Dec. 27th, 2016

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Festivids - Colors (Mr. Robot) - this is all bullshit
Festivids - It Follows in Five Pieces (It Follows) -
Festivids - This Must Be The Place (Fear the Walking Dead) - POV of Madison Clark
Festivids - Sweater Weather (House of the Devil) - *pizza emoji*
WisCon_VidParty - Toxic (The Witch) - live deliciously
Vividcon Club Vivid - Laughing in the Sugarbowl (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation) - No allies in state craft, only common interests. We only think we're fighting for the right side because that's what we choose to believe.
Vividcon Premieres - Cool for the Summer (Spy (2015)) - Susan Cooper is the secret agent super spy that's gonna cut your dick off and glue it to your forehead so you look like a limp dick unicorn.
Vividcon Challenge - Going Down (multifandom) - Who doesn't love costume dramas?
Vividcon Challenge - Fast As You Can (Lost) - Chronological character study about what makes Kate Austen stop running and sink in.
a YouTube Test Your Skills - Vagina Monsters (Gold) [tys] (multifandom) - Vaginally inspired monsters.

Vidding Meme 2016 Questions and Answers )

And in addition:
If there is any question you would like to ask me about any one of my vids, then go ahead! What I meant by a particular clip or sequence, why I chose to highlight that characterization, why I chose that song, what crack I was taking and where you can get some...anything. Anything you might like to know about how I made a vid, I shall do my best to answer.


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