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Mondays are now my favorite day of the week. I get up super early (or just stay up all night) to go to McDonald's with my grandparents. There's a group of people from their church that meet at 6am for 2 hours to have coffee and talk. There's usually a dozen senior citizens (I call them cool old people in my head, but that might be offensive...) and every once in a while a younger person comes along. I totally love going. Everyone is so happy sweet. It's pretty much just the people I miss from when I went to church. For me, it's as close as I'll get to going back to church. I take my sketchbook, talk, listen, and drink a hugemongous caramel iced coffee.

The funniest part is how my grandfather goes to the register before we leave to pay. He's the only person I have ever heard of that can run a tab at McDonald's. It blows my mind how he's such a baller that he can get coffee for me, himself, and my gramma; 2 cherry pies for us to split; and an occasional cinnamon roll for my gramma and not pay until later. They were training a new clerk this morning, so when he listed off everything, she turned around to collect the items, but the other clerk explained that he already had his order and he was paying for it before he left. The girl was as amazed as I was the first time I went.

[ profile] croc_rocketfan's The Bells (Doctor Who) - A beautiful opening and bringing the Doctor fully in with the rising of the music. Great pacing and clip choice, as well as interesting parallels and overall progression. It never stops being awesome.

[ profile] tallulah71's Hera has Six Mommies (Battlestar Galactica) - A beautiful interpretive dance-like vid about how the 6 women come together to form Hera. Just as Hera is the shape of things to come, I think this vid is the shape of things to come as well. There's an elegance of execution, planning, and forethought. It's a complex and interesting study. The remix track used brings in many layers of the songs all come together in the same way that all the women, Cylon and human, come together in the devastation and culmination of gaining and losing Hera.

[ profile] tzegha's Dirty Hole (Life) - Kickass editing, inspired clip choice, and amazing thesis. It's about Charlie, his prison; Dani, her prison; Ted, his prison; and all the things that signify them.

[ profile] sapote3's The Test (Torchwood) - It's like there Gwen and Tosh and this vid is the line between them.
[ profile] sapote3's Teeth in the Grass (Doctor Who) - While it may shatter any illusions as to how awesome it would be to travel with the Doctor as a Companion, the music matches are excellent and there's beautiful moment in the 1:40s to watch for.


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