that filled me with such sadness and sorrow as this one. He never lived his life for himself. It becomes his purpose to make everyone else's life work and to fix the problems of others, but he pushed aside his own needs and feelings. When it did finally address them, the results were not entirely favorable and he spent the rest of his life seemingly crushed under the weight of his own weaknesses like a broken puppy.

14 - Bright Star (Bright Star) - Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath, And so live ever--or else swoon to death.
I wanted something delicate and light in the editing and I wanted to capture a mood and atmosphere with it like falling in love when you find it hard to breathe and everything slows down and speeds up like you're dying inside.

14 - Black Dove (January) (Doctor Who) - River Song was a January girl, she never let on how insane it was.
Fuck Yeah River Song and other unconventional aspects of her great and powerful awesomeness.

September, October, and November

21 - Somewhere Only We Know (Winnie the Pooh) - I'm getting old and I need something to rely on.
I have loved Winnie the Pooh from my first memory. It is like the pain from an old wound soothed.

Total of 6 vids.

My favorite video this year (of my own)
I feel like Lullaby is the most progress I've made in terms of narrative and storytelling. I fall in love with characters and want to understand them inside and out, which doesn't always make for a coherent vid. As I've gotten older and more ordered in my thinking, I've settled into a more understandable and subdued way of vidding. For this year I think Lullaby is a best representation of my growth as vidder in that I tried to bring myself in somewhat and make a vid that is a more typical character study. I'm very proud of it, which is strange for me in vidding. I usually want to dump my vids in the dumpster when I'm done.

Least favorite
Through process of elimination, Brand New Key, but only because I like the other vids more. Brand New Key was my own personal reconstruction of a movie to emphasize my favorite aspects. Those aspects being the female characters and the dancing, of course.

Most successful
Black Dove (January), no doubt. River is an amazing character and I wanted to create something that pulled every bit of her together and reordered her story into something with less FAIL than it was presented. I do wish I could have had a bit of Mel in there, but that episode aired after the vid was due to VVC.

Video most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion
Lullaby because it's my favorite vid of the year and not many people watched it. It's a small fandom and it's a more slow and languid vid than I usually create.

Most fun video
Somewhere Only We Know was pure imagination and love.

Video with single sexiest moment
No contest, Spit the Devil because Morena Baccarin and Elizabeth Mitchell are sexy. The sexiest moment in the vid is at about the 2:00 mark after Anna comes to Earth and seduces Erica, Anna removes other distractions by killing Erica's son. Erica confronts Anna, only to be seduced into impregnating Anna, then tries to leave, but is shown their alien/human hybrid baby eggs, leading to the sexiest section when Erica comforts Anna and seduces her. BAM, sexiest moment. Pretend they live happily ever after with their hybrid babies and ignore the part where Erica was playing Anna and leaves dinner to set off a bomb to kill their little abomination children, devastating Anna. There's underlying layers of gender and sexuality issues, but then there's also beautiful breasts and bliss-inducing cunnilingus.

Biggest vid fail
Not so much a vid fail as failing to vid. My real life had radical changes, which left me no notion or time to vid. I also had a pile up of ideas that were all fighting for my attention and energy. I would blast into an idea full on and run out of steam, setting it aside in favor of something else. It's my magpie vidding at it's worst because I didn't complete anything and wasted a lot of time gathering and watching source instead of doing actual vidding.

Hardest video to make
Black Dove (January) was difficult to make on in a technical way. Things are always messing up for me when I edit and render. I really do try to not mess it up, but there's usually something that I can't fix and have to work around. The video quality of Black Dove (January) suffers because I had to render and rerender without the original timeline. Editing-wise, I debated how to end Spit the Devil because I wanted a semi-happy ending to my lesbian love affair, no matter how scarred and mutilated it was. I toyed with the idea of having Anna kill Erica for her betrayal, but I ultimately thought it was worse that they both lived.

Most unintentionally *telling* video
Bright Star because falling in love makes me feel like I'm dying.

Things I've learned
I deleted all of my past timelines. I needed to stop thinking about the same ideas over and over again. It was good to have vid concepts simmer in my brain and mature into fully realized vids, but there's a line when they just start to rot and become that one fucking orange in the middle of the basket that spreads to all the other oranges.

I was far more subdued with effects because I disabled them in my program. Sadly, I did it wrong and couldn't get them back for a while, lol. It was probably for the best.

This year I was very removed from interacting with fandom. Mostly because of time and energy, but also because I feel like I don't contribute much to the conversations. I need to learn to participate more and be meaningful. I still struggle with putting my thoughts into words, which has been difficult for me from the beginning because I'm not verbally gifted when it comes to explaining and expounding upon things. I get tongue-tied and twisted up easily when my brain is three paragraphs ahead of my mouth.

Things to work on
From last year I did work on making a "typical" vid. I'm not sure if they're successful in any sense of the word, but I tried. I still haven't tried making a multifandom vid that doesn't suck. I still want to, but the idea of all that source is daunting.

I want to work on following through with a vid idea to completion without being so distracted. SQUIRREL!

Other than that, I have nothing, so I would like some ideas of what others think I could work on.

Vid projects I definitely want to get finished this upcoming year
The best plans and such, I want to do a Sherlock vid with series 1 and 2 this year. I want to do my female action movie heroine vid too, but that one is the multifandom vid with daunting source.


Brand New Key

Spit the Devil


Bright Star

Black Dove (January)

Somewhere Only We Know

And in addition:
If there is any question you would like to ask me about any one of my vids, then go ahead! What I meant by a particular clip or sequence, why I chose to highlight that characterization, why I chose that song, what crack I was taking and where you can get some...anything. Anything you might like to know about how I made a vid, I shall do my best to answer.
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